How does Fifa Ultimate Team work
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This little guide could help especially those who have never really dealt with FIFA Ultimate Team before. Here you will find everything you need to know about the most popular mode in FIFA, ie. FUT.


What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

As every year, a new FIFA will be launched at the end of September. The excitement is always high and expectations increase from year to year. The most popular mode in every FIFA part is the Ultimate Team. In the Ultimate Team you can build your own team with players from many possible leagues / nations, but you have to pay attention to the chemistry that results from the players when building your team. In the following I will show you how chemistry works in Fifa Ultimate Team.


How does the Ultimate Team Chemistry work?

The goal of every FUT player must be to bring his / her team to a chemistry of 100. Ideally, every single player has a chemistry of 10, even if this cannot always be realized. Basically, the higher the better. But don't make the mistake of underestimating the impact of chemistry on your team's performance. Many beginners believe that chemistry is something of a myth that has hardly any influence on the skills of the players anyway and build a dream team with their favorite players without paying attention to the chemistry. But that is a fatal mistake. You could even say that chemistry is the most important thing when building your team.

The team chemistry is shown in the team management, where you set up your team, at the top right of the screen. You can read the individual chemistry of the player on the right under the player picture. The higher the chemical values, the better the skills of your players. The influence of player chemistry on skills is 75 percent. Team chemistry accounts for the remaining 25 percent. The individual chemistry of each player is added to create the team's total chemistry value: chemistry player 1 + chemistry player 2 + ... chemistry player 11 = team chemistry. The sum of the chemistry of all eleven players then results in the team chemistry. In theory, you could get a team chemistry of 110, but the maximum is 100.


The chemistry of a single player is affected by two factors:

  • His connections (links) with teammates
  • His position

The basic idea in building your team is to line up players that match in three ways:

  • League
  • Society
  • Nationality

If you want to connect two players in your team, it's shown with a link.

The colors of the connecting lines give you an orientation guide as to whether everything fits in with chemistry:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange

Each of the three colors has a different meaning. The red color means that none of the above factors (nation, team, league) match. The green color is used if the league and nation of the two players are the same or if they play in the same team. Orange means that the players have only the same nation or in the same league but do not play both at the same time.

A green link can be divided again into:

  • strong link
  • perfect link

A strong link is when, as you can guess, if two of the factors mentioned match. The two players either belong to the same nation and league or play in the same club with different nationalities.

A perfect link is when all three factors match. For example, Manuel Neuer and Niklas Süle form a perfect connection because they both play in the same league (Bundesliga), belong to the same nation (Germany) and play in the same club (FC Bayern).

If you want to bring a player to the full chemistry, it is ultimately a question of having only orange or green connections or balancing red connections with green connections. If a player has only orange links, he gets the full chemistry. However, a red link must always be balanced with a green link. A Perfect Link can even balance two red connections.

Here is a small diagram where you can have the maximum value of a player in the respective position:

Player Position Chemistry Chart FIFA

For example, if you have a player who is on the market as MS, the ST only has 9 chemicals in the respective position. The question is, how can you solve this problem? Quite simply, there are position conversion cards on the transfer market that you can buy, using a few thousand FIFA 20 Coins, and then give them to your players as consumables. So an MS (Griezmann) comes as ST with full chemistry. But if you do not currently have any FIFA Coins in your account, there are two other ways to get an MS in the ST position on full chemistry.

The first option is through a suitable manager in your squad. To do this, the manager needs the same nation as the player or the manager must have the same league as your player.

The second option is the loyalty bonus, which the player receives if you have bought it from a pack or an SBC or if you have played more than 10 games with the player. Then you could put the player on striker even though his card is MS and he knows 10 chemistry.


That's how team chemistry works

For all those who want to know exactly, here we present the "Chemistry Formula" at FIFA Ultimate Team, which EA Sports introduced in September 2016 to create more transparency. This formula shows you the effective impact of a player's "total chemistry" on player attributes.

In a formula, the whole thing is expressed as follows:

  • (team chemistry x 0.25) + ((player chemistry x 10) x 0.75) = total chemistry of a player

The following applies:

  • If the result is greater than 50, a player's attributes improve up to a maximum of 99.
  • If the result is exactly 50, nothing changes and the players keep their base values.
  • If the result is less than 50, the attributes of a player decline to a minimum of 1.

Example 1:

Starting eleven players with a team chemistry of 100 and a player chemistry of 10:

  • (100 x 0.25) + ((10 x 10) x 0.75) = 25 + 75 = 100 (99)

The result here is 100 or reaches the maximum value of 99. Accordingly, the attributes of a player are greatly upgraded.

Example 2:

Substitute with a team chemistry of 100 and a player chemistry of 5:

  • (100 x 0.25) + ((5 x 10) x 0.75) = 25 + 37.5 = 62.5

The result is 62.5. A player's attributes are easily upgraded.

There is a way to give your players better values ​​with chemistry styles.


How do the chemistry styles work for players?

On the transfer market there is the possibility to buy your player a chemistry style to improve their values. If you have the player in the current team, you can see which values ​​improve or deteriorate depending on the player's chemistry. Here is a list of all possible chemistry styles in Fifa 20.

Chemistry Styles FIFA-20

Each of the Chemistry Style listed pushes different values ​​from the players. For example, a hawk (pace, shooting and physique), but anchor (tempo, defensive and physique). Everyone pushes different values ​​and areas of application for attack, midfield or defense. The most popular are Hunter (pace and shot) and Shadow (pace and defense), which also cost a lot of FIFA Coins.

FIFA 20 SBC All You Need to Know About Squad Building Challenges
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The Squad Building Challenges (SBC) are handled by FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. We'll show you everything you need to know about the SBCs.

  • Squad Building Challenge (SBC) - fascination next to the square
  • These demanding you in an SBC
  • FIFA 20 offers many different types of SBC

EA has done it, also playing off the grass to provide employment for the FIFA Ultimate Team. The Squad Building Challenges, or SBC for short, always exclude fascination with the challenges. We show you what the puzzling tasks are all about and which of them are really worthwhile.


FIFA 20: was it actually an SBC?

The Squad Building Challenges (SBC) have been part of the football simulation series since the FIFA 17 pageant. At SBCs, players are given tasks to gain control. The challenge is to improve a team that is about EA. If you manage to die, you will be rewarded with packs, FIFA coins or special cards. The SBCs accept in relation to the transfer market in FIFA 20. Should there be players from a separate club for a task, the price of all players of this team will be.
This essential means you heard for an SBC in FIFA 20
Before you can lay your hands and the rights, EA faces a few hurdles. Most players from a specific nation or league are sought for the SBCs. An example of a wrong perception: At least 2 players from England or less 2 players from the Bundesliga. These principles mean that players with the required nationality, league or club increase in value.
Further conditions are the overall team evaluation and team chemistry, which you pass on the formation. You should keep players with a high overall rating in the club. You never know when an interesting SBC will come around the corner. The team chemistry is based on the distinction between nation and league in your team. If you better build a positional Bundesliga team, it has a team chemistry of 100. If you hear two or more leagues, it will be trickier with the chemistry. The trick is to create players of the nationality that belongs to a bridge for multiple leagues in a team.

Example: The most popular SBC in FIFA 20 - Jamie Vardy

Jamie Vardy is an absolute legend in Leicester. With the Foxes, he won a real football wonder in 2016 by winning the Premier League. Vardy Leicester City is loyal to his contact to this day. In spite of his 33 years, Vardy snaps like one piece. Due to his rights in November Annual opening in FIFA 20 a player of the month SBC and thus a strong additional special card. Since the conditions for the challenge were very favorable, these SBCs became just about every FIFA 20 player. We give you an example of how you can hear an SBC.
For the Jamie Vardy SBC you have to have a team in the 4-1-4-1 formation, which had an overall rating of 83 and a team chemistry of less than 75. Exceptionally, there were no special nations or leagues guidelines for the Squad Building Challenge. With the following possibility that the SBC sell.

The Jamie Vardy SBC was the most popular SBC in FIFA 20. ©

  • TW: Kepa (Chelsea) price: 3,800
  • LV: Gaya (Valencia) Price: 1,400
  • IV: Marc Bartra (Betis) Price: 2,700
  • IV: Nacho Fernandez (Real Madrid) Price: 1,800
  • Motorhome: Sergi Roberto (FC Barcelona) Price: 1,700
  • ZDM: Illarramendi (San Sebastian) Price: 1,800
  • LM: Tiémoué Bakayoko (AS Monaco) Price: 800
  • ZM: Santi Cazorla (Villareal) Price: 900
  • ZM: Canales (Betis) price: 3,500
  • RM: Edin Visca (Başakşehir) price: 3,000
  • ST: Falcao (Galasataray) Price: 1,500

The whole challenge cost only 23,000 FIFA coins. A must-have for every FIFA player.

The different Fifa 20 SBC types

In order to get some momentum in the SBCs, EA has new tasks with special topics every week. These are the different types of players that come for SBC voting rights. We influenced and explained all variations of the SBCs.

  • Update SBC

Upgrade SBCs come in different levels. You can choose any team of bronze, silver or gold players and get a choice of a two-player pack with the same level. If you are just at the beginning with your Ultimate Team, the upgrade SBCs can be very nice. Probably the most interesting SBC is the FUT Champions Premium upgrade. Here you trade in a team of FUT Champions games to get a player with a rating other than 86. These players are promoted by completing the weekend league, the competitive mode in FIFA 20.

  • Top games SBC

EA releases four top games of SBCs every Thursday. The challenges are the four most exciting soccer games each week. Players are requested from the clubs involved. As a reward, there are always packs and FUT coins.

  • Flashback SBC

Not every soccer player can call up his or her performance even at an advanced athlete's age. The best example would be e.g. Andres Iniesta.
 SBC Iniesta FIFA 20
He is currently ending his career in Japan. Flashback SBC’s also often include players who are no longer part of the regular staff in their club. For example, one could mention Mats Hummels, who was sorted out in Bavaria.
 SBC Hummels FUT 20
However, EA introduced the Flashback SBC so that its outstanding performance in the past can still be recognized today. Another prominent example would be Mario Balotelli, the enfant-terrible from Italy that Germany shot down at the 2012 European Championship on its own.
SBC Balotelli FIFA 20

  • Player moments SBC

If the Flashback SBC had a little brother, it would be the player moments SBC. Here, players receive special cards that have shown outstanding performance in a special game. Mostly they are promotions in the Champions League or the national cup. These achievements can also go well and gladly some seasons ago. Well-known players for such an SBC are Eden Hazard or Leroy Sané.

  • Leagues SBC

Those who like pack openings will love the leagues SBCs. 20 tasks and 20 packs await you here. The icing on the cake is a special card on top. The tasks are not particularly demanding. You just have to replicate each team in a certain league. Speak in the Bundesliga SBC all teams from FC Bayern to SC Paderborn.

  • POTM

EA has a very special SBC ready for the Spanish, French, English and German leagues. Every month, the best player in the league is voted on. The winner of this vote will then receive an SBC and special card, just like Jamie Vardy did.

FIFA 22 - What if: leaks and upgrades
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At this point, we've been blessed with so many great cards through FIFA 22 Future Stars in Ultimate Team, SBCs, and Objectives. But we're here to announce the return of one other fan-favorite promo from FIFA 21, What If. The promo basically generates dynamic FIFA Ultimate Team player cards based on real-life performances. The previous promo players will be replaced by the new What If cards which are basically can be found in SBCs and Objectives as well. Stay with us to find out how the upgrades work and when can you enjoy this promo.

How Do "What If" Cards Work?

We hope that the return of the "What If" promo would be pretty much the same as it was in FIFA 21. In FUT 21, Attackers and Midfielders, also Goalkeepers and Defenders received the What If upgrade differently. What If cards will be upgraded based on team results. This is far different from how Headliners or OTW cards work! These cards are only qualified for a one-time +2 OVR upgrade, depending on if their team fulfills What If scenarios based on real-life football standards.

So when the promo gets released in FUT, hopefully on March 4th, 2022, the tracking starts, and cards are divided into two categories: Offensive & Defensive players. The What If upgrade attitude is not the same for all positions; meaning that the players' positions matter in order to receive an upgrade. Therefore, as we witnessed in FIFA 21, the upgrades are only going to happen if the teams do exactly as follow:

  • Attackers & Midfielders position cards: Player’s club must score a minimum of 6 total goals in their next 5 domestic league matches
  • Defenders & Goalkeepers: Player’s club should be keeping at least 1 clean sheet over their next 5 domestic league matches

Note that only under the above circumstances a player should receive upgrades. So, don't count on Player of the Month (POTM), Team of the Year (TOTY), etc. for boosting your chance. These promos won't affect the What If cards!

The promo gives the upgrades to selected random players and grants them the opportunity of getting an additional boost since the upgrades are live! This is a great chance for players to use the boosted What If cards and break records and have ultimate fun with their teams. Earning a potential rating upgraded card is a joyful moment for every FIFA player so dig in and remember that the system upgrades are going to be released for individual players but only reward you if you're Club performance is based on the "What If" scenario.

FIFA Ultimate Team "What If" predicts

Anyone can be included in this promo but we picked 5 players who haven't been receiving any of the FIFA 22 upgrades, including TOTW, POTM, TOTY, etc. So they have a pretty good chance to be considered as a possible candidate in FIFA Ultimate Team What If upgrades.

  • Dani Carvajal: One of the best right-backs in FIFA, he has a rating card of 85 and is one of the greatest candidates who hasn't received a special card yet.
  • Wilfried Ndidi: 85 Rating, 67 Pace, and 87 Defence. With a little boost in Pacing, he is one of the best meta midfielders in FIFA 22.
  • Edinson Cavani: He is an extremely talented and powerful Striker; based on his performance in Manchester United this season, it's a bit difficult to consider him as a candidate but he still has a pretty good chance.
  • Sergio Busquets: He hasn't been included in any of the recent promos in FIFA 22; so we hope he'd be one of the candidates in the mentioned promo.
  • Presnel Kimpembe: We haven't seen any upgraded version of Kimpembe yet, therefore, it could be his chance to rise and shine in FIFA Ultimate Team this year!

So there you have it. All we know about FUT 22 What If promo. Keep in mind that signing a single great player in a bad team is pointless. After all, the team performance is what matters for completing the scenarios in this promo. If you need new players and don't know how to afford them, WhatsGaming has a good solution for all FIFA players here. Buy discounted FUT Coins from us and use the opportunity for improving your gameplay. The procedure is simple and fun. Between the two given choices for transferring cheap FIFA coins, Comfort Trade & Players Auction, choose one that suits your needs best and order as many coins as you need. WhatsGaming is here to support and help you through the whole thing. Happy gaming!

Best Cheap Players in Fifa Ultimate Team
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The beginning of the journey in Ultimate Team mode is with a weak squad with very low-rated players. It's almost impossible to win and beat opponents with the default team that the game will give you. That's why gamers try to find better and better players for their team. By playing more, you will make lots of FUT Coins to use them in Transfers and buy consumables or players with them.

The biggest problem always is that the coins are not enough to buy your desired players. You want Neuer for goalkeeper? He is 45k. Or you want to put Cristiano Ronaldo as Striker? He is 65k... the gold version. And you don't have that much coins!

So, what most gamers do in this situation is to find best cheap players in FIFA Ultimate Team to build their squad. It might not be their favorite, but since the players are so good and do their job great, it will allow the gamer to win more and make more FIFA 23 Coins so he or she can buy better players in future.

Young Player FIFA

Cheap player selection tips in FIFA's career mode

Career Mode is one of FIFA's most popular modes where you're able to take control of an imaginary or a real team, from managing, hiring young players, training them, improving their skills, and if necessary, selling them for your club's profit.

Now, Career Mode is very complex, it makes use of AI, it has many many things to learn, but once you've created your club, one of the most important things is to do is to discover potential future legends also known as Wonderkids.

So, having a budget for your club allows you to invest on potential great players. It's common business that one may go for cheap players in Career Mode in order to save up some money for other tasks.

There are some tips and heads-ups if you want to find cheap players for career mode:

  • Go for lesser-known prospects who have potential to become great, because Wonderkids will cost your team millions to recruit, and not all teams can affor to pay for them.
  • Make use of potentially great young CB for strengthening your defence.
  • Go for silver players.
  • Look for free agents, the players with FIFA 22 contract expiry.

Best ranked free agent players

There's nothing cheaper than a free agent, so we're going to kick this article off with a list of the best free agents in FIFA 22 Career Mode – these are the players whose contracts are expiring at the end of your first Career Mode season, so you should be able to make them a contract offer from 1st January 2022. You'll want to get in there quickly before another club swoops in.

Being aware of players who will have FIFA 22 Career Mode contract expiry in 2022 can really help you build your squad without too much of a down payment. Of course, if you try to sign a big-name player in this way, you might find that their wage demands are pretty high.

Ranked by their potential rating, these are the 6 best free agents whose contracts will expire during FIFA 22's first season:

  • Alfredo Talavera
  • Jason Denayer
  • Alexis Vega
  • Guillermo Ochoa
  • Cesar Montes
  • Callum McCowatt


Cheapest young players

The cheapest way to find young players in fifa 22, you must look for players that their contract ends at the end of current season. All you have to do is to offer them a new contract, which is called FIFA 22 pre contract signing, which requires some portion of luck from your side. Here's the list of cheapest young players in FIFA 22 highlighted for saving time:

  • Maarten Vandevoordt (GK)
  • Kjell Peersman (GK)
  • Guillaume Restes (GK)
  • Noah Mbamba (CB)
  • Giorgio Scalvini (CB)
  • Fabio Chiarodia (CB)
  • Jarrad Branthwaite (CB)
  • Arnau Martínez (RB/RWB)
  • Gonçalo Esteves (RB/RWB)
  • Milos Kerkez (LB)
  • Cristian Riquelme (LB)
  • Fabio Miretti (CM/CDM)
  • Charlie Patino (CM/CDM)
  • Abdul Fatawu Issahaku (CAM)
  • Mateus Fernandes (CM/CAM)
  • Sidney Raebiger (CM/CAM)
  • Luke Harris (CAM)
  • Sávio (RW)
  • Kayky (RW)
  • Luca Oyen (LW)
  • Naci Ünüvar (LW)
  • Antonio Nusa (LW/ST)
  • Youssoufa Moukoko (ST)
  • Marko Lazetić (ST)
  • Mathys Tel (ST/CF)


Best Cheap Players FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Here's the list of best cheap players FIFA 22 in Ultimate Team mode:

  • Peter Gulacsci (Hungary, Bundesliga) – 7,300 fifa coins
  • Serge Gnabry (Germany, Bundesliga) – 7,500 coins
  • Ilkay Gundogan (Germany, Bundesliga) – 7,500 fut coins
  • Marcos Acuna (Argentina, LaLiga) – 7,600 coins
  • Iago Aspas (Spain, LaLiga) – 7,600 coins
  • Jorginho (Italy, Premier League) – 7,800 coins
  • Jamie Vardy (England, Premier League) – 7,800 coins
  • Paul Pogba (France, Serie A) – 7,800 fifa coins
  • Yann Sommer (Swizerland, Bundesliga) – 7,800 coins
  • Sergio Busquets (Spain, La Liga) – 7,800 coins
  • Jordi Alba (Spain, La Liga) – 7,900 fut 22 coins
  • Lautaro Martinez (Argentina, Serie A)  – 13,000 coins
  • Ciro Immobile (Italy, Serie A) – 13,300 coins
  • Aymeric Laporte (Spain, Premier League) – 13,500 fifa 22 coins
  • Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (Serbia, Serie A) – 13,500 coins
  • Thiago (Spain, Premier League) – 13,800 coins
  • Wojciech Szczesny (Poland, Serie A) – 13,800 coins
  • Marcelo Brozovic (Croatia, Serie A) – 14,000 coins
  • Marco Veratti (Italy, Ligue 1) – 16,000 coins
  • Rodri (Spain, Premier League) – 16,500 coins
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold (England, Premier League) – 16,800 coins
  • Fabinho (Brazil, Premier League) – 16,800 coins
  • Huge Lloris (France, Premier League) – 17,000 coins
  • De Gea (Spain, Premier League) – 17,000 coins
  • Andrew Robertson (Scotland, Premier League) – 17,000 coins
  • Marc-Andre ter Stegen (Germany, LaLiga) – 21,000 coins
  • Keylor Navas (Costa Rica, Ligue 1) – 21,000 coins
  • Toni Kroos (Germany, LaLiga) – 21,300 coins
  • Rúben Dias (Portugal, Premier League) – 21,300 coins
  • Luka Modric (Croatia, La Liga) – 21,800 coins
  • Joshua Kimmich (Germany, Bundesliga) – 28,000 coins
  • Harry Kane (England, Premier League) – 28,500 coins
  • Casemiro (Brazil, Premier League) – 29,000 coins
  • Jan Oblak (Slovenia, LaLiga) – 29,500 coins