Can You Transfer FIFA Points or Coins from FIFA 20 to FIFA 21
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Despite some concerns about the global pandemic that is going on, the new FIFA (FIFA 21) is around the corner and will be available to be bought by the end users on October 6th 2020. We have answered lots of questions about FIFA 21, regarding its gameplay, new features, comparison with FIFA 20 or PES 2021 and so on.

Just like previous versions, FIFA 21 Coins will be required to buy players from Transfer Market, and you can as always buy FIFA Coins from WhatsGaming, which has been a dedicated coin supplier in the past couple of years with so many happy gamers.

Now that the gamers are in dire need of FUT 21 Coins, it could occur to you if it's ever possible to transfer FIFA Points or FIFA Coins from FIFA 20 to FIFA 21.


Are FIFA Points / FIFA Coins Transferable Through FIFA Versions?

Here's your answer: You can't transfer FIFA Coins from FIFA 20 to FIFA 21. However, you can transfer FIFA Points from FIFA 20 to FIFA 21, but in order to do that, you should log in to your console. It can only be done through your gaming console, not through web app or companion app. And it's not possible to transfer to another console. So, if you have a PS4, then you can't transfer to an Xbox.

Moreover, you can't transfer FUT Points to previous version(s). If you have points on FIFA 21, you can't send to FIFA 20.


Can I buy FIFA 21 Coins?

Of course you can buy FIFA 21 Coins from WhatsGaming like previous years, but you have to wait until FIFA 21 is officially launched. We will offer cheap FIFA 21 Coins to help eager gamers unlock more features and add great players to their squad.

There are two transfer methods for buying FUT 21 Coins:

  • Player Auction
  • Comfort Trade

Each of these transfer methods have their own pros and cons. So, you should read about them carefully before paying for FUT Coins. We have explained player auction and comfort trade in details in our services and blog posts.

Literally, you will be able to buy FIFA 21 Coins by paying a reliable FUT Coin seller like WhatsGaming and sell players to the site via Transfer Market and  collect FIFA 21 Coins in return. The amount of FUT 21 Coins you'll receive will be the same amount you paid for. That's how Player Auction works, but there are risks in transferring FUT Coins if the 3rd party site doesn't know how to do it. Luckily, WhatsGaming with a couple of years of experience knows the limits and red lines of EA. The platform is fully automated and the methods are applied carefully within EA's guidelines, so you will receive your coins instantly and safely.

Boost Earning FIFA 21 Coins with Co-Ops
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The new release of FIFA, i.e. FIFA 21 comes with a lot of hot new features that makes playing FIFA a fun and adventurous experience. One of the features that requires more than one player is called Co-Op mode. Without having teammates, FIFA may look a bit boring, because you'd have to play lots of games alone.


What is Co-Op in FIFA 21?

Co-Op is EA's new way of getting gamers together by choosing a teammate and playing online or even offline games together. Basically, you will be the captain and you can visit the Co-Op mode. To get to the Co-Op lobby, you will have to pick a partner to play with. All you have to do is to add a username and they will be added as your assistant. Then, you as the captain will choose what to do. You can play Squad Battles, Division Rivals, or Friendly matches. Either one you choose, you will be playing the game and when it's done, the amount of FIFA 21 Coins you will receive will be boosted. This way you can earn FUT 21 coins faster than playing alone.

FIFA 21 Coop Mode

Here are a few questions and answers about Co-Op:

  • Q: How many teammates can I add?
    A: You can add up to three team mates. It means you can play the games as four teammates including you.
  • Q: How to add new friends in Co-op?
    A: Press R2 / RT, after that you should choose your assistant and then you'll see the Co-Op lobby where you can choose the type of game you want to play together.
  • Q: Can the teammate choose what type of game to play?
  • A: No. Only the captain can pick the game mode and once the teammates are ready, the game than begin.


How to make FIFA 21 Coins Faster

Now that we know how playing FIFA 21 together will boost earnings, you may wonder what other ways are there to boost the coins you make in FIFA.

In general, FIFA Coin boost happens when you earn more XP throughout your online battles, with higher levels you achieve the coins you make will be boosted. This is a rewards of improving your team and unlocking higher levels in FIFA 21. Boosted FIFA 21 Coins will be one of the rewards you'd expect in higher levels.

Other than that, there are some objectives in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, that when you complete, you will get a FUT coin boost which is really great. Namely, Division Rivals and Squad Battles are great modes to win more FIFA Coins if you want to increase your balance to buy greater players for your squad.

Of course, you can buy cheap FIFA Coins from WhatsGaming as well. It's an easy way to achieve higher amount of FUT Coins when you don't want to spend a lot of time playing difficult online matches.

Either method you choose, we wish you have a great time playing FIFA 21 just like we are!

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Calendar: Date of FUT 21 Events
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When will EA Sports organize events for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team? We're going to give you an overview of what is going on and when to expect which promo is up for FUT 21.

Events are the spice of FIFA Ultimate Team. EA Sports is releasing new special deals for your team and makes sure that new content will be added to the game. 

In the following we show you an overview of events that might be upcoming in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Please note that these are assumptions based on the observations of the previous year.

This event has been running at FIFA 21:

October 2020:

Summer OTW: On October 9th FIFA 21 was officially released. And directly on the day of the release the first event came. The first Ones-to-Watch team was in packs since October 9th and was replaced by the second team on October 16th.

Rulebreakers: FIFA 21 also has an event around Halloween, but this time it's not the "Scream" event EA has organized in the last three years. It will be replaced by "Rulebreakers", which started on October 23rd.

Possible upcoming events at FIFA 21 Ultimate Team:

November 2020:

Road to the Final: Like the OTW cards, the RTTF cards (also known as UCL live cards) are dynamic cards that can improve their rating - depending on how far the respective team gets in the Champions League or Europa League. The RTTF event started at FIFA 20 on November 8th, we assume also for FIFA 21 November.

Black Friday: This year the Black Friday falls on November 26th. FIFA Ultimate Team also celebrates this day. Other than that, there is the Super Sunday and the Cyber Monday. You can expect special pack offers and lots of SBCs for those FUT 21 Events.

December 2020:

Icon Swap I: For the very first time EA released an icon swap for FUT 20. You have to solve different tasks to earn Tokens. You can exchange these tokens for icon cards later. In FIFA 21, there will be the first Icon Swap in December, as EA announced.

TOTGS: At the "Team of the Group Stage" EA will release special cards to the best players of the group phase of the international competitions. In addition, there are more special cards that can be made available through SBCs or tasks. Despite the corona crisis, UEFA wants to go through the group phase of the competitions in the 2020/21 season this year. For example, the last match-day of the Champions League group phase is scheduled for December 8 or 9. We therefore expect the TOTGS tickets to be released in December.

FUTmas: So far, a real classic! Around Christmas time EA presents the FUT gamers in a kind of Advent calendar with lots of SBCs and new cards in Christmas design.

Icon Swap II: As EA announced, FUT 20 will have a total of three Icon Swaps. The first one (see above) ended shortly before Christmas. The second one started on December 26th.

January 2021:

Team of the Year: EA awards the best players of the year with crass TOTY cards, which are the non plus ultra in the FUT world until the TOTS event (see below). The TOTY event will also be celebrated for several days with SBCs and event-related tasks. Each of the TOTY cards will save up lots of FIFA 21 Coins in case you wanted to buy those cards instead of earning them.

Headliners: The FUT headliners are dynamic and get better as soon as the player receives an in-form (TOTW, MOTM, Hero, Record Breaker and Team of the Tournament). The players are always one better than their best inform in their overall ranking. The event started at FIFA 20 in January, it is very likely that this will be the case this year as well.

Future Stars: As part of the "Future Stars" event, which was held for the first time at FUT 19, EA is releasing blatantly upgraded special cards featuring young talents. The values are intended to reflect the potential of the players. In other words: At some point, these talents could also become so good in real life.

February 2021:


Winter Refresh: Even if this is not an event in the classical sense, the ratings Refresh should be noted. The best players are upgraded and receive new standard cards. Also the stars for the special moves and the weak foot are adjusted. Buying those cards will require lots of FUT 21 Coins. Especially owners of a special card of players who are upgraded will benefit, because the special cards are upgraded as well. We firmly believe that the Winter Refresh will also be available for FUT 21 in February.

Winter-Ones-to-Watch / Winter-Refresh-Team: Surprise! In contrast to previous years, EA Sports did not release Winter-Ones-to-Watch cards for FUT 20. Instead there was a Winter-Refresh-Team. It remains to be seen whether we will get a new batch of OTW cards at FUT 21 in winter. 

Shapeshifters: EA Sports came up with something new with the Shapeshifters event, which came a bit surprisingly around the corner in February 2020. This was a special card where position changes and significant boosts are the main focus.

March 2021:

FUT Player Days: This event premiered at FIFA 19. At the first edition there was a best-of team of all previous Inform cards. The team implied not only especially strong TOTW cards, but also Man-of-the-Match cards, Hero cards and "Champions League" or "Europa League" cards. With FIFA 20 everything was different! There was a "CONMEBOL Libertadores Team". So we can be curious what EA Sports will come up with for FUT 21.

FUT Birthday: The FUT Birthday event has become a real classic. The special cards that appear in the course of this event stand out extremely from the standard cards of the players. In FUT 19, there were radical changes of position, in FUT 20, the skill and weak-foot values were tightened.

April 2021:

TOTKS: Similar to the TOTGS (see December), a "Team of the Knockout Stage" is released at the end of the knockout phase of the international competitions. The best players from the Champions League and Europa League will receive a special card, which will be available in packs for one week. You can sell them or buy them with coins on Transfer Market. Here too, there are always SBCs and weekly tasks with event reference. At FIFA 20, the TOTKS event was cancelled due to the corona crisis and the resulting postponement of the European Cup matches.

May 2021:

Team of the Season: The most exciting FUT cards come in this event. The TOTS cards are the ultimate in the end and are extremely popular against a FUT season and can be found in many teams. Usually EA rolls the TOTS event at the end of the season and thus in May. For FIFA 19 for example, EA had to improvise for FIFA 20, because the leagues could not be finished in May as planned due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore FIFA 20 had the so-called "Team of the Season So Far" event or TOTSSF.

July 2021:

FUTTIES: With the FUTTIES event EA Sports let the FUT season end for years. At this event, numerous special cards from the current FUT part will once again come in packs, SBCs will be reissued and rewards will be given. But at FUT 20 FUTTIES was replaced by the "Summer Heat". This was an event around the resumption of play in the European top leagues, which was suspended for months due to the Corona pandemic. At FUT 21 EA Sports may return to the FUTTIES event.

Pre-Season: At the Pre-Season, which was first released on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, you could already prepare for the new FIFA part and get packs. So it's quite possible that you can already solve tasks in FUT 21, from which you will benefit in FUT 22.

FIFA 21 Coins Glitch
Fifa Coins

FIFA Gamers around the world are fascinated by the new release of the game: FIFA 21 and want to make the most out of it. In order to really enjoy the game, you should have a powerful squad with lots of superstar players on key positions. But that many players require millions of FIFA 21 Coins. Earning coins in that level is not easy and requires months of playing the game, which makes it a bit boring. With the methods offered in this article, we'll teach you how to get FUT Coins faster and will also evaluate the claims about the existence of a FIFA 21 coins glitch in FIFA 21.


Is there such a thing as FIFA 21 Coins Glitch?

In an earlier blog post we fully explained why some people claim to have a secret method to get free FIFA Coins via a glitch in the game and how all of those claims are false and methods to steal your accounts and/or your coins. It's the same for FIFA 21. No glitch can make you a FUT Millionaire! If there's such a thing, be sure that EA developers will fix that bug within a few days, because it would make the whole game meaningless.


How to earn FIFA 21 Coins faster

Earning FIFA coins is inherently a slow and difficult process. If you want to buy great players like Neymar or Mbappé, you'd have to play myriads of matches to earn that much coins. The following methods however will help you achieve your FUT 21 Coins faster:

FIFA 21 Coin Boost

Coin Boosts is a great way to get coins faster. For that, you can exchange your FC Credits and buy FUT 21 Coin Boost in FIFA Ultimate Team. When the coin boost is redeemed, every time you play a game in any mode (SBC, Division Rivals, etc), you'll get some extra FIFA Coins at the end of the match. Depending on your XP Level and the card, you may get 200 to 1000 boosted coins in addition to the normal coins you'd usually get.

To make sure the coin boost is working, after the game has finished, check on the screen where your coins are being calculated. On the bottom right corner you should see "EAFC catalogue coin boost". If that line isn't there, you should buy another FIFA Coin Boost.

Trade FIFA 21 Coins with BPM Method

If you're up to FUT Coins trading, you could use the Bronze Pack Method (BPM) to make millions of FIFA 21 Coins. Then you could buy great icon players with the coins or even sell them! We have explained the BPM Method in full details. You may read it from there. The method works the same in FIFA 21.

But to give you an idea, it's using FUT events in which a specific card gains value. So, before it happens, you could simply buy Bronze FUT Packs, wait until the players raise their prices and finally sell the cards with BIN price or higher. When you repeat this process, you'd end up with millions of FIFA Coins.

Buy FIFA 21 Coins Cheap

A very convenient alternative to earning coins in FIFA 21 is to buy them. Some gamers may not be familiar with this process. So, as the world's leading FIFA Coin Website, we'll introduce the FUT Coin transfer methods.

To buy FIFA Coins cheap, all you need to do is to go to WhatsGaming's home page ( and then from the beautiful slider choose your gaming console (PS4 or PS5 / Xbox One or Xbox Series X / PC) and then choose transfer method.

FIFA 21 Coins transfer choose console

transfer fut 21 coins method

Here you have two options. Player Auction is a bit more complicated. After payment you'd have to sell cheap players on Transfer Market and WhatsGaming will buy those players from you automatically at a higher price. You'll receive exactly the amount of FIFA Coins you paid for. In the other transfer method (Comfort Trade) you don't have to do anything and is much easier. You'll just provide your account's login information and then leave the experts do the job for you. In both of these methods you won't pay 5% EA's tax on transaction, and that's why the coins you'll receive are cheap. Choose the method you like and then in the third step, choose the amount of FIFA 21 Coins you want to receive and then proceed to payment.

buy fifa 21 coins cheap

You'll be instructed in each step and should you have any questions, the Live Support is always there to help you out. There are occasionally discount coupons given away by WhatsGaming, so it's nice to be on the lookout on Instagram and other Social platforms that will let you buy cheapest FIFA Coins possible.

Cheap and Reliable FIFA 21 Coins
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This year, during the pandemic FIFA 21 introduced daily Squad Building Challenges (SBC) probably to keep gamers amused while in lockdown. The SBCs are great ways to make FIFA 21 Coins and get great players for your team, but the problem is sometimes the challenges are too difficult to complete.

For example FUT 21 Headliner SBCs, they usually have a minimum requirements for completing the challenge, such as Min IF Players, Min Chemistry, Min Squad Rating, etc., and when you're done, you'll get a Headliner player. To be qualified for the SBC you must play and win lots of games and then you'll be able to complete the challenge.


Transferring FUT 21 Coins

Now that completing an SBC takes a long time with so much effort, you as a gamer might be looking for easier ways to get your FUT 21 Coins. The alternative is to buy coins from websites or people who offer them.

There is no direct way to transfer FIFA coins to another account. But the workaround is to buy and sell items on Transfer Market. That's the legal way of sending and receiving coins in FIFA 21. But there is a risk of getting banned by EA as EA doesn't like to see gamers to sell or buy FIFA Coins. In other words, you should be careful so you don't violate any of EA's rules about coin transfer, and if you leave the work to a reliable website like WhatsGaming, you'd never end up with your account banned. Because WhatsGaming is the best FIFA Coin website and the automated platform is designed just to keep your account safe while you're transferring FUT Coins.


Cheap & Reliable FIFA 21 Coins

Just like we mentioned earlier, it's vital to know that many websites offer FIFA Coins cheap, but some times the account gets banned by EA. Because out of all the websites offering this service, only a few fully understand the regulations and keep the account safe. WhatsGaming's expertise in handling accounts, with a fully automated platform is known to the users. Daily tons of users buy their FIFA 21 Coins from WhatsGaming and hundreds of millions of coins are daily transferred. And not a single one of them get banned, because WG is simply the best FIFA Coin site.

And since the platform is automated and doesn't need human verification, and also since you won't pay 5% EA tax which is mandatory for all transactions on Transfer Market, the FIFA Coins you'll buy will be cheaper than other places.

Additionally, there are occasional FIFA Coin Giveaways offered by WG just to make gamers a bit happier when they want to buy their dream player. It would make WhatsGaming's FIFA Coins cheap, probably cheapest possible.

What is the Team of the Week
Fifa Coins

As a FIFA player, you've probably dealt with In-Form cards that show up on your path from time to time and you may wonder how they work and where you can get them from. In this article we'll talk about TOTW cards that could help the gamers use improved players in their team and even make FIFA 21 Coins using the methods that we'll share with you in the end.


What is a TOTW card?

TOTW stands for the "Team of the Week" and it's an event in FIFA. It's happens every week and it will introduce some In-Form cards for you to use. You can see the full list of FIFA 21 Events in our blog.

Now, what does TOTW really mean? Like we said, it's a weekly event, and EA will form a fictional team based on the performance of players in different leagues in real life, and they'll put the players together to assemble this team of the week, and as a result, around 20 players who get elected will receive a black IF card which is labeled as TOTW.

Additionally, the team of the week will be available for 1 week so you can play against in the TOTW Challenge mode in FIFA.

The event takes place each Wednesday, at 6:00 PM, UK time.


What can I do with a TOTW Card?

You may encounter TOTW Cards in FUT Packs when you buy them or in the Transfer Market and you'll notice that the prices of these cards are slightly higher than the regular non-IF cards, and that's because of the improved skills in that card. In fact, the EA designers will watch the players in Premier League, Bundesliga, etc. and see which player performs better for which skills, and with their own secret measures and methods they'll pick those players for that week's TOTW and will improve that specific skills for the black card. And the player's position is also determined based on which positions the player has been performing better in real world.

You can buy the TOTW cards, simply because they're better than the normal cards and consequently improve your team's performance. You can also sell the cards to make some money. 


How to Make FIFA Coins or Real Money with TOTW?

One way to make FIFA Coins is by investing in FUT Packs, where you buy specific packs before an event takes place or a card's price goes up and when it's higher in the Transfer Market, for example when there's an SBC going on, you'd sell the cards at a higher price and thus make millions of FUT Coins.

TOTW Cards can also be used as investment subjects. You will need to watch the games of the current week closely to have an idea which players will be likely chosen for the Team of the Week. If this prediction turns out right, you'll make lots of coins, otherwise you'd lose some.

Now, TOTW predictions are not easy, as you know. Some websites share their own opinions and predictions of TOTW every week, some times they are close and some times they're not! So, it's up to you to pick which website or social media channel to follow for TOTW Predictions. But as you know, nothing is 100% sure.

Now, if you make millions of FIFA Coins, you can of course use them to buy great players on Transfer Market for your team, but one day you'll have much more than you need and you may wonder if you can make real money with the coins. Some people do that frequently and it's become a source of money for them. We at WhatsGaming are happy to walk you through the process and are one of the best websites where you can sell FIFA Coins to. Should you have questions regarding the process or concerns about its legitimacy or how your account is safe during the coin transfer, you can read our FAQ or just send us a message via our Live Support.

If you're interested in FIFA investment, here's a thorough article covering the subject that will give you an idea how to make coins or money in FIFA 21.


How are TOTW Cards chosen?

Now, for making a good prediction about TOTW, you should have an idea how EA chooses the cards and what criteria do they have when they pick TOTW cards from the candidates. Here are some features that possibly have an important role in selecting the TOTW cards:

  • No. of Goals scrored
  • No. of Goals saved
  • Minutes played
  • No. of Goal Assists
  • Match difficulty
  • Man of the Match
  • etc.

As you can see, features that usually take place in a game that brings a player higher compared to others, like amazing saves, or successful dribbling, scoring great goals, etc. that the viewers could remember, will increase the chances of that player to be chosen as one of the members of that week's TOTW.

FIFA 21 Coins Discount
Fifa Coins

Ways to Earn FIFA 21 Coins

One of the most accepted ways to increase your balance of FIFA Coins is to complete the Squad Building Challenges that are available in the game. Have you ever tried completing those challenges? They require you to buy many players and assemble a team. Sometimes they require the players to have loyalty to the team. So, not only you will have to buy players that you don't want, but you will also have to play with them to create loyalty so the overall chemistry of the team passes the qualified level.

Now, beside the time you have to spend for that (10 plays are needed for gain loyalty), you must have lots of FUT Coins in your account, because buying those players can cost you a lot sometimes. The silver and bronze players could have raised in prices when you buy them. So, without enough coins in your account, you will have to play with a weak team, without icon players and try to win games in Ultimate Team mode and luckily, if you win, you will rewarded by a few coins for each game.

This is really the hard way to earn FIFA 21 Coins. It requires lots of practice, avoiding mistakes (completing the SBC in the most efficient way), and finally being rewarded by a FUT Pack, which is random. It means, even after you complete the SBC, you open the pack and "hope" for a miracle! Well, most of the times, you get a pack of players that you don't want either. You can quicksell them and hopefully the coins you get will be more than the ones you spent to buy those players!

The other ways to earn FUT Coins include some risk factor! It means you will have to invest money on cards that might go up or down. We have provided thorough blog about FIFA 21 Investment.


Buying FIFA Coins Cheap

Having that in mind, you possibly look for easier ways to get FIFA Coins, without the need to go through painful process of earning the coins bit by bit. A good alternative is to buy FIFA Coins when you need them. But you should always be on the lookout, because EA does not like buying coins and has a few certain rules to avoid gamers to do so, and if you're not aware of those rules, you might get your account banned permanently. It's the worst could happen to a FIFA fan.

Luckily, WhatsGaming has always been on the safe side with FIFA Coin transfers, because we are the best FIFA Coin site you can find online. We have a fully automated platform that sells FIFA Coins cheap to the fans. With the tips introduced below, you can always buy your coins from us cheap and safe.


FIFA 21 Coins discount

Although buying FUT 21 Coins from WhatsGaming is cheaper from other sites because our platform is fully automated and the coins will be transferred to you almost instantly, but we also sometimes come up with special offers, only because we know how you need those coins for your progress in FIFA and we want to see you happy.

With the discount code offered below, you can buy your FIFA 21 Coins cheaper than ever. Remember that this is offer is limited. So, those who act faster may benefit from the discount and buy their coins at a cheaper price than other sites.

imageFIFA 21 Coins Discount Code: "Blog"
5% Off, Limited Offer!

Keep in mind that WhatsGaming has a live support which is responsive all the time. We answer your questions regarding Cheap FIFA Coins and how to keep your accounts safe while transferring FIFA 21 Coins. So, feel free to make contact with us anytime you like.

What is POTM in FIFA
Fifa Coins

Since 5 years ago, EA has tried to link the real world with the virtual gaming world using different events, such as TOTW, TOTY and POTM.

POTM stands for the Player of the Month. Every month, EA experts pick a player from each of Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga, Ligue 1 and MLS, and award the players with an IF card with black background and increased OVR, titled as POTM. The process of choosing POTM is technically unknown. But as we know, the performance of the player in the past month, the reviews, feedback from experts, and even the votes that EA collections from fans for POTM, have a role in choosing the POTM of each month.


Basically, the player's performance in this areas are key measures for choosing POTM:

  • Goals
  • Assists
  • Saves
  • Losses
  • Wins
  • Draws
  • Great tackles
  • Sole Scorer
  • Own Goals!
  • etc.


How to vote for POTM?

In order to vote for POTM, visit EA's POTM page. Choose the desired leauge (Premier Leauge, Bundesliga, La Liga, etc.). And then pick the nominees for POTM. If you can't find a place to vote, it means you're early... or too late! Usually at the end of each month, the candidates will be announced and you will be able to choose from. Once the votes are collected, EA will announce the month's POTM and the card will be obtainable via SBC.


How to acquire POTM via SBC?

When the POTM is announced, you can find relevant SBC in the Squad Building Challenges. The requirements vary from player to player. Some times it's required that you spend over 100K FIFA Coins. It's sometimes not really worth it, because you could buy a similar player with fewer FUT Coins who is able to perform better for that position.

For example, let's have a look at SON POTM SBC requirements:

  • Squad 1: Spurs Players: Min 1 | IF Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 85 | Team Chemistry: Min 75
  • Squad 2: Premier League Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 86 | Team Chemistry: Min 70
  • Squad 3: IF Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 87 | Team Chemistry: Min 55
  • Squad 4: Squad Rating: Min 88 | Team Chemistry: Min 55

Estimated FIFA Coins required for the SBC are 600K !! You could buy Rashbord or Mane who are faster attackers with much cheaper price.


Are POTM cards tradeable?

No, unfortunately, the POTM cards are untradeable. Because if they were tradeable, everyone would sell their cards and the prices would drop and the costs of getting the POTM card would be bigger than the sold price, so the whole thing would become meaningless. Why would you spend so much for getting an inform card and then sell it cheaper?


POTM Predictions

Many websites monitor the performance of players in real life football and predict winners of POTM for each league. Their predictions are mainly based on the goals scored, goals assisted, great saves, etc. And some times they turn out to be right, but most of the times, they're wrong. You can use their predictions at your own risk. For example you can check the POTM Contenders from FutBin. You can choose other leagues than PL from the navigation tab in that page and find the contenders of the POTM.

Some people use POTM to make money, s kind of investment, that's why they watch the POTM predictions to buy the cards that could be the player of the month, because they will get a raise in price when that happens.

What are OTW Cards in FIFA
Fifa Coins

Ones to Watch or OTW are popular upgrade cards among gamers. If you ever look at this page, you'll see a list of players that have been transferred to a new club during summer. So, each summer, a new set of players will get an OTW card that can be bought and invested in.

The OTW cards are upgradable. It means based on the player's performance in real life, the OVR and skills and the OTW card will be increased and as a result, the IF card will worth more FIFA 21 Coins when you sell them on the market.

Once the summer transfers are done, usually OTW takes place in October each year. Then, two teams of players will be introduced as Ones to Watch cards. They have a purple-ish background. Distinctive to the normal cards.


When will OTW cards upgrade?

Usually, when the player performs well in real life, his OTW card will increase in OVR and skills. Most of the times, the player will show up in TOTW once or twice, and each time will add 1-2 scores to his OVR. For example, Luis Suarez was OVR 86 in the beginning. And his OTW card got 87 when he got into TOTW1 and then it became 89 when he was picked for TOTW 13.

Diogo Iota started from OVR 80 and reached 85 because he won the TOTGS title and a TOTW. These cards are great for investing, but you should know what you're doing. Because if the player doesn't improve his play, the card will remain the same and thus no profit. Just a waste of time. If they get into one of those TOTW events or similar, then there will be a boost in price and you can make some FIFA Coins when you sell them.


FIFA 21 OTW Players

Here's the list of players that were chosen for OTW this season (2021):

Team 1:


  1. Hee Chan Hwang
  2. Sandro Tonali
  3. Nathan Ake
  4. Victor Osimhen
  5. Diogo Jota
  6. Ichraf Hakimi
  7. Allan
  8. Blaise Matuidi
  9. Martin Odegaard
  10. Gareth Bale
  11. Thomas Partey
  12. Alex Telles
  13. Thiago Silva
  14. Hakim Ziyech
  15. Timo Werner
  16. Luis Suarez

Team 2:


  1. Jonathan David
  2. Alessandro Florenzi
  3. Ferran Torres
  4. Rodrigo
  5. Arturo Vidal
  6. Donny van de Beek
  7. Nelson Semedo
  8. James Rodriguez
  9. Arthur
  10. Thiago Alcantara
  11. Leroy Sane
  12. Kai Havertz
What are Headliners in FIFA
Fifa Coins

Headliners are one of those cards that upgrade throughout the season based on the player's real-life performance and therefore when you want to buy FIFA Coins to pay for those cards, you will have to check their latest price in case there has been a recent update.


How do FIFA Headliners Upgrade?

Two teams will be introduced each year as the FIFA Headliners. The initial stats and OVR for each of these cards are already boosted, and yet every time the player appears on TOTW, MOTM, TOTGS, etc., the Headliners cards will get an upgrade as well.

And that's why their prices and ratings are higher than for example OTW cards. If you're wondering how do the Headliner cards look like, well the upper side has an amber-ish color and the base is purple as you can see below:

FIFA 21 Headliners

 When is Headliners selected?

Usually, in mid-January two teams are selected. In order to obtain the Headliners cards, you need to get the players right after they're available via FUT Packs, and you can earn those packs by completing a few series of SBCs related to Headliners.


FIFA 21 Headliners

If you're wondering who's in team 1 and team 2 of Headliners in FIFA 21, we have provided you the list:

Headliners Team 1:

  1. Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United)
  2. Fabinho (FC Liverpool)
  3. Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace)
  4. Wissam Ben Yedder (AS Monaco)
  5. Oyarzabal (Real Sociedad)
  6. João Félix (Atletico Madrid)
  7. Lukáš Hrádecky (Bayer Leverkusen)
  8. Henrikh Mkhitaryan (Roma FC)
  9. Jonathan Bamba (LOSC Lille)
  10. Martin Hinteregger (Eintracht Frankfurt) 85 OVR
  11. Jordan Amavi (Olympique Marseille)
  12. Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (Lazio Rom)
  13. Matheus Cunha (Hertha BSC Berlin)

FIFA 21 Headliners Team 2:

  1. Karim Benzema (Real Madrid)
  2. Erling Haaland (Borussia Dortmund)
  3. Heung-Min Son (Tottenham Hotspur)
  4. Hirving Lozano (Napoli)
  5. Theo Hernandez (AC Mailand)
  6. Leon Goretzka (Bayern München)
  7. Diego Carlos (FC Sevilla)
  8. Danny Ings (Southampton)
  9. Dayot Upamecano (RB Leipzig)
  10. Karl Toko Ekambi (Olympique Lyon)
  11. Rafinha (Paris Saint-Germain)
  12. Riyad Mahrez (Manchester City)
FIFA 21 TOTS Event
Fifa Coins

TOTS is one of the most wanted events in FIFA. This year, for FIFA 21, TOTS started around the last week of April and lasted for over a month. Here are some of the teams assembled by EA as TOTS for different leagues.


FIFA 21 Community TOTS

April 23rd 2021, and EA has finally released the first team of the season also known as the Community TOTS for FIFA 21. The list is comprised of players from different leagues and clubs who have performed outstanding in the past season and got a special TOTS card. Here's the FIFA 21 Community TOTS:


FUT 21 TOTS Community Team

  1. Federico Valverde, Real Madrid, 92, CM
  2. Harvey Barnes, Leicester City, 92, LW
  3. David Alaba, Bayern München, 92, CB
  4. Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Manchester United, 92, RB
  5. Nordi Mukiele, RB Leipzig, 90, RB
  6. Tanguy Ndombele, Tottenham Hotspur, 90, CAM
  7. Leon Bailey, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, 90, RW
  8. Christopher Nkunku, RB Leipzig, 89, CAM
  9. Piotr Zieliński, Napoli, 89, CAM
  10. Alphonse Areola, Fulham, 89, GK
  11. Nicolás Tagliafico, Ajax, 90, LB
  12. Odsonne Edouard, Celtic, 88, ST
  13. Moise Kean, Paris SG, 87, ST
  14. Connor Goldson, Rangers, 87, CB
  15. Josip Iličić, Atalanta, 91, ST

Three of the players who performed extraordinary throughout the season were: ValverdeAlaba & Wan Bissaka.


FIFA 21 TOTS Premier League

April 30th 2021, the Team of the Season for Premier League or TOTS PL for FIFA 21 is now announced by EA. The great players who performed outstanding in PL in the past season are now joined together to assemble the TOTS team of the PL. The players who have been chosen for TOTS will traditionally get an IF card with higher OVR and FIFA Coins. You can sell the TOTS cards obtained from FUT Packs on the transfer market at a higher price compared to the non-IF card of the same player.

Here you can see the list of players chosen for the TOTS PL:



  1. İlkay Gündoğan - Manchester City, CM, 92
  2. Kevin De Bruyne - Manchester City, CM, 96
  3. Heung Min Son - Tottenham Hotspur, LW, 94
  4. Harry Kane - Tottenham Hotspur, ST, 96
  5. Luke Shaw - Manchester United, LB, 89
  6. Jamie Vardy - Leicester City, ST, 94
  7. Mohamed Salah - Liverpool, RW, 96
  8. Ederson - Manchester City, GK, 94
  9. João Cancelo - Manchester City, RB, 91
  10. Bruno Fernandes - Manchester United, CAM, 96
  11. Marcus Rashford - Manchester United, LM, 93
  12. Mason Mount - Chelsea, CM, 92
  13. Tomáš Souček - West Ham United, CDM, 91
  14. Rúben Dias - Manchester City, CB, 94
  15. Wesley Fofana - Leicester City, CB, 89

And from those, Vardy, Gundogan, Mount and Soucek were the definite best players in Premier League in the past season.

Here, at WhatsGaming, we celebrate the TOTS event with a special discount code for FIFA Coins for our loyal customers:


Community Team TOTS FIFA 21



May 3rd, during the hottest FUT Event, EA has announced the TOTS for SPL or TOTS Saudi Pro League. This time the TOTS squad has only 11 players.

Let's see which players got into TOTS SPL:


TOTS FIFA 21 SPL Saudi Pro League

  1. Gomis, Al Hilal, ST, 89
  2. Strandberg, Abha Club, ST, 87
  3. Salem Al Dawsari, Al Hilal, LM, 85
  4. Romarinho, Al Ittihad, CAM, 90
  5. Carrillo, Al Hilal, RM, 88
  6. Banega, Al Shabab, CDM, 91
  7. Guanca, CAM, Al Shabab, 85
  8. Al Shahrani, Al Hilal, LB, 85
  9. Iago, Al Taawoun, CB, 86
  10. Ahmed Hegazi, Al IttihadCB, 85
  11. Marcello Grohe, Al Ittihad, GK, 85


TOTS La Liga FIFA 21

May 7. 2021 and it's LaLiga's turn to have its TOTS FIFA 21 squad. 15 players were chosen for TOTS La Liga in FIFA 21.

Here's the team of greatest performers of La Liga in the past season aka. TOTS LaLiga:


TOTS FIFA 21 Laliga

  1. Lionel Messi - FC Barcelona (98)
  2. Karim Benzema - Real Madrid (97)
  3. Jan Oblak - Atlético de Madrid (96)
  4. Luis Suárez - Atlético de Madrid (95)
  5. Raphaël Varane - Real Madrid (95)
  6. Frenkie de Jong - FC Barcelona (94)
  7. Casemiro - Real Madrid (94)
  8. Yannick Carrasco - Atlético de Madrid (93)
  9. Jordi Alba - FC Barcelona (92)
  10. Lucas Vázquez - Real Madrid (92)
  11. Nabil Fekir - Real Betis Balompié (92)
  12. Jesús Navas - Sevilla FC (91)
  13. Gerard Moreno - Villarreal CF (90)
  14. Marcos Llorente - Atlético de Madrid (89)
  15. Jules Koundé - Sevilla FC (88)


Cheap FIFA 21 Coins

Just to help our customers buy FIFA Coins cheap, we have provided a special limited discount code for the whole TOTS event in FUT 21:


TOTS FIFA 21 Coins Discount


FIFA 21 TOTS SuperLig

May 10th 2021, it's time for the promised TOTS SuperLig for FIFA 21 aka. Süper Lig Team of the Season!

Here's the list of players in the Super Lig TOTS:


superlig tots fifa 21

  • Lucas Biglia - Fatih Karagümrük S.K., CDM, 91
  • Adem Büyük - Yeni Malatyaspor, LM, 85
  • Caner Erkin - Fenerbahçe, LB, 89
  • Vincent Aboubakar - Beşiktaş, ST, 90
  • Fayçal Fajr - Sivasspor, CM, 87
  • Anastasios Bakasetas - Trabzonspor, CAM, 86
  • Rachid Ghezzal - Beşiktaş, RW, 86
  • Marcão - Galatasaray, CB, 87
  • Valentin Rosier - Beşiktaş, RB, 88
  • Davidson - Alanyaspor, LW, 90
  • Altay Bayındır - Fenerbahçe, GK, 85


FIFA 21 TOTS BundesLiga

May 14th, 2021 and finally, the promised team of the season for Bundesliga is now announced by EA. 15 players were selected for TOTS of Bundesliga this year.

The upgraded cards will naturally have a higher FIFA Coin price when they're traded in transfer market.

Here's the list of chosen players for TOTS Bundesliga for FIFA 21:

TOTS FIFA 21 Bundesliga

  1. Manuel Neuer, Bayern München, 95
  2. Mats Hummels, Borussia Dortmund, 93
  3. Maxence Lacroix, VfL Wolfsburg, 90
  4. Alphonso Davies, Bayern München, 91
  5. Angeliño, RB Leipzig, 90
  6. Ridle Baku, VfL Wolfsburg, 88
  7. Joshua Kimmich, Bayern München, 96
  8. Thomas Müller, Bayern München, 94
  9. Leon Goretzka, Bayern München, 95
  10. Jadon Sancho, Borussia Dortmund, 96
  11. Marcel Sabitzer, RB Leipzig, 92
  12. Kingsley Coman, Bayern München, 93
  13. Robert Lewandowski, Bayern München, 98
  14. Erling Haaland, Borussia Dortmund, 95
  15. André Silva, Eintracht Frankfurt, 91

Out of those 15 players, Erling Haaland was the one who received the most votes, because of his great performance in the past season.



On the TOTS journey, EA announced the team of the season for Liga NOS, which is for Portugal.

It has 11 players and the selected players received an upgraded cards. Here's the list:



  1. Pedro Gonçalves - Sporting CP, 92
  2. Grimaldo - SL Benfica, 91
  3. Rafa - SL Benfica, 90
  4. Sebastián Coates - Sporting CP, 90
  5. Otávio - FC Porto, 89
  6. Haris Seferović - SL Benfica, 89
  7. Sérgio Oliveira - FC Porto, 89
  8. Nicolás Otamendi - SL Benfica, 88
  9. Palhinha - Sporting CP, 87
  10. Adán - Sporting CP, 86
  11. Pedro Porro - Sporting CP, 85


FIFA 21 TOTS Serie A

May 21st, 2021 and now it's time for TOTS Serie A for FIFA 21 gamers. 15 gold players were selected for TOTS of Serie-A of Italy. The players that performed outstanding in the past season get an upgraded cards which costs more in FIFA Coins when traded on transfer market.

Here's the list of players chosen for Serie-A TOTS:


Serie A FIFA 21 TOTS

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo - Piemonte Calcio, ST, 98
  2. Romelu Lukaku - Inter, ST, 96
  3. Dries Mertens - Napoli, CF, 95
  4. Lorenzo Insigne - Napoli, LM, 94
  5. Lautaro Martínez - Inter, ST, 94
  6. Franck Yannick Kessié - Milan, CDM, 93
  7. Theo Hernández - Milan, LB, 92
  8. Luis Muriel - Atalanta, ST, 93
  9. Rodrigo Javier De Paul - Udinese, CM, 93
  10. Gianluigi Donnarumma - Milan, GK, 91
  11. Juan Cuadrado - Piemonte Calcio, RB, 91
  12. Cristian Romero - Atalanta, CB, 90
  13. Stefan de Vrij - Inter, CB, 92
  14. Domenico Berardi - Sassuolo, RM, 88
  15. Milan Škriniar - Inter, CB, 89


FOF PTG Upgrades - FIFA 21
Fifa Coins

What is FOF PTG?

FOF is the most exciting FUT Event that is taking place around June 2021. Festival of Futball Path to Glory (FOF PTG) is an event for national teams and the players who win more than 3 games along with their national team during the real-life games, will get an exciting upgrade.


How are FOF Cards Upgraded?

You'd expect up to 4 OVR upgrades for the team players. The players will get a +2 OVR once their team wins 3 times and then with one more wining, they get an additional 1 OVR and so forth up to 5 wins. So, 2+1+1 equals 4 OVR which will be added to them if they win 5 times during the event which takes place between June 11 to July 16, 2021.

And if their team wins 6 times, they also get a five star Weak Foot and five star Skill Moves upgrade. So, in other words, it could turn average players to superstars... just needs some wins from their team!


List of FIFA 21 FOF Upgraded Cards

So far, several players have gotten amazing upgrades. Here's the list of PTG upgrades for FOF in FIFA 21 (the list gets updated routinely up to the event's end date):

Hazard FOF PTG Upgrade

  • Eden Hazard, Belgium, 4 wins, 95 -> 98
  • Firmino, Brazil, 4 wins, 95 -> 98
  • Verratti, Italy, 6 wins, 94 -> 98
  • De Ligt, Netherlands, 3 wins, 94 -> 96
  • Havertz, Germany, 95 -> ?
  • Griezmann, France, 95 -> ?
  • Vinicius, Brazil, 4 wins, 93 -> 96
  • Pogba, France, 95 -> ?
  • Wijnaldum, Netherlands, 3 wins, 93 -> 95
  • Acuna, Argentina, 3 Wins, 94 -> 96
  • Llorente, Spain, 3 wins, 94 ->96
  • Foden, England, 5 Wins, 94 -> 98
  • Martinez, Venezuela, 94 -> ?
  • Sanchez, Chile, 94 -> ?
  • Eder Militao, Brazil, 4 wins, 92 -> 95
  • Gnabry, Germany, 93 -> ?
  • Davinson Sanchez, Colombia, 93 -> ?
  • Florenzi, Italy, 6 wins, 91 -> 95
  • Felix, Portugal, 3 wins, 93 -> ?
  • Morata, Spain, 3 wins, 93 -> 95
  • Chilwell, England, 5 wins, 93 -> 97
  • Yazici, Turkey, 92 -> ?
  • Thorgan Hazard, Belgium, 4 wins, 90 -> 93
  • Paredes, Argentina, 3 wins, 92 -> 94
  • Zakaria, Switzerland, 91 -> ?
  • Eriksen, Denmark, 3 wins, 91 -> 93
  • Grealish, England, 5 wins, 91 -> 95
  • Rebic, Croatia, 91 -> ?
  • Diogo Jota, Portugal, 90 -> ?
  • Golovin, Russia, 90 -> ?
  • Hernandez, France, 90 -> ?
  • Klostermann, Germany, 90 -> ?
  • Nandez, Uruguay, 90 -> ?
  • Wirtz, Germany, 90 -> ?


International Football Cups

If you're interested in following the matches yourself, you should definitely look into Euro 2020, which hosts the most exciting games in Europe. The most important games are:

  • Italy 3 - 0 Turkey
  • France 1 - 0 Germany
  • England 1 - 0 Croatia
  • Netherlands 3 - 0 Ukraine
  • Italy 3 - 0 Switzerland
  • Netherlands 2 - 0 Austria
  • Germany 4 - 2 Portugal

You can also check Copa America for South American games:

  • Brazil 3 - 0 Venezuela
  • Brazil 4 - 0 Peru
  • Argentina 1 - 1 Chile
  • Argentina 1 - 0 Uruguay
  • Argentina 1 - 0 Paraguay


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Position Modifiers in FIFA - All You Need to Know
Fifa Coins

What are Player Position Modifiers in FIFA?

Position Modifiers are great items in the game of FIFA for changing a player's position so he fits in your squad better than before. They are considered as consumable items and can be traded on Transfer Market. You can pay the price for any of these position modifiers in FIFA Coins on the market and then you'd have to apply the item on a player.

Other than buying these items, you may receive them from FUT Packs. During the pack opening, for example, if you open a regular gold pack, it will contain some players and consumable items. One or two of those consumable items can be position modifiers. They are considered valuable items.


Why do you need Position Change?

You may be familiar with Chemistry in FIFA. If not, it's a criteria to determine how two players match in a squad. Mainly, based on nationality, league and club, two players can have a red, yellow, orange, or green link between themselves, and by calculating other links, a player's chemistry can vary between 1 to 10. What matters here, is the fact that a player can get the most chemistry number when he's used on his exact position. But as you know, it's not always possible. So you may have a forward with CF as his main position, but your formation could have 2 strikers with ST. In that case (for example, 4-4-2). If you use that CF player, his chemistry will drop. He may get a 5 or 6 or 7, depending on other players. But if you use a player who is an ST, his chemistry can even reach 9 or 10.

So, the remedy to improve your player and make him fit to the new position is to use position changers.


How to apply Position Modifiers

In order to use the position modifier, you should go to your club, and open Consumables, and then Positioning. Then choose the right position modifier and then search for a player in your club and then there's an option called "Applying Consumables". Press A and apply!

Position Changer Modifier FIFA Apply Consumable

The name of the given modifier is something like "CF >> ST". Make sure to apply the right modifier, otherwise you would waste the consumable item.

Usually, modifiers are great for substitutes. Because the gamers usually buy players for their squad with proper position, but some times you have to change formation against a tough opponent, or sometimes you have to swap players from the bench, and the substitute may be not properly fit with the position. So, these modifiers come handy.


Are position modifiers permanent?

Yes, they are! Although there was some doubt in a Reddit page considering that there's a stopwatch icon next to the player who receives the modifier, but it's known that the modification lasts forever.


Price of Position Modifiers in FIFA

At the time of writing this article, the average price of modifiers for gold players are as follows in FIFA Coins:

  • LWB >> LB: 200 FIFA Coins
  • LB >> LWB: 500 FUT Coins
  • RWB >> RB: 1300 F.C
  • RB >> RWB: 200 F.Coins
  • LM >> LW: 2000 FIFA Coin
  • LW >> LM: 1500 FUT Coin
  • RM >> RW: 1800 FIFA Coins
  • RW >> RM: 700 F.C.
  • LW >> LF: 1100 FC
  • LF >> LW: 500 F.C.
  • RW >> RF: 1000 coins
  • RF >> RW: 200 Fut coin
  • CM >> CAM: 3000 FIFA Coins
  • CAM >> CM: 4700 Fut Coins
  • CM >> CDM: 1900 coin
  • CDM >> CM: 3000 F.C
  • CAM >> CF: 550 coins
  • CF >> CAM: 1600 FUT Coin
  • CF >> ST: 2500 coins
  • ST >> CF: 5K FIFA Coins

You may find modifiers with cheaper prices on transfer market of course, but most of the times, you should be prepared to pay that much for the above items. The max price for each of these modifiers is 5K coins though.

FIFA 22 Pre-Season Gifts - How to Use Them
Fifa Coins

It's time to gather all your might in preparation for FIFA 22. It's pre-season time for FIFA 22. It means, while you're still playing FIFA 21, you will be able to get gifts like FUT 22 Packs after you buy FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 pre-season gifts

FIFA 22 Pre-Season Gifts

So, it's like some investment for future. All you need to do is to complete pre-season daily objectives and SBCs. Then you will be rewarded non-tradeable items in FUT 22 after it's released. The players you receive include Christiano Ronaldo 99, Maldini 95, Goretzka 95, etc. But they're not tradeable. It means, you can't sell them for millions of FIFA 22 Coins on transfer market.


When will I get my FUT 22 pre-season gifts?

Additionally, you will get some 5-game loan players, mainly superstars as Pre-Season gifts in FUT 21. The cards are from different types: TOTS, Icon, Summer Stars, etc.

But the FUT 22 gifts will be given to you on 12 October, 2021. You must redeem your FUT 22 pre-season rewards before November 12, 2021, or else they will be gone. In order to get your pre-season FUT 22 rewards, you must purchase FIFA 22 with the same console you are running FIFA 21. So, it's not possible to transfer your gifts to another type of console.

fut 22 preseason gifts ronaldo maldini neymar

Why should I get my pre-season FUT 22 gifts?

If you're already an old fan of FIFA, you know that starting off with a powerful squad is crucial, and these pre-season gifts will save you up lots of FIFA 22 Coins. Without these gifts, you would have to play the game for such a long time to have enough coins to be able to purchase great players like Neymar or Ronaldo. So, it's a huge help for you to boost your winnings big time ahead of your opponents. They will definitely be looking for OVR 83 players while you'd already own 90+ players in your squad, smashing every team you play against.

If you couldn't by any chance redeem your pre-season gifts, don't worry at all! Whatsgaming is always here to offer cheap FUT 22 Coins for the fans. We enjoy seeing you win more and more, that's why we always come up with discount codes, promo codes and hot prices for FIFA gamers. Stay tuned!

How Many FIFA Coins Will I Win per Match
Fifa Coins

FIFA Ultimate Team allows you to build your dream team using the legends like Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele, and other pro footballers in the same starting XI. Since these players cost a lot of in-game currency, most fans want to set them as their long-term goal in FIFA 22 and start collecting coins from their weekly FUT matches.
Match Coins Awarded (MCA) is the FUT coins you earn every time you complete an Ultimate Team match. Depending on your performance such as how much time you played, the number of goals you scored, accuracy during the match, etc. the amount of the match coins will be calculated. So, according to the official following formula, you can calculate how many FUT coins you will earn per match:

  • Skill Rewards Total (Skill Rewards x Multiplier) + Completion Award + Season/Competition Reward + Coin Boost

Here we're going to explain how each of these terms works so that you could start working on your skills and get more FUT 22 coins in the following matches.

Skill Rewards

Basically, based on a player's performance (negative or positive) your skill rewards will be calculated. For example, if your player performs a decent play (goals, possession, corners, passing accuracy, etc), you will be rewarded with FUT coins and if his performance was bad, there will be coin deductions.

fifa 22 skill moves fifa coins multiplier rewards

To be sure what the positive and negative performances are, we gathered a table that shows how it works. 

Goals 40 5 200
Successful Tackles 1 20 20
Pass Accuracy % 1 80 80
Clean Sheets 75 1 75
Corners 5 10 50
Possession % 1 80 80
Man of the Match Winner 15 1 15
Shots on Target 5 10 50
Cards -10 8 -80
Offsides -1 15 -15
Goals Against -20 4 -80
Fouls -5 4 -20

In the table, the green performances are dedicated as positive ones which have coin additions and the red ones are negative performances with coin deductions.


The Multiplier is a ratio with the objective to balance games of different quality levels. This means you will get greater FUT coin bonuses comparing to those playing easier games. The difficulty will be estimated based on the game mode and the opponent’s quality (the opponent’s squad rating in online matches and difficulty level on a single player). For online matches, the multiplier is known as DNF Multiplier.

DNF Multiplier 

The DNF (Did not finished) Multiplier is a ratio that measures the number of unfinished matches, as well as the importance and difficulty of the different game modes and opponents. This is a way to punish the players who forfeit games regularly. So, the more games they forfeit, the more FUT coins will be deduced from them in the final rewards.

For example, if one of the players will be disconnected due to a poor internet connection in the middle of a match and the match would be interrupted because of that, EA's system will evaluate the event to distinguish the responsible and punish them with a coin loss, spend on contracts, and DNF reduction. So it's necessary to make sure of your connection before you start a match.

DNF is set to 1 by default and each time the match ends before the 90 minutes, due to losing the connection, the system identifies the player who was the reason for the interruption and punishes them in 0.25 points. The player who has got DNF below 1, will get a 0.02 points bonus for every game they finish without interruptions.
The DNF is only true for online matches because forfeiting against computers won't affect your game experience. Your DNF will only reduce itself in the case of disconnections.

Calculating the Multiplier

The multiplier depends on the game mode you played, so your first DNF Multiplier can be one of the following values: 0.25, 0.36, 0.42, 0.50, 0.60, 0,63, 0.88, 0.93, 1.00, and 1.13.
For each time that you quit a game, DNF Multiplier will penalize you by dropping 0.25 x A points ("A" value depends on the game mode), and for each time that you successfully finish a match, the DNF Multiplier rises 0.02 x A per match. It means you either receive fewer or higher FIFA coins.

The Multiplier is the most complicated part of the Match Coins Awarded calculation, so let's review another example to be more clearer.
Assuming that you never forfeit an online match and when you play FUT Rivals, your DNF Multiplier is 0.63. After an online game, you decide to play a single-player and you notice your DNF went from 0.63 to 0.36. The reason is simply that the system assessments the game difficulty and since a single-player is easier to win, it sets a lower multiplier for you. So right after that if you back to playing another online match, your DNF multiplier will be back at 0.63.
If you don't want to be stuck at a low DNF multiplier and therefore coin loss at the end of every match, we recommend that you pay extra attention to your connection before an online match starts.

Completion Reward

325 FUT coins will be given as your completion award. Although, the amount of coins depends on your match mode and the fact that you need to play the whole game (90 minutes) and do not forfeit. Those who do not leave a match or cause an interruption will have a completion award. This is how the reward is being calculated:

  • Completion Award = 325 * Minutes Played / 90

Faster ways to get FIFA Coins

Participating in Division Rivals and Squad Battles is a guaranteed way for weekly coin rewards. You need to complete some placement matches and as you perform better, you will receive better rewards at the end of each week. If you still looking for an alternative way for making more FIFA coins, you can consider buying FIFA coins from reliable websites like WhatsGaming. We guarantee a safe and fast coin transaction in which neither of the EA rules will be broken and you will receive your coins via legal methods.
You can find great deals such as coin giveaways and FUT event discount codes from WhatsGaming website and Instagram page.

How to transfer coins on Fifa without Getting Banned
Fifa Coins

Are you interested in starting your own FIFA 20 Ultimate Team? FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is one of the most popular modes in Electronic Arts’ (EA) annual football series. In order to build your dream team, all you need to do is trade players, complete SBC’s and win matches. But usually, it takes more to build the team you really want, so you might need to purchase or transfer coins, but you don’t know the right method? Here we go!


What are FIFA Coins?

Ultimate Team Coins are the ingame currency of FIFA that is used to buy players or consumables and other stuff on the transfer market. FIFA coins can also be used like FIFA points to buy packs from the store. You can earn FIFA coins by playing games, completing SBC's, selling your players or other stuff from your club, or you can buy FIFA Ultimate Team Coins in stores like


fifa coins transfer security safety

Why is it a Problem to Transfer Coins?

Purchasing coins from a third party, distributing coins or promoting coin buying is considered against the EA’s Terms of Service, that means that you will take a risk when you do so. Maybe you already know the screen below and you are scared to get it again.


But don’t worry! Transferring FIFA Ultimate Team coins without getting a Coin-wipe or banned isn’t that difficult as you expect.



How Can I Transfer FUT Coins Safely?

First of all you need patience. Don’t transfer everything you have as soon as possible. When you want to transfer a huge amount from one account to another, you need at least eight hours between unique trades, but don’t worry you can higher the amount step by step when you follow the most important rule: Take at max. the double AVG price of each player and try to avoid hitting the max. range. You can check each AVG price on And keep in mind, you have one shot for free! If you spend all your coins after you purchased or received a huge amount of coins, you aren’t able to lose them. Only when EA catches you twice you may get a locked Transfer Market on the Web / Companion App.



How Can I Transfer Coins faster?

The more accounts you have for transferring the better. That is the only solution to transfer FIFA Ultimate Team coins safely and fast. In this case time between coin transfers doesn’t matter. But notice, no more than one trade within 8 hours per account. If you need additional information how we from do it, check it out yourself for PS4 or Xbox One.


And if you have any questions feel free to ask our WhatsApp Support: +4915735989020

Can You Transfer FIFA 21 Coins to FIFA 22
Fifa Coins

FIFA 22 has been released on October 1st, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC. We couldn't be happier to finally try new upgrades, gameplay, and of course, the next-gen which you can try out through the Ultimate Edition. The EA's rules regarding transferring coins from third parties have remained forbidden and just like the previous versions of FIFA, you need to earn this valuable in-game asset via playing matches. Although professional FIFA coin vendors like WhatsGaming are always here to help you have more coins in your FIFA account easier and faster.

You need FIFA 22 coins to buy players from Transfer Market. Many players of FIFA 21 ask how they can transfer their coins from their old accounts. Is there a way to simply transfer your assets from the last year's edition on the same platform? Stay with us to find out.

FIFA 22 carryable items and data

You are allowed to carry over some items and data from FIFA21 to FIFA 22 on the same platform. Carryable items are only FUT Club Profile and FIFA Points. Unfortunately, you can't transfer FIFA Coins, CardsUnopened Packs, Your Match Record and History, Divison Levels, and Trophies to FIFA 22.

So if you want to transfer your data from FIFA 21 to the new version, you need to run FIFA 22 on the same platform in which you store your previous version save data. For example, if you used to play FIFA 21 on PlayStation 4, you need to run FIFA 22 on the same console. Because the Cross-Platform is not available and you won't be able to transfer your FIFA Points to your new game. As soon as you logged in to your game, you'll see a message to ask for your confirmation for data carryover.


Note that if you ever decided to play FIFA 22 on a different console, you're going to have to start from scratch as there will be no history of your FUT profile on the new platform. Also, if you want to play FIFA 22 on multiple platforms at the same time, using the same email address on both consoles, the in-game data and progress will not be synced on both platforms. This means that every platform has its own individual in-game data and items.

Buying FIFA 22 Coins

Transferring carryables offer pops up as soon as you get into the new game. You can choose to transfer your data or ignore the message and deal with it later. While it's frustrating that you can't carry your FIFA coins to FIFA 22, you can relatively buy more from WhatsGaming and get back on track. With WhatsGaming cheap FIFA 22 coins, you will be able to quickly build your team and enjoy unlocking the new version features. You are only a few simple steps away from having lots of coins in your FIFA 22.

Visit WhatsGaming "Buy Coins" menu and from there, choose the platform that you run FIFA 22 on. You can see that there are two different transfer methods available to choose from:

  • Player Auction
  • Comfort Trade

As you browse through the methods, you can read about them individually and watch the walkthrough videos to get acquainted with how they work. Each of them has its own pros and cons. You need to pick the one that suits your situation better. You'll receive the exact number of coins you paid for.
Trusting the wrong FIFA coin supplier can lead to bad terms. The coin supplier must know about EA red lines and rules and never put your account at the risk of getting banned. Luckily, WhatsGaming with many years of experience in transferring coins is one of the best FIFA coin-selling websites. You can be assured that your FIFA coins will be delivered to your account in regard to EA guidelines, via a fast and fully automated platform.

FIFA 22 Glitch - How to Get FIFA 22 Coins for Free
Fifa Coins

FIFA 22 has been launched successfully on all platforms since its release on October 1. It's got some new features for all its players. During the first few weeks of the FIFA 22 experience, you may notice some massive changes from last year's iteration. New techniques have been adding to the game to make your in-game experience more life-like and less corny! To make your gaming experience to the fullest, you got to have a good team which is very important in FUT or Battle Squad challenges. In order to have a good team, you need good Players. You can get them as Card Items (can be gained as rewards by playing FUT 22 matches) or purchasing them directly at the Transfer Market. However, without FUT coins, you can't purchase or trade good players in the FUT online market. So without these virtual currencies, winning matches in Division Rivals and the FUT Champions Cup will be really difficult for you. Because winning these challenges requires a good team. The better players to have on your team, the better your chance of winning.

As you experience the difficulty of collecting coins from scratch and gathering your team, you may hear some people offering you a Coin Glitch and claim that via this Glitch, you can access unlimited FUT 22 coins. We're here to evaluate this claim and clear things up a little.

FIFA 22 Glitch: myth or reality

If you search the term "FIFA 22 coin glitch" on Google, you will come across many YouTube videos or websites claiming that they've found a way to get millions of coins in FIFA 22 without even playing the game! Even if there's an error or glitch exists during the first days of FIFA, it's about the gameplay and how it's annoying for users; which EA Sports will receive gamers' complaints and fix the glitch as soon as possible. There's no such thing as getting FIFA 22 coins for free. To prove that this claim is a myth and false, we watched and tried a couple of YouTub videos where they introduced bizarre ways to access these glitches and of course, millions of coins!
It's safe to say that none of these methods are true but you're welcome to try them yourselves. As an experienced FIFA coin provider, we recommend you to not trust these people and never contact them. Because they will need your account information and in the wrong hands, you will lose everything you have in your account, including your current FIFA coin balance!

FIFA 22 Coins Generator

You will find no valid coin supplier offering you coins for free. There are some suppliers who ask you to do some tasks, like participating in polls or something like that, which is totally different. We're talking about FIFA 22 coin generators! There are some reports regarding websites that claim to have coin generators. They always advertise like "Generate Unlimited Coin And Point" and ask for your username, the number of Points/Coins, and your game platform. Next, they will ask you to take some surveys in order to prove that you're a human. Depending on your IP Address, these surveys are different but as we tested, all of them require either your phone number or your credits info to receive Gift Cards. It's pretty clear that these websites cannot be trusted. Interestingly, not only you won't get the promised Points/Coins, but you'll end up losing your coins or with a banned account!
So, it's wise not to trust every advertising you see on the internet, no matter how desperate you are to have more coins in your FIFA account, you should always do this via legal and legit ways.

Avoid scams

We all know that buying FIFA coins is a violation of FIFA’s competition policy, which means you can only buy FIFA 22 coins in FIFA itself, and doing otherwise will be considered an illegal act. Although it's your absolute right to find more convenient ways to provide your coin need. There are other ways to buy coins inside the game with the help of professionals. With all being said, you should know that there are many phishing websites, hackers, and generally scammers who would offer you FIFA coins in exchange for money but you won't receive your coins in the end. We're going to review some of the scammer's tactics.

Phishing is a way of tricking someone into giving up valuable information by visiting an identical website like the original one and entering your account credentials. To detect a phishing website, always check the URL in your browser before you take any other action. There are replica websites of EA but with a different domain name where you can sign in and once you do, the copycat website will take your login information and log in to your real account and change your password. Your hard-worked FIFA coins will be stolen and there's literally nothing you can do about it.

You may also receive emails from email addresses similar to EA Sports, with some links that you need to click on, asking for your EA account information or declaring your account has been compromised. Note that EA will never ask you for your login information and this rule has no exception. So if you ever received an email that looks like it’s coming from EA and asks for your account information, it’s a scam!

One other obvious scamming behind the FIFA coin market is fake coin suppliers. Their advertising may have caught your eyes from time to time when you surfing the internet, especially on social media. These coin suppliers usually don't have any legit websites or contact forms to get in touch with. Just like a phishing website, they ask for your account backup codes, credit card info, etc. and as soon as they get them from you, they'll disconnect anything you were using to contact them and simply disappear. So give your decision a second thought when you come across fraud sellers who don't have any well-known background in selling coins. We talked about this very similar issue for the previous FIFA version, which you're more than welcome to read from here.

You need to know that scammers have lots of new tactics you may not know about, but if you stick to legit and professional coin suppliers like WhatsGaming, you will never face this issue and your account will remain safe as long as you follow the right path.


Cheap FIFA 22 Coins

There's a highly competitive coin selling market exists on the internet. FIFA coins are at their highest price during the first weeks of the FIFA 22 release but you can also find good websites that offer fair prices. With brief research on Google or any FIFA forums, you can compare the coin price among the coin sellers and decide which one is the right choice to go. Every coin supplier has its own transfer methods but the two Player Auction and Comfort Trade methods are the most popular ones.


WhatsGaming has always been a cheap FUT coin selling platform with discount codes that give you the opportunity to buy your coins even cheaper! These discount codes usually give you 5 to 10 percent off to buy coins at more reasonable rates. We always care about your account safety and guarantee that you won't get banned if you purchase coins from us because we want our customers to enjoy the experience of buying FIFA coins to the fullest!