Selling FUT Account

How to Sell FIFA Account:

In this panel, you can sell your FIFA Ultimate Team Accounts that you no longer need (for example, SBC Accounts). Currently we pay 200,000 coins for each account on the PS4 or Xbox One!

1.) You have all the data (EA Origin & PSN / Xbox One).
2) You enter the data correctly, including the Backup Codes.
3.) The transfermarket of your account is also available on the WebApp.

1.) Our system automatically checks the account data and the availability of the transfermarket.
2.) Afterwards our system changes the data.
3.) If everything is correct, you will receive a coupon code over 200,000 coins, which you can redeem at any time.
4.) You register, redeem your coupon code and let the coins automatically transfer to your main account.

EA email
- The email of your FIFA Account ( and NOT the email for your PSN / XBOX account on the console.
Origin password
- The password for your FIFA Account.

Backup Codes
1. Go to
2. Click on "Security".
3. Click on "View" Backup Codes.