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NO! On 27.08.2019 at 23:59 your FIFA 19 Coins expire on your balance! The coins are not transferable to FIFA 20. Therefore, we ask you to pay out your coins by the deadline. A refund is also not possible.

No, we offer you a one-time guest login to get in touch with our system. You receive a randomly generated user data (username, password) with which you can log in. However, the guest login is only for a single order.

If you like our system and want to order more coins, all you have to do is enter your e-mail address as a new user and we will send you a randomly generated password, which you can then change in your customer account.

Now you have the opportunity to order more coins, you can also see the progress of the order through your customer account at any time and also see the previous orders on our site.




We currently offer PayPal, Paysafecard, Sofortüberweisung and bank transfer via our website. 

We offer you a German WhatsApp customer service under the number - +49 157 35989020. You can contact them at any time between 10:00 and 22:00 if you have any questions about our site, the order processing or our transfer system.

We are happy to support committed influencers (YouTuber, Streamer, Instagrammer etc.) on their way to the top. However, the basic requirement is that you are 16 years or older and already have at least 10,000 followers. If this is the case, please contact WhatsApp Customer Service. We will then check your channel and get back to you.


We offer you probably the most innovative transfer system with player transactions that doesn’t have analogues in this form. You've never received your coins easier, faster and safer. To this end, you place players (player packages with special cards) that we have specified on the transfer market at startup and buy-it-now prices that our system will buy off automatically.

If you have few coins on your FIFA account, the coins are initially transferred with the help of specially selected gold cards. If you already have a certain amount of coins (about 20,000), you can start directly with the pre-set player packages.


In addition to the transaction method for player transactions, we also offer Comfort Trade. Here, too, we stand out from the crowd, as our suppliers will keep you directly informed of the progress of your order and give you a timeframe for the supplier to complete your order.

Player transaction


+ We specify the players and the respective prizes you need for the transfer. No need to search for suitable players.


+ We take care of your security by not only selecting the right players, but the system also buys them off at a later date.

Risks due to ignorance as to whether a player is suitable or when players sell best

are also dropped.


+ We have a unique cashback system in the player transaction. This means that we cover the purchase costs for the players.

So if you order 100.000 Coins from us, you will also get 100.000 Coins minus the obligatory 5% EA-TAX. Other providers will often give you only 70-80% of the amount ordered, as you will have to pay the cost of the players you use for the transaction yourself.   




+ With our Comfort Trade System you only have to leave your account details and our suppliers do the rest.


+ You will be informed in your account panel directly about the progress of the delivery and will also be notified of the approximate delivery time.


+ With us you only have to deposit the backup codes once and can then use them for Comfort Trade orders until all codes have been used.


+ Similar to Amazon, you can place a new order with a single click on your account details.

We always give you back the coins you used for the coin transfer during the transaction with special cards. Since we give you the players, the starting prices and the buy-it-now prices, our system knows exactly how much the respective player is worth.


Short example: Lucas (82) is worth 13,000 coins as a special card. Our system then calculates an instant purchase price of 63,000 coins for a transaction of 50,000 coins, for which you put the player on the transfer list. Our system then buys Lucas for 63,000 coins. The purchase costs of Lucas (82) are borne by us accordingly.

FIFA Ultimate Team initially offers three different types of cards. The bronze cards with a maximum rating of -64- and the silver cards with a maximum rating of -74- and the gold cards with a maximum rating of -94-.

The special cards are usually awarded for particularly good performances of the respective player and have correspondingly better values than the original card of the player. They are also colored differently and differ visually from the original card.

In the player transaction, all orders up to 100,000 coins are processed directly by our system. Orders over and above this are processed with a time delay for security reasons. Every 15 minutes another 100,000 coins are transferred. An order of a maximum of 1,000,000 coins takes exactly 150 minutes or 1h30.


Of course, in the case of the Comfort Trade, the delivery time depends on the respective supplier, but we set very high standards at this point. That The order should not only be secure, but also completed as soon as possible. Guideline per 1,000,000 coins are 30-90 minutes. An order of 5,000,000 coins should be completed in the maximum case after no more than 6 hours, so you can then log back into your account.


However, you will also be informed directly by our suppliers about the expected duration and completion of the order.

With the help of the player transaction, a maximum of 1,000,000 coins per customer per day are transferred. The purchase is then blocked by our system for a period of 6-12 hours. This measure also serves the security of the accounts.


With Comfort Trade you can transfer up to 5.000.000 coins per customer per day. Afterwards, the purchase via the customer account is blocked by our system for a period of 6-12h also in this case. This measure also serves the security of the accounts.

What are FIFA Coins?

Two decades ago, in July 1993, the first release of FIFA was brought to the world of gaming. And ever since, it rapidly gained popularity among gamers and today, in 2020, FIFA has become one of the most played games in the world for different platforms such as PS4, XBOX ONE, PC and even mobile!

Online gaming brings millions of players together to challange their playing skills. FIFA 20 comes with a transfer market where online players can buy and sell players and other items. The currency which is used there is FIFA Coin or FUT Coin to make the transfers possible. In FIFA 20, coins are means to get a hold of your desired players to power up your team, resulting in better scores & bigger wins, in other words, greater success in FIFA. However, not everyone likes the huge amount of waiting time to gradually improve their team to earn bit by bit of FIFA Coins. Some players prefer to buy FIFA Coins. PS4 Players demand lots of coins on a daily basis. Therefore, lots of websites today offer FIFA coins. We believe that WhatsGaming is the world's leading FIFA Coins transfer platform that comes with innovations, automation and ease-of-use.

Heads-up in FIFA Coins Transfer

To a casual observer, the whole coin transferring process may look like a simple and easy task, however for experts, it's known that it comes with bits of pitfalls. It's highly recommended that the users spend some time to read the reviews of the coin transfer platforms prior to disclosing their EA account credentials. We hightly encourage our customers to read our reviews and FAQ page.

Types of FIFA Coins Transfer

As a FIFA player, you may have heard the names of "comfort trade", "player auction" or "player transaction". Both of these methods are used in today's market to sell or buy coins in FIFA. Both methods have their own pros and cons that some times makes it difficult to choose from for new commers.

FIFA Coins via Comfort Trade

Comfort Trade is the fastest and the easiest way of buying FIFA 20 coins. However, since you're sharing your account information with the coins transfer platform, it comes with risks. There are tons of complaints registered in review pages online regarding coins or players being stolen from the accounts or accounts that are being restricted because of suspecious activities. In Comfort Trade, these features are vital for the platform:

  • Having a good, positive record in different review systems
  • Being fast and secure
  • No extra fees for FIFA coins transfer
  • Having an active online support system

In addition to those, WhatsGaming comes with innovative methods that makes it stand out from competitors. Within seconds of experiencing FIFA coins transfer via WhatsGaming platform, you'd agree that we are simply the best. But we leave the final opinion to the users. We try tirelessly to keep our everyday customers satisfied.

FIFA Coins with Player Transaction

The buyers of FIFA 20 Coins have another option which is called player auction, auction trade or player transaction. In this method, the coin buyer will place a specific player in the transfer market which is marked and known to WhatsGaming platform. The system will recognize your player(s) and automatically buy them from you and transfer FIFA 20 coins to your account without the need to do anything else! It is really simple and fast. Of course, for the beginners, there are lots of questions and hesitations of which method has advantages over the others. We strongly encourage our users to visit our FAQ page where most of the common questions have already been answered. Otherwise, our instant support platform in the right bottom corner of the site is always available to answer your unanswered questions regardign buying FIFA coins.