Here you can find out everything about our FIFA Coin services. No matter what question you have, our videos will surely answer it. It doesn't matter whether you don't know how Comfort Trade works or how Player Auction works. Just watch the video and there is no question left. Promised!

  • How do I buy FIFA coins from WhatsGaming? How do I buy FIFA coins from WhatsGaming?

    In principle, just as if you were placing an order on Amazon. If you are unsure, just watch this video. Here we explain briefly and concisely how you can buy FIFA Coins quickly and easily at WhatsGaming. In this regard, we offer several options for how you can buy FUT Coins on our website. First, our slider on the home page. In addition, we have set up another subpage, where you can buy FIFA Coins with a 3-Step-menu as easy as possible. And last but not least, we also offer the classic product pages.

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  • How do I navigate on your website? How do I navigate on your website?

    If you are wondering how our website is structured in detail, then this video is helpful. Here we explain how you can navigate on our site. You will also find out how you can use your account area and where you can check your already completed orders. You will also learn about our discount program, where you can benefit from attractive discounts every season and how you can effortlessly switch between Comfort Trade and Player Auction if necessary.

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  • How does Player Auction with Goldplayers work? How does Player Auction with Goldplayers work?

    In this video you will learn what Player Auction is about and how it works with gold on our website. With our system you can transfer your FIFA Coins yourself automatically 24/7 with only 500 FIFA Coins on your account. And after you have transferred the first 50,000 FIFA Coins with gold players, you can quickly and easily switch to the special cards. Here, the transfer of FUT Coins is even more convenient and faster. And, of course, we guarantee your account security with this method as well!

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  • What is Player Auction with Special Cards? What is Player Auction with Special Cards?

    In this video you will find out why our Player Auction system is currently the best on the market. Our system is not only 100% secure, we also cover the player purchase costs and the 5% EA Tax. Yes, you heard that right. With us you do NOT have to pay the purchase costs of the players that are required for the FUT Coin Transfer. In addition, our system also calculates the 5% EA Tax so that we can cover the EA Tax as well. You get exactly the amount of FIFA Coins that you paid for.

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  • What is Comfort Trade? What is Comfort Trade?

    In this video you will learn what Comfort Trade actually means and how this transfer method works for us. You store your FIFA account data at Comfort Trade and our suppliers will transfer the FIFA coins securely while you are sitting on the couch and watching Netflix. Our Comfort Trade Panel is very easy to use. You only have to enter your FIFA Origin account data and your backup codes in our mask and start the coin transfer with a click on "Start". Then we will inform you live about the progress of your order. You will be informed when your order is finished.

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