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Two decades ago, in July 1993, the global public saw the first edition of the FIFA series and had no idea what this sport game would achieve in the following decades. Since then, it has grown rapidly in popularity among players. Today, in 2020, FIFA is one of the most played games in the world, plays a major role in e-sports and is available for all platforms such as PS4, XBOX ONE, PC, Switch and even mobile!

FIFA is the best-selling game series in the world with one of the most profitable and controversial game modes as well: FIFA Ultimate Team. Every September, FIFA players around the world can’t wait to get the latest FIFA part in their hands, ultimately giving up all of the time and money they’ve put into their predecessor’s Ultimate Team. However, the joy of the innovations in the successor always outweigh the grief of having to give up the work of a year, because ultimately every FIFA version also means new challenges, new experiences and the opportunity to achieve the top of the Weekend League. With EA’s FIFA Ultimate Team Series, the way is always the goal. And that's why it is unfortunately necessary to buy FIFA Points or FIFA Coins. On the other hand, it is difficult to significantly improve your own team. Fortunately, there are enough websites that offer cheap FIFA Coins for XBOX or PS4, mostly also for the PC, so that you can also buy FUT Coins.

Buy safe FIFA Coins

You aren’t a successful Weekend League Player and Elite 1 is unreachable. But you really want to improve? Then maybe you should think about buying FIFA Coins safely.

The path to becoming a FIFA Coins millionaire is either hard and rocky or often a question of your wallet. However, if you want to buy FIFA Coins to change something in this situation, account security is the most important. Because a safe coin transfer is not a question of luck, but of experience and patience. Here are a few things to keep in mind, if you want to buy FIFA Coins securely.

  1. Never use a player's maximum price for FIFA Coin Transfer!
  2. Do not use more than twice the AVG price!
  3. Players should not be bought directly but with a delay!
  4. Avoid buying FIFA Coins with warned accounts!

If you pay attention to these points and the right Ultimate Team cards are used, then you should definitely be able to buy safe FIFA Coins. FIFA players with a high range and comparatively low AVG are the best choice. Usually, new special or OTW cards will work.

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