FIFA 22 - How to Get Loyalty Quick
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Different FIFA 22 SBCs

Squad Building Challenges are great ways to get packs of players and earn some coins. The very first FIFA 22 SBC to complete is called "Let's Get Started". The reward of completing the 3 steps of this SBC is "x1 Two Playrers Pack" (Untradeable). When you complete the whole category, you'll be rewarded 4 FUT Packs of bronze players with guarantee of 1 rare player. The OVR range is max 64 and most of the players are cheap ones that probably wouldn't be much of use for you. But they're easy to get and you can always quicksell them or just send the unwanted players to transfer list to be sold for hundreds of FIFA 23 Coins per player.


Loyalty for SBC in FIFA 22

Some of the challenges require "Loyalty". It means the player should be loyal to your team. How can you get loyalty for the player? By playing 10 games!

FIFA 21 Loyalty FUTBIN

It means you should use the players in your active squad and play 10 games so they're counted loyal to the team. When that happens, the chemistry with those players will be boosted slightly and that would help complete the challenges in those SBCs. Usually they ask for a minimum of x Chemistry. And when you build the squad with the required players, you'll see that the chemistry hasn't reached the required minimum. With loyalty, it will reach the level needed to pass the SBC.

But the problem is, you don't need these players! You just buy them for the SBC, so, it's not much fun to play with them 10 times. That's why you may be looking for a faster way to get this green badge for the players.


How to get the Loyalty quick

The problem is, getting loyalty for the sake of completing SBCs is a painful process, because you don't want to keep those players. After completing the challenge, they will be traded with a FUT Pack. So, you wonder if there's an easier way to get this done... and the answer is yes!

With FIFA 22 Loyalty Glitch, you can bypass playing 10 games and yet get the loyalty for players. It works as follows:

  • Play Squad Battles vs CPU, using the players you want to get loyalty for.
  • Pause the game right after kick-off.
  • Press home button on your controller twice.
  • Close FIFA 22 Application


When you do that 10 times, you realize that the players get loyalty and your record in Squad Battles will not be harmed either.

 But since this method is alerting to EA's algorithms, it could cause troubles. To avoid that, you could forfeit the game instead of closing it. But it would harm your rankings in the Squad Battles leaderboards. So, it's up to you to pick which method.

But either way, the players get loyalty without having to play 4 hours for the players you don't want to keep.

How to Buy FIFA 22 Coins - Comprehensive Tutorial
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Getting ready to have fun with the hottest release of the FIFA game, you may want to start off really strong this time, because the beginning matters.

The sooner you achieve great players for your squad, the more coins you will earn and more winnings will come!

So, instead of playing squad battles and division rivals and losing every other time, you may want to find a resource to buy FIFA 23 Coins for your account. But how does that work?


What are FIFA 22 Coins?

If you're new to the world if FIFA, you may wonder what FIFA Coins are.

Here we answer your question. Since it's important to add items to your team when you play online, there must be a sort of currency by which you will be able to buy the necessary items from other players. That currency inside the game of FIFA is called FIFA Coins. Of course you can also buy items from EA itself by paying for FIFA Points as well. But FIFA Points cannot be used on Transfer Market; that's why it's necessary to have enough FIFA Coins in your accounts' balance to be able to buy that De Bruyne or Hazard or Messi for your squad.

Or maybe you simply need to renew your contract with your players, because if you don't, you won't be able to use them in future games once their contract is terminated.

Or maybe one of your players have got some injury. You will need FUT 22 Coins to buy the proper consumable to heal the player otherwise you won't be able to use him in next matches.


How to buy FIFA 22 Coins?

Now that we know how important the coins are in FIFA, one might wonder if the FIFA 22 Coins can be bought? And if yes, how will the transfer of coins work out?

There are two major ways by which you can buy FIFA 22 Coins: Player Auction and Comfort Trade. Both methods have their own fans and are offered by trustable sellers like WhatsGaming. But to choose the method that fits your needs the best, you need to learn how each of these methods work.

Buy FUT 22 Coins via Comfort Trade

The comfort trade is the easiest way to get some coins for your FUT 22 account. All you have to do is to go to and then from the prices filter, chose the console you have, that can be PS4/PS5 or Xbox or PC. Then choose Comfort Trade as your transfer method and then amount of FIFA 22 Coins you need to buy.

Then click on buy, choose payment method, and if you have a discount code, that would be the best time to use, and then pay.

Once the payment has been successful, you will be redirected to your My Account page and there you will be able to share your account's information, that includes, your email, EA account's password and backup codes. We have a dedicated tutorial about how to get backup codes if you don't know how.

Then you will just sit back and drink your coffee, while the experts in WhatsGaming transfer the purchased FUT 22 Coins to your account. The progressbar in your account page will let you monitor the process once you have provided the login info.

When it's done, it will notify you that your account is now ready to use with the coins transferred.


Buy FIFA Ultimate Team 22 Coins with Player Auctions

Player Auctions is a bit more complex. It's good for the times you're not willing to share your account's info. So, it's more complicated, but safer if you can't trust anyone accessing your account.

The first steps of player auctions are the same as Comfort Trade. When you've done with the payment, you'll be redirected to your account page. Then you will be asked a few questions about your account. This is really crucial. Most coins sellers don't do that and get your account banned. Later we'll tell you why it's important to work with trustable sites like WhatsGaming.

So, you will be given a list of cheap players to be placed on Transfer Market at a higher price. So, for example you list 10 players (200 F.Coins on average) with around 5000 FIFA 22 Coins on the market. The automated platform will find the players and buy them from you. So you get around 50,000 coins. But there are lots of details to be careful with, because EA is strict about selling and buying FIFA Coins.


How to stay safe?

Like we mentioned earlier, EA has strict rules regarding buying and selling FIFA Coins. Many websites claim to transfer coins to your account, but occasionally they get the player accounts banned and it's disastrous, because once it happens, you'll lose all of your hard-earned coins, expensive FIFA points and your squad. Pretty much everything.

Is buying FIFA 22 Coins illegal?

EA is against any kind of monetary exchange of FUT Coins because it doesn't want the game to become a trading tool. Instead EA is encouraging gamers to buy FIFA Points because it makes a lot of money for them. But as you know, FUT Points cannot be used to buy players on transfer market. They can only buy FUT Packs, with random players. Which is not most gamers like.

But can you buy FIFA 22 Coins safe and legally?

The answer is yes! If your transaction is done without violating any of EA rules and don't cross EA's red lines (like putting too much price on cheap players while transferring coins), then it will be legal and your account will stay safe. This is why we insist on working with platforms that are trustable, automated, quick and with good reputation. The best FIFA Coin seller we can recommend is WhatsGaming. All of our clients are happy and enjoying their coins.

Moreover, every time there's a hot FUT Event, you may check our site for special discount codes.

FIFA 22 Pre-Season Gifts - How to Use Them
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It's time to gather all your might in preparation for FIFA 22. It's pre-season time for FIFA 22. It means, while you're still playing FIFA 21, you will be able to get gifts like FUT 22 Packs after you buy FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 pre-season gifts

FIFA 22 Pre-Season Gifts

So, it's like some investment for future. All you need to do is to complete pre-season daily objectives and SBCs. Then you will be rewarded non-tradeable items in FUT 22 after it's released. The players you receive include Christiano Ronaldo 99, Maldini 95, Goretzka 95, etc. But they're not tradeable. It means, you can't sell them for millions of FIFA 23 Coins on transfer market.


When will I get my FUT 22 pre-season gifts?

Additionally, you will get some 5-game loan players, mainly superstars as Pre-Season gifts in FUT 21. The cards are from different types: TOTS, Icon, Summer Stars, etc.

But the FUT 22 gifts will be given to you on 12 October, 2021. You must redeem your FUT 22 pre-season rewards before November 12, 2021, or else they will be gone. In order to get your pre-season FUT 22 rewards, you must purchase FIFA 22 with the same console you are running FIFA 21. So, it's not possible to transfer your gifts to another type of console.

fut 22 preseason gifts ronaldo maldini neymar

Why should I get my pre-season FUT 22 gifts?

If you're already an old fan of FIFA, you know that starting off with a powerful squad is crucial, and these pre-season gifts will save you up lots of FIFA 22 Coins. Without these gifts, you would have to play the game for such a long time to have enough coins to be able to purchase great players like Neymar or Ronaldo. So, it's a huge help for you to boost your winnings big time ahead of your opponents. They will definitely be looking for OVR 83 players while you'd already own 90+ players in your squad, smashing every team you play against.

If you couldn't by any chance redeem your pre-season gifts, don't worry at all! Whatsgaming is always here to offer cheap FUT 22 Coins for the fans. We enjoy seeing you win more and more, that's why we always come up with discount codes, promo codes and hot prices for FIFA gamers. Stay tuned!

How Many FIFA Coins Will I Win per Match
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FIFA Ultimate Team allows you to build your dream team using the legends like Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele, and other pro footballers in the same starting XI. Since these players cost a lot of in-game currency, most fans want to set them as their long-term goal in FIFA 22 and start collecting coins from their weekly FUT matches.
Match Coins Awarded (MCA) is the FUT coins you earn every time you complete an Ultimate Team match. Depending on your performance such as how much time you played, the number of goals you scored, accuracy during the match, etc. the amount of the match coins will be calculated. So, according to the official following formula, you can calculate how many FUT coins you will earn per match:

  • Skill Rewards Total (Skill Rewards x Multiplier) + Completion Award + Season/Competition Reward + Coin Boost

Here we're going to explain how each of these terms works so that you could start working on your skills and get more FUT 23 coins in the following matches.

Skill Rewards

Basically, based on a player's performance (negative or positive) your skill rewards will be calculated. For example, if your player performs a decent play (goals, possession, corners, passing accuracy, etc), you will be rewarded with FUT coins and if his performance was bad, there will be coin deductions.

fifa 22 skill moves fifa coins multiplier rewards

To be sure what the positive and negative performances are, we gathered a table that shows how it works. 

Goals 40 5 200
Successful Tackles 1 20 20
Pass Accuracy % 1 80 80
Clean Sheets 75 1 75
Corners 5 10 50
Possession % 1 80 80
Man of the Match Winner 15 1 15
Shots on Target 5 10 50
Cards -10 8 -80
Offsides -1 15 -15
Goals Against -20 4 -80
Fouls -5 4 -20

In the table, the green performances are dedicated as positive ones which have coin additions and the red ones are negative performances with coin deductions.


The Multiplier is a ratio with the objective to balance games of different quality levels. This means you will get greater FUT coin bonuses comparing to those playing easier games. The difficulty will be estimated based on the game mode and the opponent’s quality (the opponent’s squad rating in online matches and difficulty level on a single player). For online matches, the multiplier is known as DNF Multiplier.

DNF Multiplier 

The DNF (Did not finished) Multiplier is a ratio that measures the number of unfinished matches, as well as the importance and difficulty of the different game modes and opponents. This is a way to punish the players who forfeit games regularly. So, the more games they forfeit, the more FUT coins will be deduced from them in the final rewards.

For example, if one of the players will be disconnected due to a poor internet connection in the middle of a match and the match would be interrupted because of that, EA's system will evaluate the event to distinguish the responsible and punish them with a coin loss, spend on contracts, and DNF reduction. So it's necessary to make sure of your connection before you start a match.

DNF is set to 1 by default and each time the match ends before the 90 minutes, due to losing the connection, the system identifies the player who was the reason for the interruption and punishes them in 0.25 points. The player who has got DNF below 1, will get a 0.02 points bonus for every game they finish without interruptions.
The DNF is only true for online matches because forfeiting against computers won't affect your game experience. Your DNF will only reduce itself in the case of disconnections.

Calculating the Multiplier

The multiplier depends on the game mode you played, so your first DNF Multiplier can be one of the following values: 0.25, 0.36, 0.42, 0.50, 0.60, 0,63, 0.88, 0.93, 1.00, and 1.13.
For each time that you quit a game, DNF Multiplier will penalize you by dropping 0.25 x A points ("A" value depends on the game mode), and for each time that you successfully finish a match, the DNF Multiplier rises 0.02 x A per match. It means you either receive fewer or higher FIFA coins.

The Multiplier is the most complicated part of the Match Coins Awarded calculation, so let's review another example to be more clearer.
Assuming that you never forfeit an online match and when you play FUT Rivals, your DNF Multiplier is 0.63. After an online game, you decide to play a single-player and you notice your DNF went from 0.63 to 0.36. The reason is simply that the system assessments the game difficulty and since a single-player is easier to win, it sets a lower multiplier for you. So right after that if you back to playing another online match, your DNF multiplier will be back at 0.63.
If you don't want to be stuck at a low DNF multiplier and therefore coin loss at the end of every match, we recommend that you pay extra attention to your connection before an online match starts.

Completion Reward

325 FUT coins will be given as your completion award. Although, the amount of coins depends on your match mode and the fact that you need to play the whole game (90 minutes) and do not forfeit. Those who do not leave a match or cause an interruption will have a completion award. This is how the reward is being calculated:

  • Completion Award = 325 * Minutes Played / 90

Faster ways to get FIFA Coins

Participating in Division Rivals and Squad Battles is a guaranteed way for weekly coin rewards. You need to complete some placement matches and as you perform better, you will receive better rewards at the end of each week. If you still looking for an alternative way for making more FIFA coins, you can consider buying FIFA coins from reliable websites like WhatsGaming. We guarantee a safe and fast coin transaction in which neither of the EA rules will be broken and you will receive your coins via legal methods.
You can find great deals such as coin giveaways and FUT event discount codes from WhatsGaming website and Instagram page.

Can You Transfer FIFA 21 Coins to FIFA 22
Fifa Coins

FIFA 22 has been released on October 1st, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC. We couldn't be happier to finally try new upgrades, gameplay, and of course, the next-gen which you can try out through the Ultimate Edition. The EA's rules regarding transferring coins from third parties have remained forbidden and just like the previous versions of FIFA, you need to earn this valuable in-game asset via playing matches. Although professional FIFA coin vendors like WhatsGaming are always here to help you have more coins in your FIFA account easier and faster.

You need FIFA 23 coins to buy players from Transfer Market. Many players of FIFA 21 ask how they can transfer their coins from their old accounts. Is there a way to simply transfer your assets from the last year's edition on the same platform? Stay with us to find out.

FIFA 22 carryable items and data

You are allowed to carry over some items and data from FIFA21 to FIFA 22 on the same platform. Carryable items are only FUT Club Profile and FIFA Points. Unfortunately, you can't transfer FIFA Coins, CardsUnopened Packs, Your Match Record and History, Divison Levels, and Trophies to FIFA 22.

So if you want to transfer your data from FIFA 21 to the new version, you need to run FIFA 22 on the same platform in which you store your previous version save data. For example, if you used to play FIFA 21 on PlayStation 4, you need to run FIFA 22 on the same console. Because the Cross-Platform is not available and you won't be able to transfer your FIFA Points to your new game. As soon as you logged in to your game, you'll see a message to ask for your confirmation for data carryover.


Note that if you ever decided to play FIFA 22 on a different console, you're going to have to start from scratch as there will be no history of your FUT profile on the new platform. Also, if you want to play FIFA 22 on multiple platforms at the same time, using the same email address on both consoles, the in-game data and progress will not be synced on both platforms. This means that every platform has its own individual in-game data and items.

Buying FIFA 22 Coins

Transferring carryables offer pops up as soon as you get into the new game. You can choose to transfer your data or ignore the message and deal with it later. While it's frustrating that you can't carry your FIFA coins to FIFA 22, you can relatively buy more from WhatsGaming and get back on track. With WhatsGaming cheap FIFA 22 coins, you will be able to quickly build your team and enjoy unlocking the new version features. You are only a few simple steps away from having lots of coins in your FIFA 22.

Visit WhatsGaming "Buy Coins" menu and from there, choose the platform that you run FIFA 22 on. You can see that there are two different transfer methods available to choose from:

  • Player Auction
  • Comfort Trade

As you browse through the methods, you can read about them individually and watch the walkthrough videos to get acquainted with how they work. Each of them has its own pros and cons. You need to pick the one that suits your situation better. You'll receive the exact number of coins you paid for.
Trusting the wrong FIFA coin supplier can lead to bad terms. The coin supplier must know about EA red lines and rules and never put your account at the risk of getting banned. Luckily, WhatsGaming with many years of experience in transferring coins is one of the best FIFA coin-selling websites. You can be assured that your FIFA coins will be delivered to your account in regard to EA guidelines, via a fast and fully automated platform.

Cheap FIFA 22 Coins Guide
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Every new FIFA player feels like they can't get enough of the game and they just want to play over and over. Especially with FIFA 22 new addition to Pro Club where you can play matches with some of your friends at an event or compete with them at friendly matches. One of the ways to enhance your FIFA experience, especially in Ultimate Team mode, is by having coins. You can carry your FIFA points from the previous FIFA version you played to the new version on the same platform but you can't transfer your coins which naturally makes you start playing the matches and use different tactics to get them all over again. You may wonder what are the easiest ways to get more coins for your game. Here we're going to give you some tips on how to get FIFA coins faster.

Introduction to FIFA coins

FIFA coins are the worthiest assets that cannot be transferred from another account or third parties. Even if you have multiple accounts on different platforms and try to send coins from one account to another, EA Sports notices such activities and penalizes you which includes coin restrictions, and above all, banning. To purchase players and other items in the Transfer Market, you need to have coins in your wallet. This also helps you to keep pace with the competition. As you play FIFA Ultimate Team matches and work on your tactics, you'll receive weekly rewards which include FUT coins, Player packs, Items, Consumables, etc. It also affects your FUT Club performance.
FIFA coins need to be earned via challenges, tournaments, matches, or by trading and selling your cards on the Transfer Market. If you're not in hurry to get your rank up or like the challenge to up the leaderboard, playing FUT matches, completing the challenges, and enjoying the process can bring you lots of coins. The following information will help you recognize the most coin-generating modes in FIFA 22.

Save up in buying FIFA 22 coins

FIFA 22 has granted us lots of challenges to play with friends or solo to never get bored and get lots of coins. Some players tend to play the game casually and some want to get their rank as high as possible. We all know that whether you play the game for fun or competitively, you need to gather up a strong squad for yourself. So how do you do it if you don't have enough FIFA coins?

Loan Players

This option has been introduced to FIFA since FIFA 15. This is a great chance to try new players before buying them on the Transfer Market. Imagine how would it be to experience having the likes of Ronaldo or Mbappé on your team. This is a great way to see if a player suits your squad before spending hundreds of coins on them. Loaning players add extra and different kinds of quality to your squad but before you try out a player, make sure they fit in your squad. You can recognize the loan players by the blue line around their cards and a blue circle at the bottom right corner.

loan player fut 22

The number in the blue circle indicates the number of matches a player can play before his contract expires and turns into an out-of-date card. You have the chance to improve your squad by having loan players in your squad and winning lots of matches with them.

Participate in tournaments

FIFA 22 tournaments have great ways to get you to your coin need. In tournaments, you get players with an opportunity to get as many coins as they win. You can access this mode under Play> QuickPlay Modes. There are different types of options you can see here:

  • New Tournament: This mode contains over 60 tournaments from 25 different countries. It is also called "the real-life tournament" mode.

  • Custom Tournament: Start your own custom-made tournament here. 3 options are available: League, Knockout, and Group, and Knockout​​​​​

  • UEFA Champions League: You get to set up a UEFA championship tournament here. Choose from 32 real-life UEFA champions league clubs or replace them with other available European clubs in FIFA 22.

  • CONMEBOL Libertadores: CONMEBOL Libertadores tournament 2021-2022. Choose from the 32 suggested teams or replace them with other available teams from Brazil, CONMEBOL, or Argentina.

  • Women’s Int’l Cup: This is similar to FIFA Women’s World Cup. Select your team from the 16 suggested teams and play the women Groups & Knockout tournaments.

  • Playstation / Xbox Tournaments: Official FIFA 22 online 1v1 matches.

Squad Building Challenges

Base on the real-life Football series, new time-limited SBCs (Squad Battle Challenges) will be released which requires to be completed by doing some tasks. The tasks are here to test your squad-building skills and reward you at the end. You will find these challenges under the Play menu which are categorized as All, Live, Leagues, etc. Once you select the challenge and enter the Squad Editor, you will see the requirements in red on the right side of your screen. As you complete each of the requirements, they turn into green colors. Note that you need to purchase players and put them in the right positions in order to complete the SBCs. Sometimes you pay lots of coins and buy the players but the chemistry goes wrong and you waste your FUT coins. If you want to prevent such things, you can use Squad Editor simulators online to test players' chemistries before you purchase them.
SBCs can affect the value of all the trading players on the Transfer Market. As gamers rush into completing the challenges, TOTW cards (Team of the week) or promotional players will get a rise in their values. So if you ever had a rare card, you may want to wait and sell them at the right time to make a huge profit.


When you begin your journey in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team for the first time, you may get confused as there are some in-game instructions you need to follow, and some start-up matches to complete. But the system pretty much gives you the directions and all you have to do is follow them step by step. After picking your country in the FUT mode, you will be given 22 players as your first squad. The next thing is the "welcome to FUT" objective which will give you rewards after completing. Season matches and purchasing a player from the Transfer Market with the given FUT coins are your next objectives to complete. You will receive rewards anytime you finish a match. It is recommended to complete as many Objectives as you can to earn more FUT 22 coins each week.

Where to buy cheap FIFA 22 coins

If you'd rather have FUT coins faster in your account and don't have the time to play that many matches, you can buy them online from trusted coin suppliers. EA Sports doesn't support the idea of transferring FIFA coins from third parties but a professional FIFA coin seller can do this for you without facing issues. Unless you deal with scammers and give your information to the wrong websites, all FIFA coin websites can guarantee a successful FIFA coin transaction to you. There are ways to avoid untrustable websites and limit the threat of getting banned which acknowledging them will make a huge difference in your FIFA coin buying experience.

It's easy to just search on the internet and buy FIFA 23 coins from the first website you see. But remember that trusting the wrong coin seller who doesn't understand EA guidelines will get you in trouble of getting banned. Since there is no official organization to monitor all coin suppliers, it is your responsibility to purchase coins from reliable and legit sellers and take care of your FIFA account. You need to act smart if you don't want to get caught. A good FIFA coin seller and a fraud coin supplier have lots of differences in the service they provide. For example, a trustable coin supplier usually has these standards:

  • Refund policy: A legit supplier will be ready to refund your money according to their policy. So make sure the supplier provides this option before purchasing coins.
  • legitimacy: It might surprise you to know how many scam websites exist. Ask them if they provide their coins from legit sources and if they work fine on the current version of FIFA.
  • After-sale services: Any sort of issues or errors you receive after the coin delivery from your preferred website must be assisted and eliminated before EA notices. Ensure about your vendor's policy towards these problems. Also, you need to be able to access the customer service any time you want. So it is important that the coin supplier have live customer service even on holidays.
  • Supporting all platforms: A legit coin-selling website must provide the option to buy as many coins as you need for any platform you play FIFA on.
  • FIFA coin price: If you consider more than one FIFA coin seller and wonder which one is the best, compare the coin rates and see which one offers the best prices. Never buy coins too cheap or too expensive.

Since FIFA 16, WhatsGaming has always been ready to transfer safe FIFA coins to all users. Easy process, using an automated platform to transfer coins safe and fast, cheap prices with guarantees after the delivery, occasional discount codes, and many more exclusive deals only at WhatsGaming. You can start choosing your console model and your favorite transfer method right at the buy coins menu, and use the code "Blog" for an extra discount, and have cheap FIFA coins delivered to your account fast and secure!

FIFA 23 Carryover and Transfer Guide
Fifa Coins

Today we're going to talk about how you can transfer your coins from one account to another, and whether it is possible to carry them over from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23 or not. As you know, in order to improve a club in FUT game mode, players must open packs and trade their item cards at the Transfer Market. For this purpose, you need to spend FIFA coins, and the more coins you have, the more items and packs you can buy in FUT mode.
You can see that coins play an essential role in FIFA. Therefore, no matter what you do, you need to charge your account and have coins in your FUT wallet. So, now that cross-platform is an available feature in FIFA 23, can you transfer your coins without having to spend money? Let's find out now.

Are FIFA Points / FIFA Coins Transferable Through FIFA Versions?

If you reached considerable ranks and achievements in FUT 22, it's a sure thing that you want to know about how FIFA 23 Transfer works and how to move your progress to the new version. Surely you've experienced moving on to a new FIFA before. Whether it was moving from FIFA 20 to FIFA 21, or any other version, the rules remain untouched!
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and Volta Football are the only game modes that you can transfer some of your progress into. So, as soon as you decide to leave FIFA 22 and upgrade to FIFA 23, your Career Mode info (progress, players, etc.), Seasons, Online Friendlies and Pro Clubs will vanish. Sad, isn't it? But what can you do about it?

If you want to save at least some of your progress and not lose everything while you upgrade your game, try these steps:

  1. Run FIFA 23 on your platform (console or PC) on the same platform as your FIFA 22’s.
  2. There will be some instructions as soon as the games come up; follow up on the necessary things!
  3. When the carry-over-related screen is prompted, confirm that you want to carry over your data and items.

The message will be something like this: (The image is from FIFA 21 main menu)

transfer fifa 22 points to fifa 23

Note only carryable data are going to be available for this task. The transferable items are: 

  • FUT 22 Club Profile
  • FIFA 22 Points
  • FUT 23 Pre-season Rewards

The untradable items are:

  • FUT 22 Coins
  • Cards
  • any packs that remained unopened
  • all your unassigned items
  • Match Records & History
  • Your Data and Records in FUT Club
  • Your Division's progress and level
  • Your career mode's progress

As you can see, it's possible to transfer FIFA Points to the new version. If you have FIFA 22 Points, you can change them to FIFA 23 Points. However, it's not possible to transfer FIFA 22 Coins to FIFA 23. It means, FUT Coins are not transferrable. They will stay in the old version of FIFA. And they will still be usable, if you or a friend still wants to play FIFA 22.


How to increase your coins after starting the game?

The transfer process starts right after FIFA 23 launches. If you have EA Access, you can transfer FIFA Coins during the early access. Remember that you can only transfer some items such as FIFA points once, and cannot be transferred between different console platforms.
It's natural to feel powerless without your coins in FIFA 23. But you can always get more in FUT using the following methods:

  • Playing FUT matches – Wins have more coin rewards.
  • Trading items on Transfer Market (buy cheap cards and sell them for a higher price)
  • Selling your player cards using the Quick Sell option
  • Receiving FIFA Coins as rewards and gifts
  • Finding a reliable source such as WhatsGaming for purchasing safe FIFA 23 coins.

We hope you use this information and start your game with a clear mind. Check back to our blog for more information regarding FIFA 23 updates and news!