How to Win 500K FIFA 22 Coins

04.02.2022 © WhatsGaming
How to Win 500K FIFA 22 Coins © WhatsGaming

The fundamental meaning of FIFA Ultimate Team is about earning more coins to be able to have the best players in your team. It takes lots of effort and hard-earned coins to build your dream squad consisting of top-tier players of your choice as footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo; who may cost over a million coins in the FIFA market. FIFA coins can be achieved by winning matches and completing different daily objectives. But there are several other ways of increasing your FUT coins to boost up the game which we're going to introduce in this blog.

What's Ultimate Team in FIFA 22?

The FIFA Ultimate Team mode lets you develop your first team as a player. Enrolls you as a manager to spot or sell players in FIFA, choose your playing preferences, design jerseys, develop the chemistry between your players, and more! The Ultimate Team mode is a great opportunity in FIFA 22 to pursue your dream team and face many competitors in multiplayer online matches.
FIFA Ultimate Team which is called FUT for short permits players to join online tournaments like Division Rivals and get qualified for the FUT Champions Weekend or even big EA events to compete against professional FIFA players. If you want to play offline, Squad Battles can be a great choice for you. The better you perform, the greater the rewards will be. In order to complete SBCs, you need to create squads to submit in exchange for coins or players. There are also weekly Objectives that you can complete and receive FUT coins. 

FIFA Ultimate Team generates 3 kinds of player cards as rewards. Bronze players cards for 0 to 64 ratings, Silver cards which are 65-74, and Gold cards rated between 75 to 99. As footballers' achievements get bigger in real life, their rates change in FIFA 22, as well as their prices which depends on their popularity as well. 

What's Bronze Pack Method?

Buying Bronze packs is an effective yet low-risk investment method for earning FIFA coins. You can buy a bronze pack with 400 coins or a premium bronze pack for 750 coins if you have the money, and the items at their minimum ‘buy now’ price or even at a higher price, you can make maximum profit! Bronze player items may have high value when they are required for Squad Building Challenges. You can even save them until they are needed and then earn money when their value increases. You can also make coins from squad fitness items and healing items (consumables). You can get riched quickly but if you keep following it over time, you will certainly find your profits increasing.

How to Earn FIFA Coins Easier?

If you're short on time and want to purchase coins directly, you need to find the right coin seller. The process of transferring FIFA coins could be safe unless you trust the wrong sellers and put yourself at risk of getting banned by EA. Purchasing coins is a great option if you're in a hurry and want to catch up with the game but are willing to win the matches more. Some players are simply demanding more FIFA coins to be able to afford players for their teams. WhatsGaming has the most secure platform for transferring safe FIFA coins which can be useful if you want to quickly buy your FIFA packs. Purchasing FUT coins directly from the best coin suppliers increases your chances of getting better players.

Get 500K Free FIFA Coins

Some players may look for an easier way to earn them without spending real money. WhatsGaming has developed several contests on Instagram for all FIFA fans to join free of cost so far. These high demanding contests happen every once in a while. You can check out here for participating. The rules are really basic and easy to follow:

  • Make sure you have WhatsGaming Insta followed
  • Keep checking the recent posts as the contests occur in the posts
  • All the instructions are mentioned in the posts' captions:
    Mostly, you'll be asked to follow several other Insta pages and like the contest's post. Then tag your friends and Voilà! you're in.
  • Now you have to wait for the results and the winner(s) will be mentioned by their account names in the Stories.

Note that WhatsGaming will double-check all the participants to make sure they all have done the requirements. The winner(s) will be randomly picked up and will be given vouchers for using on their accounts and receiving the winning FIFA 22 coins. When the vouchers are applied, the account's balance will be 500k and they can transfer the coins to their EA account with available methods (Comfort Trade or Player Auction). If you're not lucky enough this round, don't worry. There are lots of incoming contests where you can try and be the next lucky winner!

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