FIFA 22 Squad Battles Rewards Guide

FIFA 22 Squad Battles Rewards Guide

FIFA 22 Squad Battles are such easy ways to help you create your Ultimate Team club since the rewards include Player Packs! This series of matches give you an opportunity of winning possible top-tier players, along with a considerable amount of FUT coins, and of course, the ultimate experience of playing single-player matches and competing at the top. If you're interested in learning more about Squad Battles and their rewards, stay with us.

What is Squad Battles mode?

You can find the Squad Battles-related options under Ultimate Team > Single Player > Squad Battles menu. This game mode was introduced to FIFA Ultimate Team a few years ago and soon players from all around the world learned to join the challenges and pushed their limits against a bunch of variable squads on a weekly basis. A great way to step back from FIFA Ultimate Team and try something else for a change. In this single-player mode, you get to play up to 40 matches against AI opponents each week. You compete for a position on the weekly scoreboard and you are free to set the difficulty of the opposing squad beforehand on the settings. The list of your opponents is made by authentic players from around the world. The list gets updated on a daily basis. On the Squad Battles menu, you can see the Opponent Select tab, where you can choose your opponent and choose the difficulty level.
Note that the harder the difficulty level, the more points you earn. The rank you achieve along with points is exchanged for rewards (including packs, coins, etc.) every week on Sundays.

  • Beginner
  • Amateur ~ 20% higher points
  • Semi-Pro ~ 40% higher points
  • Professional ~ 100% higher points
  • World Class ~ 220% higher points
  • Legendary ~ 320% higher points
  • Ultimate ~ 420% higher points

The rival teams you're up against are divided into groups of 4 which have various difficulty levels. The very best quality of Squad Battles is that you can play the easier squads on high difficulty, and then either play the harder ones on lower settings or skip them completely which still counts as the share of your weekly 40 games. It's good to know that FIFA is counting on Squad Battles as an essential part of achieving Swaps Tokens for promos like ICONS, FUT Future Stars, or Team of the Season. Therefore, there are many fans counting on this game mode for great rewards and getting star players.

Squad Battles FIFA 22

Squad Battle Points and Rewards

You get battle points after successfully finishing a match in Squad Battles. Your rank will be determined after collecting our points; naturally, the more points you get, the higher your rank will be. And as we mentioned, even skipped/ lost matches are counted, therefore, you have a pretty good chance to get more points! Here is the list of your rewards, based on your rank.

  • Top 200 rewards
    • Rank 1: 100K FIFA Coins, 2x Ultimate Pack, 2x Rare Mega Pack
    • Rank 2-20: 87.5K FIFA Coins, 1x Ultimate Pack, 2x Rare Players Pack
    • Rank 21-40: 75K FIFA Coins, 1x Jumbo Rare Players Pack, 2x Rare Players Pack
    • Rank 41-100: 65K FIFA Coins, 1x Jumbo Rare Players Pack, 2x Mega Pack
    • Rank 101-200: 65K FIFA Coins, 1x Rare Players Pack, 2x Mega Pack
  • Elite rewards
    • Elite 1: 30K FIFA Coins, 2x Rare Mega Pack
    • Elite 2: 15K FIFA Coins, 2x Mega Pack, 1x Premium Gold Players Pack
    • Elite 3: 12K FIFA Coins, 1x Mega Pack, 2x Premium Gold Players Pack
  • Gold rewards
    • Gold 1: 11K FIFA Coins, 1x Premium Gold Players Pack, 1x Prime Mixed Players Pack, 1x Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
    • Gold 2: 11K FIFA Coins, 1x Prime Mixed Players Pack, 1x Premium Gold Players Pack
    • Gold 3: 10K FIFA Coins, Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, 1x Prime Mixed Players Pack
  • Silver rewards
    • Silver 1: 7K FIFA Coins, 2x Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
    • Silver 2: 4K FIFA Coins, 2x Premium Gold Pack, 1x Gold Pack
    • Silver 3: 1.5K FIFA Coins, 1x Premium Gold Pack, 1x Gold Pack
  • Bronze rewards
    • Bronze 1: 800 FIFA Coins, 2x Gold Pack
    • Bronze 2: 1x Gold Pack
    • Bronze 3: Premium Loan Player Reward Pack

And that is it for Squad Battles and their rewards. We hope this guide helps you on your journey and if you're new to the blog, don't forget to check other guides on other game modes and promos. WhatsGaming reveals occasional FIFA coin giveaways in form of Social Media contests. Make sure to check our Instagram if you're interested in participating.

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