FIFA 22 Team of the Season (TOTS)

13.04.2022 © WhatsGaming
FIFA 22 Team of the Season (TOTS) © WhatsGaming

One of the most exciting events of the year is making a return in FIFA 22 and fans couldn't be more thrilled to get their hands on the new shiny cards sometime in April. Team of the Season is a popular event in FIFA history that has been repeated for several years now. We wish the tradition to be continued this year, as the event usually comes along with the release of some good-reputation footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé, etc. cards, who have +90 OVR ratings! We want to look beyond the current promos and see what to expect, according to the leaks and the history of TOTS in the previous years. Stay with WhatsGaming's blog for the latest news of FIFA 22 promos.

Team of the Season Guide

The FIFA 22 end-of-season promo is going to provide more excitement all over the gaming community. According to the previous year, we expect the promo to be released on April 22, 2022. Of course, we will update the blog when we get further instructions on the official release date and the content.
Team of the Season (TOTS) includes a series of squads in FUT 22 and FIFA Mobile which are set by EA Sports and the FIFA community. So, to celebrate the best players all around the world, TOTS releases several squads from the nominated leagues; a new squad will be released weekly throughout the event. TOTS will release specific themed rewards including player items and packs via various SBCs and Objectives. EA will make an announcement about one or two weeks before the official launch of the promo, and FIFA fans can start voting for their favorite candidates, starting with the "Community" Squads.
Note that you can only trade the TOTS cards if you purchase them from the FUT packs in the Transfer Market. Otherwise, the obtained cards from the SBCs or Objectives are usually untradable.
You may wonder about the difference between TOTS and TOTY cards; to make it clear, a TOTY card is given to a specific player at the beginning of the year because of their performances during the past year; while a TOTS card is given at the end of the season for their performance throughout the season.

TOTS Squads Prediction

As we experienced the event in FIFA 21, the first squad usually gets released into packs. We predict and expect the following squads would be included in 2022 Team of the Season promo:

  • Community TOTS
  • Premier League TOTS
  • La Liga TOTS
  • Bundesliga TOTS
  • Serie A TOTS
  • Ligue 1 TOTS
  • Ultimate TOTS
  • Saudi League TOTS
  • Super Lig TOTS
  • Liga NOS TOTS
  • Eredivisie TOTS

Note that Ones to Watch cards only get upgraded by TOTW, MOTM, Record Breaker, and Hero cards. So TOTS is excluded from expectations.
So that's it for the Team of the Season predictions. This blog will be updated regularly as more content gets released by official sources. If you want to collect more FIFA 22 coins before the campaign starts, make sure to actively join the current promos and read our guides to learn how to do so. WhatsGaming provides legal ways of earning FUT coins either via in-game tips or reliable out-sources such as purchasing coins from our store.
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