FIFA 21 Release Date Leak Will The Game Be Released On This Date
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The end of EA's FIFA 20 is approaching. But don't worry FIFA 21 is already in the starting blocks. The exact release date could have been leaked by a leak.

  • FIFA 20 is coming to an end
  • FIFA 21 leak - release date revealed?
  • So you can play FIFA 21 before the release

FIFA 20 once again thrilled millions of players. The 25th offshoot of the successful FIFA series also broke all records in terms of player numbers. And this despite the fact that important licenses such as the Bayern stadium or Juventus Turin's logo and name went to competitor Pro Evolution Soccer. The last big event is currently taking place in FIFA 20 with the Team of the Season. If you are also affected by the market crash , we have profitable tips for the FIFA 20 TOTS event which will generate lots of FIFA Coins for you. The wait for FIFA 21 is slowly beginning. The release date may already have been leaked.

Release (date of first publication)

September 2020 (unconfirmed)


Electronic Arts




PS5 , Xbox Series X , PS4, Xbox One, PC


EA Canada / Romania


Soccer simulation


FIFA 21: Leak reveals the release date of the new EA title

The corona virus currently holds professional football firmly under control. While some professional leagues such as the Bundesliga are starting again, the competitions in France and Belgium were completely canceled. There are also concerns in the video game industry. The coronavirus could affect the release of the next-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X have. FIFA 21 will be released without delay and lots of gamers will be looking for FIFA 21 Coins soon. This has now been confirmed by EA Sports:
FIFA 21 Release date announcement tweet

If you take a look at the past releases of the FIFA series , you will notice that FIFA always appeared on the last Friday of September. It can be assumed that EA will not deviate from this release cycle this year either. Based on the confirmation from EA already mentioned , it can be assumed that FIFA 21 will appear on September 25, 2020 ( all information about FIFA ).


FIFA 21 Leak: So you can play the new FIFA part before the release

If you can't take it until the supposed release on September 25, you can put your hands on FIFA 21 in several ways. On the one hand, the FIFA demo appears every year around two weeks before the official release, in which you can feel the changes in the new FIFA section.

For several years now, EA has also been offering various deluxe editions with which you can play FIFA three days before publication. Last but not least you can gamble a whole week before. All you have to do is take out an EA Access subscription for € 2.99 a month. However, your playing time will be limited to 10 hours. What exactly will be different about FIFA 21 is not yet clear . However, we picked out six changes that would make FIFA 21 better than its predecessor. Bundesliga TOTS with Coutinho? That's why EA is now getting a shit storm . How good is the rarest team in FIFA 20? Let's find out in another amazing WhatsGaming blog.

Avoid Scams Scammers in FIFA
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FIFA undoubtedly is one of the most favored games ever made. Each year, tens of millions of gamers buy and play FIFA to have fun with their family and friends. Online gaming with FIFA Ultimate Team is challenging and becomes sort of serious when teenage gamers compete each other and want to win the tournaments.

The more win, the more FIFA Coins added to the account and thus there would be chances of buying expensive players such as Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Zidane or Maldini.

Now when a game becomes that serious, there will always be trouble. People would cheat and steal from each other so they could buy icon players faster and win more games. Of course, most of the gamers would stay ethical and play fair while competing other opponents, but some of them would start looking for shortcuts to steal other people's FUT Coins and then buy players for their own squad.

In this article we will discuss types of scams that are out there threatening the gamers and will share measures required to take to avoid being scammed so you will be always on the safe side. WhatsGaming is always looking out for other gamers' improvement and better gaming experience, as we are gamers ourselves and we care!


Types of Scammers in FIFA

There are different scammers and different techniques they use to steal from you.

Scam Technique 1: Free FIFA Coins

One of the ways is that the scammer promises millions of free FIFA Coins that they make with coin generators and can transfer to your account. We discussed the idea of Free FIFA Coins in details and how it is possible to get free FIFA Coins and how some times it could be a scam. But at the end of your chat with them, they will always say that they need your account's login information to transfer the coins. At that point, you'd have a dilemma about trusting them or not. But most of the times, it would result in your coins being stolen from you. Our advise is to never share your account credentials unless you know the seller very well and they have a very positive history of transactions in their profile. WhatsGaming as a well-known FIFA Coin seller has always taken care of its customers information using highly secured protocols and expensive security systems installed on the server. Keep in mind that EA will never ask for your account's information, even though you've got an email that seems to be from EA, it's certainly a scam, as stated here.

Scam Technique 2: Exchanging / Doubling FUT Cards

Another way you could get scammed is by exchanging or doubling FUT cards. This one is a rather smaller type of scam, but it still exists! The scammer in this method will ask you to exchange FUT cards.. and after gaining your trust wants you to place your card in transfer market first. And then you'd sell one of your valuable cards for cheap to them and they will not keep their promise and they will shut down the communication.


Scam Technique 3: Selling FIFA Coins

Unfortunately, there are scammers who pretend to be FIFA Coin sellers. They require you to buy something to participate in a non-relevant monetary transaction. Some others pretend to offer comfort trade transfer method, but they just want to get your login information and backup codes. And you'd never get your promised coins. That's why it's really vital and crucial to deal with trustable FIFA Coins sellers. A genuine website with live support, a positive review profile and many happy customers. You shouldn't trust any random guy in Facebook or Twitter who claim to sell you FIFA coins cheap. That would most of the times result in loss of an account or all of your FIFA 21 Coins or whatever version of FIFA you're playing.


FIFA Account Hacking

One common way to hack a gamer's account is called phishing. This is done by designing a replica website of EA but with a different domain name. The design and styles look exactly like EA but if the user don't pay attention to the address bar, he or she won't realize that it's a phishing site. As a result, the users will click on login like they do on EA's real website and once they provide their email and password, the phishing site will steal the login information, they will log in to the user's real account and change their password. And that's how they will be able to hack and hijack an account and transfer its coins to their own accounts.

EA FIFA Phishing Site

What to do if You're Scammed in FIFA

The best thing to do, if you've been unlucky and been scammed, is to make contact with EA via their contact information and discuss what happened to you. There is probably nothing they can do about it, but at least they are informed about scammers and how they do it, so maybe in future they devise some technicalities to avoid such things to happen.

Another thing to do is to declare the scam and point out the scammer's name in groups like Reddit, Facebook, etc. This will prevent other gamers to get scammed by that guy. In Reddit, there are lists of scammers for gamers as a heads-up so they don't get caught in their trap.

FIFA List of Scammers


Scammer in FIFA

The funny side of this topic is trolling dumb scammers! Some users have been making fun of scammers who are obvious. Discussions in Reddit like this page have lots of readers and are somehow useful for other users and gamers as well, as they expose scammers and their methods.


How to Avoid Scams in FIFA

To avoid phishing of your account, you should "always" check the address bar before you type in your account's login information, to make sure it's a genuine EA website. And to avoid being scammed by coin sellers or card upgrade propositions, you should at all times be cautious. Nobody will do anything for you for free. If an offer seems too good to be true, you should certainly give your decision a second thought. Always perform a background check by searching their names in Google. Use the word "scam" or "fraud" next to the name of the guy and see what comes up in search results. If there were complains about scams or bad services or stealing FIFA Coins, you should never make any interaction with that guy.


Safety Tips of Buying FIFA Coins

Buying FIFA Coins is a very sensitive process in terms of safety. As mentioned before, there are lots of scammers who claim to sell cheap FIFA 21 Coins. To avoid losing money or losing access to your EA Origin account, you should carefully consider the following safety tips:

  • Do not buy FIFA Coins from random guys who offer cheap FIFA coins in Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.
  • Perform a  background check before promising anything. Search their name on Google.
  • Buy FIFA 21 Coins from websites who have lots of positive reviews on great review websites such as Trustami and TrustPilot.
  • Make sure the site uses https in the browser, because online payments should have SSL certificate for security.
  • Make contact with the live support of the website before buying FIFA coins. Make sure they are operating and are not on holidays. Find out how prompt they are in responding messages.
  • If their system is automated, watch videos to learn how they work.

WhatsGaming with an innovative and fully automated platform to sell FIFA Coins will always answer your questions regarding purchasing FIFA Coins. Before you even buy FUT Coins, we will ask questions about your account's age and details to make sure your account will not get banned. Most websites don't even care about this. But we do, and we want our customers enjoy the coins they buy from us.


How to Invest in FIFA 21
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In this tutorial, we will learn how to invest and make coins in FIFA 21.

First of all, it's really important to know who is sharing the tutorial. This article is based on our own experiences with trading and investment in FIFA 21. Most of the times, when you see people on Social Media telling you to buy this or that player to make coins, you should give it a second thought. Because in that case the guy is probably has invested in that card and is going to sell all of his players for their profit. And they are tweaking the market to persuade you buy those cards and help him make more. That's why we never tell you to buy which card or invest in which player. We will teach you the strategy and rules and heads-outs and you'll have to evaluate the situation each time and buy and sell based on your new conditions.


The Concept of Investing in FIFA 21

Investing in FIFA 21 has more risk and also more profit. You'd be buying cards in large amounts and invest based on variation of their prices in FIFA 21 Coins. For investment in FIFA 21, you'll buy rare Gold cards and high-rated cards that are required in SBCs and objectives. Let's say there is a POTM SBC coming around, cards with rate of 87 will be good for the investment that will generate around 3000 FUT 21 Coins for you per card which will of course be subject to EA's tax per transaction which is five percent and is on the card's seller.

So if we want to formulate the profit, we would have something like this:

Earned FIFA 21 Coins = ( Card's Buying FUT Coins + Profit Coins ) / 0.95*

* 5% is deducted because of EA's Tax


Risks of Investing in FIFA 21

As we mentioned earlier, investment in FIFA 21 comes with some risks. So, the presumption of the above formula is that the invested card's price will go up and you'd expect to make profit, but likewise, it could go down and you'd lose some of your hard-earned FIFA 21 FUT Coins. That's why it's recommended that you watch the market for specific cards going up and down for a while before making such a big decision. Additionally, it's important that you wait enough so the card's price goes up. Acting hastily would not be good for investment.

So, for example, let's say if you want to invest in Thomas Muller from Bayern München with the rating of 86. If you wait too long until the SBC is around with Muller in it, the price of the card will already go up and if you buy, you wouldn't be making any profits. So, it's important to check the prices in FUT-BIN to make sure it hasn't gone up in the past few days to make sure it's still the old price. In that case, it would be reasonable to buy the cards and invest on it.


FIFA 21 Trading

Now, trading is a slightly different concept. It focuses on single trades on cards in FIFA21 and going for smaller profits each time. The risk of FIFA Trading compared to investment is very lower.

There are two different approaches in FIFA 21 Trading: Higher Profit and More Trades. Each approach has its pros and cons when you want to do it.

What are BID and BIN prices in FIFA 21?

Bid price is the average price you will bid on cards in the auction. You will bid on the cards and win if your offer gets accepted. However, BIN price (Buy It Now) is the minimum quick buying price that you can put on a card and buy it right away. Naturally, BIN prices are slightly higher than the average Bidding price of the cards.

Now we can calculate the profit margin of trading in FIFA 21:

PM* = (Sold Price x 0.95) - Bought Price

* Profit Margin

The sold price gets deducted by 5% because of taxation and then deducted by the card's purchase price and the result is your profit margin. Crystal clear!

So, by looking at the formula, it's obvious that the higher the price of the card, the higher the profit margin. And the more you trade, the more will your profit be (the second approach). For example, the silver cards cannot be sold as fast as gold cards as they are used in many places. So, going for gold cards will allow you trade more and thus more profit in FIFA 21.

Let's assume a given card has Bid price of 710 Fut21 Coins and the average BIN of 960 coins. What is expected from you is that you bid on that card several times at the price of 710 coins (the average bid). And when you decide to sell the cards, the sold price will be the card's BIN price that you can find in FUTBIN. So, you'll make around 250 FIFA21 coins from one card. Multiply it by 10, you'll get 2.5K coins. There is no limit in trading cards in FIFA 21, so you can trade as much as you need to make enough coins for buying that icon star for your team, or even selling the coins and making real money from them.


Higher Profit Approach in Trading in FUT 21

As we explained earlier, there are two different approaches in trading in FIFA 21. The first approach is called higher profit and focuses more on making more profit out of each sales instead of going for lower profit margin and higher number of trades. Some cards like Onana you can buy for like 6k coins. And if there's an SBC around, it would gain around 10K. So, PM = 10K - 5% - 6K, and your profit will be 3,500K FUT 21 Coin.

That being said, you will name a higher price on your cards, but how will that work?

As a rule of thumb, you should go for Bronze or Silver cards that will be used in Squad Building Challenges. Buying cards by bidding will have an effect on the market. When those cards become rare, you would be able to sell them at a high prices. Because the gamers wouldn't mind paying more just to get that SBC done. But there's always a risk when you go for higher profit margin. You should make sure the market's price is real and there are true buyers and demand for the card, otherwise you will have to sell cheaper that you bought and thus lose some money in your trading in FIFA 21.

To minimize the risk, you can do this: Buy cards that their Bid price is around their Quicksell price. In that case, the bidding cannot be very low, because the quick sell price is the limit and thus your risk will be minimized.

So, you should plan for your investment and trading, bring a calculator, and a calendar. Make sure you always include the 5% of tax in your calculations. Always keep an eye on the SBCs to see when they're up and when the cards gain value. Always keep an eye on the prices rising on FUTBIN. Use the formulas and tips shared in this article and make money! Happy trading with FIFA 21!

FIFA 21 Official Trailer, Pre-Order & Release Date
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Yesterday, EA Sports posted the first official video of the long-anticipated FIFA video game, FIFA 21.

The trailer goes on describing the new features that FIFA 21 is bringing for the gamers as well as lots of recorded videos of players scoring in FIFA 21. In this article, we will share details about FIFA 21, how to get the most out of it, how it boost your FUT 21 Coin earnings and so on.


The Most Social FIFA Game Ever!

The first thing you will notice about FIFA 21 is how social interactivity comes into play in the new series of FIFA. The new feature called FUT Co-Op is how EA engages gamers to cooperate in winning games in FUT and receive boosted shared coins as their reward. You can play alone in FUT or you can invite a friend and win together in Division Rivals and the result will be somewhat boosted Fut 21 coins for both of you.

In Co-Op mode in FIFA21, you will have three options: to play Co-op, to assist in Co-op and to play Co-op Rivals. After winning in any of these three modes, you will receive a group rewards which is much better than playing solo.

Another social aspect of FIFA 21 is FUT Events. It's meant to take cooperation into global level. The first thing you need to do is to use Social Media hashtags to promote your team, something like #TeamRashford. And then play in FUT with global gamers joined with you. As a result, club items, FUT 21 packs and coins will be unlocked in FUT Events mode. The community events will bring much bigger shared rewards for each of the globally joined gamers.



When great things happen in real-life Football leagues, such as, great scores, extraordinary free kicks on goal, great saves by the defenders or the goalies, these happenings will be reflected in FIFA 21 as Meaningful Moments and as a result, the FUT 21 cards will receive a skill boost based on that real-life event.

So, for example a great tackle the blows everyone's mind will have an increased tackling skill for that player in FIFA 21.



If you open the Division Rivals and play the Squad Battles, you will be able to find out your skill level through AI. instead of waiting for rank qualifiers who do it manually. So, if your rank is III, IV, V, etc., it will be known in with improvements of Core FUT Mode enabled which makes your game even more rewarding that before.

And if you're up to try something new in FIFA 21, you can choose Live FUT friendly matches, where house rules & squad rules will join to enable diverse matches for you through the whole season.



This section makes really big changes and customization to your stadium possible. With the new FIFA 21 FUT Stadium you will be able to choose the team's cheering style, trophies, welcome music and so on. Change everything you like to make it feel right at home! And the good thing is that your options get better and more advanced in customizing stadiums once your team improves and wins more in FUT.



EA has outdone itself in the 100 FUT icons in FIFA 21! With the upgraded look of football history's superstars such as Pele, Maldini, Cruyff, Eto-o, Ronaldo and many more, you can now work hard to earn the FUT 21 Coins required to buy those great players in your team. With the new technology advancement in PS5 and Xbox Series X, you'll sure have much more fun playing with those icons in your squad, as the movements the graphics & visual effects are much more realistic in FIFA 21. But as we explained in an earlier blog, Nintendo Switch will still use the old technology for playing FIFA 21 and the new generation of consoles is limited to PS and Xbox for now. Luckily we at WhatsGaming offer PS5 FIFA 21 Coins and of course Xbox FIFA 21 Coins for Series X fans.


FIFA 21 Coins Cheap

Now that all the excitement is here to build the squads through hard work, you can have a glance at the other ways around. Since we are gamers ourselves, we care about your experience with FIFA 21. Coins are offered at a really cheap price and fully affordable here, using WhatsGaming's innovative and automated platform. It's really important to make use of an automated system, because the more coins you will need, the more security your account will demand, and WG will make available just that for you. In the past few years we have done our best so our clients accounts never get banned and we have been successful.


In addition to security of the accounts, occasional coupon codes are given away for those who can't buy FIFA 21 coins at the given price. We offer the cheapest possible prices.

Can You Transfer FIFA Points or Coins from FIFA 20 to FIFA 21
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Despite some concerns about the global pandemic that is going on, the new FIFA (FIFA 21) is around the corner and will be available to be bought by the end users on October 6th 2020. We have answered lots of questions about FIFA 21, regarding its gameplay, new features, comparison with FIFA 20 or PES 2021 and so on.

Just like previous versions, FIFA 21 Coins will be required to buy players from Transfer Market, and you can as always buy FIFA Coins from WhatsGaming, which has been a dedicated coin supplier in the past couple of years with so many happy gamers.

Now that the gamers are in dire need of FUT 23 Coins, it could occur to you if it's ever possible to transfer FIFA Points or FIFA Coins from FIFA 20 to FIFA 21.


Are FIFA Points / FIFA Coins Transferable Through FIFA Versions?

Here's your answer: You can't transfer FIFA Coins from FIFA 20 to FIFA 21. However, you can transfer FIFA Points from FIFA 20 to FIFA 21, but in order to do that, you should log in to your console. It can only be done through your gaming console, not through web app or companion app. And it's not possible to transfer to another console. So, if you have a PS4, then you can't transfer to an Xbox.

Moreover, you can't transfer FUT Points to previous version(s). If you have points on FIFA 21, you can't send to FIFA 20.


Can I buy FIFA 21 Coins?

Of course you can buy FIFA 21 Coins from WhatsGaming like previous years, but you have to wait until FIFA 21 is officially launched. We will offer cheap FIFA 21 Coins to help eager gamers unlock more features and add great players to their squad.

There are two transfer methods for buying FUT 21 Coins:

  • Player Auction
  • Comfort Trade

Each of these transfer methods have their own pros and cons. So, you should read about them carefully before paying for FUT Coins. We have explained player auction and comfort trade in details in our services and blog posts.

Literally, you will be able to buy FIFA 21 Coins by paying a reliable FUT Coin seller like WhatsGaming and sell players to the site via Transfer Market and  collect FIFA 21 Coins in return. The amount of FUT 21 Coins you'll receive will be the same amount you paid for. That's how Player Auction works, but there are risks in transferring FUT Coins if the 3rd party site doesn't know how to do it. Luckily, WhatsGaming with a couple of years of experience knows the limits and red lines of EA. The platform is fully automated and the methods are applied carefully within EA's guidelines, so you will receive your coins instantly and safely.

Can You Buy FIFA 21 Coins
Fifa Coins

As a new FIFA player lots of questions may occur to you such as "How to earn FIFA 21 Coins?" or "Can I Exchange my FUT Coins with Real Money?" or "Can I buy FIFA 21 Coins?". We will discuss the last question in this article.

What is a FIFA 21 Coin?

As you may already know, FIFA Coins are some virtual in-game credits that you will be rewarded when you play and win games in FUT 21. Coins are the only means with which you can buy better players for your team. Let's say you are dreaming about having Neymar in your team's forward position, just to score more and win more. Now, the current price of Neymar (92) is almost 80k FUT 21 Coins. But you may not have that much FIFA coins in your balance or it would take such a long time to earn 80 thousand FIFA 21 Coins. That's why some gamers go for buying the coins instead of waiting weeks if not months to gather that much coins.


Buying FIFA 21 Coins

Now that we know how important the coins are in FIFA 21 to form a great squad, it's good to know if it's possible to receive the coins quicker than the usual / painful way. It would be great if you could simply buy FIFA 21 Coins instead. Actually, it's possible and completely legal and common practice to buy FUT 21 Coins. WhatsGaming has been providing coins for FIFA gamers for several years now.

It's really important at this step that you find the right FIFA Coin selling website so you don't end up unwantedly with a banned account or lost money or lost coins, etc. After many years of experience in selling coins, we can tell these qualities are important to choose the best FIFA Coin website:

  • Strong positive background You should take this feature seriously. There are tons of websites out there and many of them have review records in Trustami or Trustpilot. But not many of them have a positive record. Because their customers some times wait for a long time, or the payment don't get through, or their support don't provide a good service and such weak spots. WhatsGaming on the other hand has a completely positive profile in terms of service providing for coin transfer. It sounds like self-promotion, and it sort of is, but if you take a look at our several years of serving gamers, you'd give us the point to claim success in gaining our customers' trust. Hopefully we can continue providing satisfactory service for many years to come.
  • Secure Sockets Layer or SSL
    This one is the most important thing for online payments. You should never make any payment on a website that uses http. Make sure the site is on HTTPS protocol just to make sure that the payments are secure enough to avoid your credit card or PayPal account's information being stolen by hackers. This is the FIFA coin selling website's duty to provide secure infrastructure for online transactions.
  • Prompt Live Support
    There are many times that a gamer has some questions before making a payment, no matter how beginner-level the question may sound, so as well as a thorough FAQ section, the FUT 21 Coin selling site needs to have a prompt and helping live support, either with self-hosted chat box or just a link to WhatsApp or similar IM apps.

There are of course other requirements to asses the FIFA Coin websites of course, such as, the number of years the site has been operational or the number of customers they've served, so, it's recommended that you evaluate the seller of FIFA 21 Coins carefully and patiently because the life of your account depends on it.


Methods to Buy FUT 21 Coins

There are different methods to transfer FIFA 21 Coins to your own account, namely Player Auction and Comfort Trade.

Both methods have their own pros and cons, so it's not really possible to tell you which one is the best. You should evaluate both methods and pick the one that fits your preferences best.

We have already explained Comfort Trade and Player Auction in details in our blog, but as a rule of thumb:

Player Auction

User takes control of the whole transaction. He or she adds players to the Transfer Market that are bought cheap and sold at a higher BIN price to the coin supplier. And in return, you'd receive some FIFA 21 Coins equivalent to what you paid for.

Comfort Trade

Comfort Trade on the other hand is useful for those who don't want to go through the bothersome process of selling players and just want to provide the login information with the 3rd party website to take care of the whole transaction themselves. And access the account once the FUT 21 Coin transfer is done.


How to Buy FIFA 21 Coins Safe

Now that you know what methods are out there to choose for buying FIFA 21 Coins, it's important to choose the safest method to buy the coins and keep your account safe.

buy safe fifa coinsBUY SAFE FIFA 21 COINS NOW!

You should never ever provide your account's login info and backup codes with a Website or other entities that might abuse your data. In other words, you should only trust websites with purely positive reputation and trustworthiness just to keep your account away from scams or frauds who want to steal your hard-earned FIFA 21 Coins.

That's why you should really be careful with Comfort Trade because the credentials should never be disclosed with such abusers. So, Player Auction seems to be a far more safer method to buy FUT 21 Coins with, but even with that method, you should be careful, because new accounts, depending how old they are, how many games you have played or won, etc, might end up banned by EA because EA does not want to see accounts transfer coins between each other. So, you should consult with WhatsGaming's experts beforehand just to make sure that your account's safe enough to finalize the coin transfer without any problems. It's one of our pleasures to answer your questions and make sure you're on the safe side when buying coins from us, so feel free to ask anything you want to know about the transfer process.

Boost Earning FIFA 21 Coins with Co-Ops
Fifa Coins

The new release of FIFA, i.e. FIFA 21 comes with a lot of hot new features that makes playing FIFA a fun and adventurous experience. One of the features that requires more than one player is called Co-Op mode. Without having teammates, FIFA may look a bit boring, because you'd have to play lots of games alone.


What is Co-Op in FIFA 21?

Co-Op is EA's new way of getting gamers together by choosing a teammate and playing online or even offline games together. Basically, you will be the captain and you can visit the Co-Op mode. To get to the Co-Op lobby, you will have to pick a partner to play with. All you have to do is to add a username and they will be added as your assistant. Then, you as the captain will choose what to do. You can play Squad Battles, Division Rivals, or Friendly matches. Either one you choose, you will be playing the game and when it's done, the amount of FIFA 21 Coins you will receive will be boosted. This way you can earn FUT 21 coins faster than playing alone.

FIFA 21 Coop Mode

Here are a few questions and answers about Co-Op:

  • Q: How many teammates can I add?
    A: You can add up to three team mates. It means you can play the games as four teammates including you.
  • Q: How to add new friends in Co-op?
    A: Press R2 / RT, after that you should choose your assistant and then you'll see the Co-Op lobby where you can choose the type of game you want to play together.
  • Q: Can the teammate choose what type of game to play?
  • A: No. Only the captain can pick the game mode and once the teammates are ready, the game than begin.


How to make FIFA 21 Coins Faster

Now that we know how playing FIFA 21 together will boost earnings, you may wonder what other ways are there to boost the coins you make in FIFA.

In general, FIFA Coin boost happens when you earn more XP throughout your online battles, with higher levels you achieve the coins you make will be boosted. This is a rewards of improving your team and unlocking higher levels in FIFA 21. Boosted FIFA 21 Coins will be one of the rewards you'd expect in higher levels.

Other than that, there are some objectives in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, that when you complete, you will get a FUT coin boost which is really great. Namely, Division Rivals and Squad Battles are great modes to win more FIFA Coins if you want to increase your balance to buy greater players for your squad.

Of course, you can buy cheap FIFA Coins from WhatsGaming as well. It's an easy way to achieve higher amount of FUT Coins when you don't want to spend a lot of time playing difficult online matches.

Either method you choose, we wish you have a great time playing FIFA 21 just like we are!

FIFA 21 Career Mode Guide
Fifa Coins

One of the things that makes a difference in playing FIFA, is to make sure your players are in good conditions before using them in your online matches. You may find this more important in FIFA 21 compared to previous versions of FIFA. Development Plans which is new in FIFA along with Training Drills are your two important tools in Career Mode to work with your players in order to improve them.

FIFA 21 Career Mode Development Plans

Development plans are simply some blueprints for developing your players that determine the path of improvement of those player skills. It means you'd have full control over the development process in FIFA 21 and it helps you to fully stir the process in the direction that you need to prepare the players for the position they're supposed to play in. That includes lots of skills that your defenders or forwards can have. Focus on striking more precisely or tackling for your defenders. With development plans you have freedom to focus on any of the possible skills.

In order to set the plan for each player, you need to go to the Squad Hub or Youth Academy and then choose the player you want to work on. Press the show actions button on your controller. You will find the Development Plan in the actions. Then you'd see a list of growth plans to chose for your player. By navigating through the plans, you can see a preview of the changes that will be applied to the players skills. So, you can pick the right plan for the player by looking at the numbers. The bigger the changes are, the goal will be reached in a longer course. You can also see the ETA which is the time required until your player has reached the rating you've chosen by the development plan.

FIFA 21 has introduced a new quality: sharpness. It indicates the likeliness of a player performing his best in high-sensitive moments in a game.The higher the sharpness, the more likely that the player makes a great score or tackle, etc. where usual players fail to make that shot. It would generate lots of FIFA 21 Coins for you if you learn to use sharpness effectively.

Now, one of the things that improve when you train your players, is sharpness. But the problem is that it contradicts fitness. So, in order to have enough energy until the end of the match, you should balance sharpness and fitness, otherwise the player will need to be substituted in the second half of the match.


Scouting in FIFA 21 Career Mode

In FIFA 21, you start with zero FUT Coins in your account and a new bunch of youth in your football academy in the beginning of your career. Then you hire a scout and then search for new youth players in Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Central and Eastern Europe and so on. The objective is to find a potential young Lionel Messi. To simplify the lookout process, you can take a look at wonderkids at Futwiz. Lots of potential great players are listed there to pick along with their stats like their Age, OVR and Grow.

When you have found the player, just sign him and it will be added to your youth team where you can train and improve his skills to get the max OVR.


Selling Players in FIFA 21 Career Mode

One of the great things about Career Mode is when you can sell a player and bring some income for your team. When you get an offer for any of your players, you'd see the offer like the following image:

FIFA 21 Career Mode Player Transfer Offer

As you can see, the transfer value and the player's weekly wage is stated in the offer. If you think it's a good offer, you can accept the offer to sell the player quickly. In order to do that, you just press A/X to see the player's actions and then Accept Offer. Later on, you could use the FIFA Coins you have to buy another great player for your squad.

But some times you prefer to scout the player and find out the real value of the player. You will need to ask your scout to search for the name of the player. Just visit the Transfers tab and find the player from the long list of players or just search his name. Depending on your scout, sooner or later you'll get a report about the player's stats and value. After that, when you click on the Actions of the player in the Transfer Hub, you'd see your scout's advice on how much the player is worth and how much you should bid on the player.

If you want to do the negotiation yourself, here are a few things you should master: Offer Transfer Fee, Player Swap (if you don't have much funds), Add Sell-on Clause.

The other team's negotiator of course can make offers and modify your offers. You can accept their proposal if they seem good or simply make edits in the offer, like the player's role, contract length, wages, etc.

In FIFA 21, you must define the strictness of the career mode. You can choose for Loose or Strict. It determines how strict your negotiations are. And it cannot be changed once you've started your career.

If you want to keep a good player and you keep getting offers from clubs, you can go to Squad Hub and then Block Offers.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Calendar: Date of FUT 21 Events
Fifa Coins

When will EA Sports organize events for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team? We're going to give you an overview of what is going on and when to expect which promo is up for FUT 21.

Events are the spice of FIFA Ultimate Team. EA Sports is releasing new special deals for your team and makes sure that new content will be added to the game. 

In the following we show you an overview of events that might be upcoming in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Please note that these are assumptions based on the observations of the previous year.

This event has been running at FIFA 21:

October 2020:

Summer OTW: On October 9th FIFA 21 was officially released. And directly on the day of the release the first event came. The first Ones-to-Watch team was in packs since October 9th and was replaced by the second team on October 16th.

Rulebreakers: FIFA 21 also has an event around Halloween, but this time it's not the "Scream" event EA has organized in the last three years. It will be replaced by "Rulebreakers", which started on October 23rd.

Possible upcoming events at FIFA 21 Ultimate Team:

November 2020:

Road to the Final: Like the OTW cards, the RTTF cards (also known as UCL live cards) are dynamic cards that can improve their rating - depending on how far the respective team gets in the Champions League or Europa League. The RTTF event started at FIFA 20 on November 8th, we assume also for FIFA 21 November.

Black Friday: This year the Black Friday falls on November 26th. FIFA Ultimate Team also celebrates this day. Other than that, there is the Super Sunday and the Cyber Monday. You can expect special pack offers and lots of SBCs for those FUT 21 Events.

December 2020:

Icon Swap I: For the very first time EA released an icon swap for FUT 20. You have to solve different tasks to earn Tokens. You can exchange these tokens for icon cards later. In FIFA 21, there will be the first Icon Swap in December, as EA announced.

TOTGS: At the "Team of the Group Stage" EA will release special cards to the best players of the group phase of the international competitions. In addition, there are more special cards that can be made available through SBCs or tasks. Despite the corona crisis, UEFA wants to go through the group phase of the competitions in the 2020/21 season this year. For example, the last match-day of the Champions League group phase is scheduled for December 8 or 9. We therefore expect the TOTGS tickets to be released in December.

FUTmas: So far, a real classic! Around Christmas time EA presents the FUT gamers in a kind of Advent calendar with lots of SBCs and new cards in Christmas design.

Icon Swap II: As EA announced, FUT 20 will have a total of three Icon Swaps. The first one (see above) ended shortly before Christmas. The second one started on December 26th.

January 2021:

Team of the Year: EA awards the best players of the year with crass TOTY cards, which are the non plus ultra in the FUT world until the TOTS event (see below). The TOTY event will also be celebrated for several days with SBCs and event-related tasks. Each of the TOTY cards will save up lots of FIFA 23 Coins in case you wanted to buy those cards instead of earning them.

Headliners: The FUT headliners are dynamic and get better as soon as the player receives an in-form (TOTW, MOTM, Hero, Record Breaker and Team of the Tournament). The players are always one better than their best inform in their overall ranking. The event started at FIFA 20 in January, it is very likely that this will be the case this year as well.

Future Stars: As part of the "Future Stars" event, which was held for the first time at FUT 19, EA is releasing blatantly upgraded special cards featuring young talents. The values are intended to reflect the potential of the players. In other words: At some point, these talents could also become so good in real life.

February 2021:


Winter Refresh: Even if this is not an event in the classical sense, the ratings Refresh should be noted. The best players are upgraded and receive new standard cards. Also the stars for the special moves and the weak foot are adjusted. Buying those cards will require lots of FUT 21 Coins. Especially owners of a special card of players who are upgraded will benefit, because the special cards are upgraded as well. We firmly believe that the Winter Refresh will also be available for FUT 21 in February.

Winter-Ones-to-Watch / Winter-Refresh-Team: Surprise! In contrast to previous years, EA Sports did not release Winter-Ones-to-Watch cards for FUT 20. Instead there was a Winter-Refresh-Team. It remains to be seen whether we will get a new batch of OTW cards at FUT 21 in winter. 

Shapeshifters: EA Sports came up with something new with the Shapeshifters event, which came a bit surprisingly around the corner in February 2020. This was a special card where position changes and significant boosts are the main focus.

March 2021:

FUT Player Days: This event premiered at FIFA 19. At the first edition there was a best-of team of all previous Inform cards. The team implied not only especially strong TOTW cards, but also Man-of-the-Match cards, Hero cards and "Champions League" or "Europa League" cards. With FIFA 20 everything was different! There was a "CONMEBOL Libertadores Team". So we can be curious what EA Sports will come up with for FUT 21.

FUT Birthday: The FUT Birthday event has become a real classic. The special cards that appear in the course of this event stand out extremely from the standard cards of the players. In FUT 19, there were radical changes of position, in FUT 20, the skill and weak-foot values were tightened.

April 2021:

TOTKS: Similar to the TOTGS (see December), a "Team of the Knockout Stage" is released at the end of the knockout phase of the international competitions. The best players from the Champions League and Europa League will receive a special card, which will be available in packs for one week. You can sell them or buy them with coins on Transfer Market. Here too, there are always SBCs and weekly tasks with event reference. At FIFA 20, the TOTKS event was cancelled due to the corona crisis and the resulting postponement of the European Cup matches.

May 2021:

Team of the Season: The most exciting FUT cards come in this event. The TOTS cards are the ultimate in the end and are extremely popular against a FUT season and can be found in many teams. Usually EA rolls the TOTS event at the end of the season and thus in May. For FIFA 19 for example, EA had to improvise for FIFA 20, because the leagues could not be finished in May as planned due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore FIFA 20 had the so-called "Team of the Season So Far" event or TOTSSF.

July 2021:

FUTTIES: With the FUTTIES event EA Sports let the FUT season end for years. At this event, numerous special cards from the current FUT part will once again come in packs, SBCs will be reissued and rewards will be given. But at FUT 20 FUTTIES was replaced by the "Summer Heat". This was an event around the resumption of play in the European top leagues, which was suspended for months due to the Corona pandemic. At FUT 21 EA Sports may return to the FUTTIES event.

Pre-Season: At the Pre-Season, which was first released on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, you could already prepare for the new FIFA part and get packs. So it's quite possible that you can already solve tasks in FUT 21, from which you will benefit in FUT 22.

Best Formation in FUT 21
Fifa Coins

When it comes to playing FIFA 21, in addition to hiring great players for your team, there are some other features like the players' conditions, team's chemistry and of course the formation of your team. That is really important when you want to make the most out of your players. They certainly function best on certain positions and by choosing the right formation not only you'll get the best play from your players, but you can set your team to defensive or aggressive mode, depending which is needed at the time. And keep in mind that winning better means making FIFA Coins more!

In this article, we will have a look at each of these possible formations for your team in FIFA 21 and learn about the pros and cons of each one of them. You can see the list of possible formations in FIFA 21 here, or just by going to your FIFA 21 game and choosing a formation for your team.


FIFA 21 Formation: 4-2-2-2

FIFA 21 Formation 4-2-2-2Four two two two is the most popular formation in FIFA 21. Four players in the defense make the team impenetrable and the CMDs in front of the defence make the team too stable. And in the times of attack, the two wingers could join the forwards too fast.

The advantages of 4-2-2-2 are being too steady and firm and different attacking options. The disadvantages of this formation in FIFA 21 is that it's not ideal for ball possession and if the forwards are not very fast, it wouldn't let you score much compared to other formations.


FIFA 21 Formation: 3-1-4-2

FUT 21 Formation 3142Recommended for ball possession! Using this formation you could easily win a lot of games and earn FIFA 23 Coins for buying better players or just change the FUT coins to real money.

In this formation, a tough-tackling player is important, if you don't want to be overrun! The other parts of the 3-1-4-2 formation requires an extra player in the final third and that would improve your scoring chances.

The CDMs are crucial for keeping the pace of the game and it's important that they don't leave their position too far. We recommend that you set the attacking support players to Stay Back While Attacking and when in defense: Cover Center.

If you want extra protection in defence, set your wingers to Come Back in Defence when you're setting the Defence Support.


FIFA 21 Formation: 4-2-3-1 (Narrow)

fifa 21 formation 4-2-3-1-narrowThroughout all FIFA versions, 4-2-3-1 has always been a popular formation. The advantage of it is to keep the ball in the middle of the field. The disadvantage is that it's not good for wing-backs, but another advantage is that it keeps the ball in the middle and as a result, it takes some of the pressure off of the players.

This formation allows you to dominate the midfield and the forwards get lots of opportunities. Unfortunately, if you're playing defensive, the sole forward could become useless. And another drawback would be the fact that the full-backs don't have a cover.


FIFA 21 Formation: 4-3-3 (Holding)

FIFA 4-3-3 HoldingThe formation 4-3-3 is known to be the best counter narrow formations. There's a strong base in the midfield that could be great for counter attacks on the wings and the defence is strong as well. But the question is, out of 5 different forms of 4-3-3, which one should be used? After evaluating all five forms, we recommend Holding 4-3-3.

Other forms of 4-3-3 will either leave your defence exposed or the midfield too crowded or just too defensive that makes scoring difficult. Holding is normal and average in everything.

This formation relies a lot on ball possession of the midfielders and the three forwards are great for counter attacks, but in FIFA 21 it's becoming less effective as the gamers decided to use wide formations unlike FIFA 20. This would leave the team vulnerable on counter attacks.

So, the advantages of 4-3-3 is that it's efficient on almost all sides and can be strong on the midfield. The disadvantage could be that it's weak on counters and requires fast wingers who can send cross balls or cut inside to score.

It's best that in the Tactics tab, you switch the defensive style to Drop Back. it would hold your team together and try to use the opponent's vulnerabilities for counter attack.


FIFA 21 Formation: 5-2-1-2

FUT 21 Formation 5212It used to be a very conservative and boring formation in previous versions of FIFA, but thanks to the wing-backs in FIFA 21, it's now actually a great formation to adopt for your team. This formation is strong in defensive cover, and lets your wing-backs go forward and support your strikers without creating a gap in your defence. But the problem is that it requires fast players who can take any opportunity in striking and scoring. You should have one or two strikers who are big and physical and their first touch is great. If you work with your wings to pass the ball with one of your forwards, the other one using your CAM could run into the box from deep. The pairing of forwards could use occasional one-twos to get into the box and score. You may find it easier in FIFA 21 to play with a partner in FIFA 21 Co-Ops to score better in 5-2-1-2 formation.

So, the advantage of 5-2-1-2 in FIFA 21 is that it has a strong defence and the forwards are not left unaided. They come in pair. The drawback for this formation is that it lacks width or strength when attacking, so you will need fast and high-stamina players with high scoring skills to make use of the formation. 


FIFA 21 Formation: 4-2-3-1 (Wide)

FIFA 21 Formations 4-2-3-1 WideIn FIFA 21, the classic 4-2-3-1 gets once more popular, because lots of full-backs remain back now that the 1-on-1 dribbling is more effective. The wide formation will get advantage over the narrow opponent.

You will need fast wingers for this formation with speed of over 70 with high stamina, that's where your attacks will start most of the times. You have two CMD and you can use one as a pivot. For that, just set Balanced Defence, Get forward in attacks, and be Aggressive in interceptions. That would use the player the best. But you'll need to substitute if the players run out of breath. 

Best Teams in FIFA 21
Fifa Coins

In addition to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team mode which requires to shape your squad gradually to be able to use superstars, you might be looking for easier ways to play with great players and of course best five star teams in FIFA 21, if you don't want to deal with FIFA Coins and Transfer Market.

Luckily, great teams are available for you to pick and play against AI or just another friend at home. You can pick best teams in FIFA 21 and beat each other and have fun. Or, maybe you're about to pick a team for Career Mode and want to choose wisely before spending much time and energy. This tutorial will give you a good idea which teams are best to choose in FIFA 21.

Please pay attention that the stats and ratings presented in this article are subject to change as EA frequently updates FIFA 21 based on the conditions of the teams in reality.


Best FIFA 21 Teams: Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich Ratings:

  • Attack: 93
  • Mid: 85
  • Defence: 81

FIFA 21 Top Teams Bayern Munich

You would never regret picking FC Bayern Munich in FIFA 21 because it's known as the best team in the game. With Lewandowsky (91) as the forward who is probably the best player in FIFA 21, and great players like Müller, Kimmich, Davies and Neuer as the goalkeeper, you'd beat any opponent without any trouble. Bayern's success since 2019 in Bundesliga despite Dortmund's efforts to take their place has make them the top team in FIFA 21.


Best FIFA 21 Teams: Liverpool

Liverpool Ratings:

  • Attack: 89
  • Mid: 82
  • Defence: 84

Liverpool best teams ffifa 21

Last year was a boom for Liverpool. They won the Premier League for the 19th time and were invincible for 44 games. The great players are Salah, Mane, Van Dijk, Alisson and many more great players. To get the most out of the team, you better pair up Thiago with Wijnaldum and it's recommended that you use regular 4-3-3 formation.


Best FIFA 21 Teams: Real Madrid

Real Madrid Ratings:

  • Attack: 85
  • Mid: 86
  • Defence: 86

best five star teams fifa 21 real  madrid

Real Madrid doesn't need introduction. It has won the title of UEFA 13 times and won the title in La Liga for 34 times which is a record. Zinedine Zidane didn't win any European title last year, but Real still is one of the best teams in FIFA 21.

You have Benzema (89), Ramos, Hazard, Kroos, Casemiro and in the central back you have Varne. Lots of good players for winning games easily.


Best FIFA 21 Teams: Manchester City

Man City Ratings:

  • Attack: 89
  • Mid: 82
  • Defence: 84

Man City top FIFA 21 teams

Manchester City is undoubtedly one of the bests in FIFA 21. With Pep Guardiola as the coach and players like De Bruyne (91), Aguero, Sterling, Ederson and Silva, nothing could go wrong. They have won the Premier League 5 times so far, last time: 2017/18.


Best FIFA 21 Teams: FC Barcelona

Barcelona Ratings:

  • Attack: 84
  • Mid: 85
  • Defence: 83

Barcelona top FIFA 21 teams five star

Although Barca is listed fifth in FIFA 21's top teams, but if you use the team properly, you could win almost any game. Great players like Messi (95), Griezmann, Alba, Bisquets, Suarez and Pique, you will enjoy being strong in almost all positions. It's recommended to reduce the team's width in FIFA 21 and make use of short passes and wait for a through ball opportunity and some times swapping Dembele for Fati on the left-wing could make some improvements to the performance.


Best FIFA 21 Teams: Paris Saint-Germain

PSG Ratings:

  • Attack: 86
  • Mid: 82
  • Defence: 79

psg top fifa 21 best teams

Mbappe this year in FIFA got to the cover of the game. With players like Neymar, Di Maria, Silva, Sarabia, Bernat, Verratti and more, scoring goals would be a piece of cake for you. The midfielders and the forwards are your advantages in the game.


Best FIFA 21 Teams: Borussia Dortmund

Dortmund Ratings:

  • Attack: 86
  • Mid: 81
  • Defence: 82

dortmund greatest fifa 21 teams five star

Another great Bundesliga team is Dortmund. Their games are always exciting and fun to watch. Lots of great players are in Dortmund, such as, Sancho, Hummels, Brandt, Reus, Haland, Götze, etc.

If you want to make the most out of Dortmund, try ball possession between Haaland, Sancho and Reyna. The midfield may be less powerful, but still a great team. Actually with great talents in your team, you could have much fun in Career Mode with Dortmund and try to steal the title from Bayern Munich.


Now that we have been introduced to FIFA 21's greatest teams to play, you may want to find easier ways to acquire icon players to be able to use them in Ultimate Mode. We at WhatsGaming are here to make that happen for you. With cheapest FIFA 23 Coins ready to be transferred to your account, we help gamers buy superstars and start winning in FIFA 21 Ultimate Mode. Let's give it a try!

FIFA 21 Coins Discount
Fifa Coins

Ways to Earn FIFA 21 Coins

One of the most accepted ways to increase your balance of FIFA Coins is to complete the Squad Building Challenges that are available in the game. Have you ever tried completing those challenges? They require you to buy many players and assemble a team. Sometimes they require the players to have loyalty to the team. So, not only you will have to buy players that you don't want, but you will also have to play with them to create loyalty so the overall chemistry of the team passes the qualified level.

Now, beside the time you have to spend for that (10 plays are needed for gain loyalty), you must have lots of FUT Coins in your account, because buying those players can cost you a lot sometimes. The silver and bronze players could have raised in prices when you buy them. So, without enough coins in your account, you will have to play with a weak team, without icon players and try to win games in Ultimate Team mode and luckily, if you win, you will rewarded by a few coins for each game.

This is really the hard way to earn FIFA 23 Coins. It requires lots of practice, avoiding mistakes (completing the SBC in the most efficient way), and finally being rewarded by a FUT Pack, which is random. It means, even after you complete the SBC, you open the pack and "hope" for a miracle! Well, most of the times, you get a pack of players that you don't want either. You can quicksell them and hopefully the coins you get will be more than the ones you spent to buy those players!

The other ways to earn FUT Coins include some risk factor! It means you will have to invest money on cards that might go up or down. We have provided thorough blog about FIFA 21 Investment.


Buying FIFA Coins Cheap

Having that in mind, you possibly look for easier ways to get FIFA Coins, without the need to go through painful process of earning the coins bit by bit. A good alternative is to buy FIFA Coins when you need them. But you should always be on the lookout, because EA does not like buying coins and has a few certain rules to avoid gamers to do so, and if you're not aware of those rules, you might get your account banned permanently. It's the worst could happen to a FIFA fan.

Luckily, WhatsGaming has always been on the safe side with FIFA Coin transfers, because we are the best FIFA Coin site you can find online. We have a fully automated platform that sells FIFA Coins cheap to the fans. With the tips introduced below, you can always buy your coins from us cheap and safe.


FIFA 21 Coins discount

Although buying FUT 21 Coins from WhatsGaming is cheaper from other sites because our platform is fully automated and the coins will be transferred to you almost instantly, but we also sometimes come up with special offers, only because we know how you need those coins for your progress in FIFA and we want to see you happy.

With the discount code offered below, you can buy your FIFA 21 Coins cheaper than ever. Remember that this is offer is limited. So, those who act faster may benefit from the discount and buy their coins at a cheaper price than other sites.

FIFA 23 Coins Discount Code: "Blog"5% Off, Limited Offer!

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How to Use Coin Boosts in FIFA 21
Fifa Coins

What is a FIFA Coin Boost?

FIFA Coin Boosts are great ways to get extra FIFA Coins quickly. When you play Division Rivals or Squad Battles, with coin boost enabled, the coin you get rewarded for those games will be significantly boosted and will help you earn FUT Coins faster than usual.

How much will be added to the coins? Well, it depends on your XP level. The minimum boost is 200 coins. And if you're in advanced levels, the boost can be up to 1000 FIFA Coins. Now imagine if you play 40 games per week, it could bring for you 40K FUT Coins / week very easy.

Pay attention that coin boosts are bought with FCC (EA Sports Football Club Credits), not FIFA Ultimate Team Coins. As you know, when you progress with FIFA, just like FUT Coins, you receive Football Club Credits which can be used to buy unlockable items for better experience with FIFA.


How to apply coin boosts in FUT?

It's important to note that the coin boosts apply automatically. So, if your level allows you to buy 1K coin boost, if you buy 200 and 1K coin boosts together, you might get surprised because the 1K coin boosts will not apply first and will wait until you run out of 200 coin boosts. And that's a bummer if you wanted to use the 1000 FUT Coin Boosts first.

If you want to check if the coin boosts are applied correctly, just finish one game (in Division Rivals for example) and wait until it shows the winning FIFA 23 Coins. There should be EAFC Catalogue Coin Boost in the bottom right corner that indicates the coin boost. If you don't see that, it means you must buy more boosts.


Is there another fast way to earn FIFA 21 Coins?

People start using their calculators to find out how many hours are needed to earn, let's say, 150K FIFA Coins. If you complete Division 1 for example, using coin boost you'll be rewarded 15K. It seems a little overwhelming. You may need over 40+ hours, considering each game takes 16-17 minutes. If you play 130 games, you may expect 150K. Many people prefer playing offline, because it's faster and they just don't feel like to play with cheap bronze players that are given initially in the game.

Therefore, you may end up playing FIFA and have no life for a while which is a bad thing. Luckily, there are other methods that you can make coins with which are good to take into consideration.

One of the greatest ways to raise your FIFA Coin level is BPM or Bronze Pack Method. In this method, you look after bronze cards that are used in SBCs and have potential to increase value. You buy them cheap before the SBC comes up and then sell them at higher price later on. We have explained the BPM method here in details, which can help you earn lots of coins without buying them or playing so many hours.

What are OTW Cards in FIFA
Fifa Coins

Ones to Watch or OTW are popular upgrade cards among gamers. If you ever look at this page, you'll see a list of players that have been transferred to a new club during summer. So, each summer, a new set of players will get an OTW card that can be bought and invested in.

The OTW cards are upgradable. It means based on the player's performance in real life, the OVR and skills and the OTW card will be increased and as a result, the IF card will worth more FIFA 23 Coins when you sell them on the market.

Once the summer transfers are done, usually OTW takes place in October each year. Then, two teams of players will be introduced as Ones to Watch cards. They have a purple-ish background. Distinctive to the normal cards.


When will OTW cards upgrade?

Usually, when the player performs well in real life, his OTW card will increase in OVR and skills. Most of the times, the player will show up in TOTW once or twice, and each time will add 1-2 scores to his OVR. For example, Luis Suarez was OVR 86 in the beginning. And his OTW card got 87 when he got into TOTW1 and then it became 89 when he was picked for TOTW 13.

Diogo Iota started from OVR 80 and reached 85 because he won the TOTGS title and a TOTW. These cards are great for investing, but you should know what you're doing. Because if the player doesn't improve his play, the card will remain the same and thus no profit. Just a waste of time. If they get into one of those TOTW events or similar, then there will be a boost in price and you can make some FIFA Coins when you sell them.


FIFA 21 OTW Players

Here's the list of players that were chosen for OTW this season (2021):

Team 1:


  1. Hee Chan Hwang
  2. Sandro Tonali
  3. Nathan Ake
  4. Victor Osimhen
  5. Diogo Jota
  6. Ichraf Hakimi
  7. Allan
  8. Blaise Matuidi
  9. Martin Odegaard
  10. Gareth Bale
  11. Thomas Partey
  12. Alex Telles
  13. Thiago Silva
  14. Hakim Ziyech
  15. Timo Werner
  16. Luis Suarez

Team 2:


  1. Jonathan David
  2. Alessandro Florenzi
  3. Ferran Torres
  4. Rodrigo
  5. Arturo Vidal
  6. Donny van de Beek
  7. Nelson Semedo
  8. James Rodriguez
  9. Arthur
  10. Thiago Alcantara
  11. Leroy Sane
  12. Kai Havertz