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In this panel, you can sell your FIFA Accounts that you no longer need (for example, SBC Accounts). Currently we pay 150,000 coins for each account on the PS4 or Xbox One! If you want real money, we currently pay €10.00 per account. If there are still strong players or many FUT coins on the account, we can also make you an individual offer via WhatsApp: +4915735989020.

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1.) You have all the data (EA Origin & PSN / Xbox One).
2) You enter the data correctly, including the Backup Codes.
3.) The transfermarket of your account is also available on the WebApp.

1.) Our system automatically checks the account data and the availability of the transfermarket.
2.) Afterwards our system changes the data.
3.) If everything is correct, you will receive a coupon code over 150,000 coins, which you can redeem at any time.
4.) You register, redeem your coupon code and let the coins automatically transfer to your main account.

EA email
- The email of your FIFA Account (http://www.ea.com/login) and NOT the email for your PSN / XBOX account on the console.
Origin password
- The password for your FIFA Account.

Backup Codes
1. Go to https://myaccount.ea.com/cp-ui/security/index
2. Click on "Security".
3. Click on "View" Backup Codes.

How to sell FUT accounts?

If you have always wondered where to sell your FIFA account, then after a long search you are finally at the right place, with us, at WhatsGaming.net

It doesn't matter how old the FUT account to be sold is, how many games you have played with it, or whether it is just a second account with which you have regularly made Squad Building Challenges. The only thing you should definitely check before selling your FIFA account is whether the transfer market on the web or companion app is free.

The verification is child's play. You log into your FUT account with your mobile phone or on your PC, select transfer market and try to buy or sell players on the transfer market. If this is possible, you can sell us your FUT account. However, if you are unable to trade on the transfer market and see the following message instead, you must first unlock this account. Your account has not earned access to the Transfer Market on the Web and Companion apps yet. Continue playing FUT on [PS4/XBOX One] to unlock access to the Transfer Market.

How to unlock transfer market in FIFA

In principle, it is not that difficult to unlock the transfer market on the WebApp. With your first FUT account or your main account, it often only takes a few days until you have unlimited access to the CompanionApp transfer market. A few games are enough and it doesn't matter whether you play FIFA Ultimate Team offline or online. If your FUT account has already been actively used by FIFA in the previous season, then you even have direct access to the web / companion app transfer market. Only in the event of violations of EA's terms of use may it lose access to the transfer market again.

With your second FUT account, on the other hand, a little more diligence and discipline is required, because here it often takes about 7-10 days and 20-25 FIFA Ultimate Team games until you have unlocked the transfer market on the WebApp.

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