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WhatsGaming is part of the myDGN network that is in charge of several large FIFA online shops. For all of you who want to sell your FIFA coins for real money, myDGN now offers the possibility to sell your FUT Coins via their panel. So if you are looking for a secure system to sell your FIFA coins for real cash, then we recommend myDGN.

myDGN offers you an innovative panel that works similarly to our Player Auction, but from the perspective of a supplier. An open API connection and a Comfort Trade Panel are also available for experienced suppliers. For both variants, however, additional verification is necessary, as well as a few other requirements that must be clarified with the myDGN employees in advance.

By the way, we don't offer customer service for myDGN here. Please use the ticket system there for all questions.


Where to Sell FIFA Coins

There are many websites that buy FIFA Coins, but only one that combines everything, myDGN.

  1. Same security system like WhatsGaming when selling FUT Coins
  2. Very simple and convenient system
  3. Daily updated and fair prices for your FIFA Coins
  4. API connection for fully automatic sale of FUT Coins
  5. Comfort Trade Panel
  6. Ticket system for problems or questions

Since we at WhatsGaming were involved in the technical implementation of myDGN, you can also be sure that you will find the same professionalism there as you are used to from us. So if you plan to sell your FUT Coins, for whatever reason, then do it directly through myDGN. You can find out more about the myDGN panel on this info page. If you would like to find out more about the new FUT platform for selling FIFA Coins, you can find more detailled information directly in the FAQ on the myDGN website.

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Panel for Selling FUT Coins

We now clarify how you can sell FIFA coins with myDGN. In addition to the fully automated API connection, the focus is on the panel for Player Auction.

Here you can see different players, categorized by Playstation, XBOX and PC, which are currently for sale. In addition to the exact data of the player, his BIN and Starting Price, the value of the player or the transaction is also shown there, i.e. you know directly how much money you will get for a player if you buy it using your FIFA account. If a player is "in progress", that player has already been selected by someone else. If players are no longer displayed, they have already been purchased. All of this happens live before your eyes and the panel is always up to date. Selling your FIFA Coins has never been as easy as it is now possible with the myDGN panel.

In addition to the API connection, for which is only for professionals with the relevant software, there is also a panel for Comfort Trade, where a customer order is processed directly, i.e. the supplier is responsible for his and the customer account. This transfer method requires additional verification, a recommendation or a long experience with Player Auction.


FIFA Player Purchase

After a player has been selected by you, you will see all the necessary details that you need to buy the player. The amount that the player's purchase is worth is also highlighted again. If you finally buy this player, you sell your FIFA Coins that way, because you buy the player above the actual market value. This is how the whole principle of the myDGN panel works to be able to sell FUT Coins without much effort.

The system is based on that of WhatsGaming and is therefore just as secure. However, there are some safety instructions when selling your FUT Coins via with your FIFA account. You can find these in the FAQ of myDGN as well as right next to the player selection.

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