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How It Works

How It Works

Buy cheap PS4 FIFA Coins

To buy cheap FIFA Coins, you are always dealing with the abundance of choice. Numerous suppliers from whom you can buy PS4 FIFA Coins can be found on the World Wide Web. But what should you be careful with when buying FUT Coins for PS4?

Fortunately, there are already some websites that have been selling FIFA Coins for the PS4 for years without negative reports in relevant forums. For example, WhatsGaming started on eBay in 2016 and has accumulated several thousand positive reviews over the years. Their own website for FIFA 19 was then launched. From now on, PS4 FIFA Coins could be bought around the clock using a fully automated system. The platform has grown steadily over the years and XBOX One FIFA Coins and FUT Coins for PC are now also available.

How to Buy PS4 FIFA Coins Securely

But what really makes us the best FIFA Coins website? Why should you buy FUT Coins for PS4 at WhatsGaming?

FUT Coin Transfer Safety:

We are enthusiastic FIFA players ourselves and know exactly how disturbing it is to lose your coins or your entire account after buying FIFA Coins. That's why we at WhatsGaming have developed the safest and most innovative FIFA coin transaction system in the industry. For several seasons, we have been using it to transfer PS4 FUT Coins quickly and securely without a single complaint in the past few years.

Customer service:

If you ever have any problems with the purchase of PS4 FIFA Coins, you can always contact our German and English-speaking customer service via WhatsApp and you will receive direct and comprehensive help. Service times are daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (CET).


For 4 years now, WhatsGaming has stood for the secure transfer of PS4 FIFA Coins. For 3 years you can also buy XBOX One FIFA Coins from us and since FIFA 21 also FUT Coins for the PC. We don't rely on others, we know exactly how to transfer FIFA Coins safely. Every supplier is personally trained by us and benefits from our experience. In addition, the player auction as an automated system is based on our longstanding knowledge of how FIFA coins PS4 can be transferred safely.


WhatsGaming also has nothing to hide. We have a designated imprint, a regular company address and the corresponding company registration number. Our terms and conditions are always up to date and corresponding to current international jurisprudence.

Our platform offers you the security you need to build your own FIFA Ultimate team with our help every season. You can buy FUT Coins PS4 from us daily and with a clear conscience. That's what WhatsGaming stands for.

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