Comfort Trade, Best way to Buy Fifa Coin
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With the new FIFA making all the waves in the market, many questions are asked, especially: “what are the best ways to buy FIFA coins without getting banned”. This is so as everyone needs coins to build the best team and to compete very actively!

Why you need FIFA coins

You may be an old or new user of the FIFA console, but there’s one thing that is always found in all users, the desire to build the best team and to get the best players on your team. This is the only way players can enjoy the beautiful FIFA and also compete actively. Coins are usually awarded by the system for each game completed in FIFA ultimate mood, where the real deal happens and also for players you put up for sale.

The Down Side

Interestingly the coins offered and given by the system, are always not enough to buy the best players in the market, which is what you always want to do and with the likes of Messi, Christiano and other good players costly an hefty sum in the region of a million-plus coins, buying coins is then the only solution out of this dilemma, and this too must be done correctly, when not done correctly you can easily get a coin wipe, which will lead to you losing all of the coins you had bought and also a ban.

Comfort Trade Method

Comfort trade is one among the different ways in which you can buy coins for your FIFA, and this method is highly preferred as it is fast and very reliable, to be on the safe side you must ensure you are buying your FIFA coins from a trusted platform, if done otherwise you stand the risk of losing your money and also having your account banned or hacked as the case may be.

How it works

With the comfort trade delivery, the player who wishes to buy FIFA coins places his order online and provide the details of his FIFA account, the seller logs into the account and deliver the certain number of coins paid for by the buyer. As a buyer using this system, you don’t have to press an extra button, unless the one you press while making your order, as the seller takes it off from there and get the coins into your FIFA account.

How to avoid getting banned, using this method.

The following are the best ways to ensure you don’t attract a ban using the comfort trade method, to get coins for your FIFA account. Ensure you follow them to have the best of this method.

  • Make sure you have played over 50 games on your FIFA account, before attempting to get FIFA coins as you can get banned easily when you try to buy coins for a new account.
  • Ensure you deactivate the login verification on your FIFA account or provide your security question to the seller, so the system won’t suspect a suspicious login
  • Don't log in to your account until you receive a message from the seller, informing you of the successful delivery of your coins into your account.
  • To avoid a coin wipe, use the funds, immediately they are credited into your account.

How the comfort trade system works

Below is a step by step guide on how the comfort trade system works.

  • You place an order on the site of the buyer
  • You provide your login details to your FIFA account
  • The seller logs into your system to provide and credit your account, with the required number of coins
  • You get a notification that the coins had been credited to your FIFA account from the seller.
  • You can now log in and enjoy your newly credited account.

Features of the comfort trade system

  • It is a fast and reliable way of getting coins.
  • Buying coins with the comfort trade method is great as you don't have to pay EA fees.
  • It is secured

Final Verdict

The comfort trade system is fast and a secured way of getting coins for your FIFA account, this is why it is preferred by most users, however, ensure to buy from trusted sellers, so you don't lose money, and also get your account banned. Also, follow the steps outlined in this article on "how to avoid getting banned using the comfort trade method." This will ensure the smooth delivery of your coins.

Best FIFA Coins Website
Fifa Coins

There is an almost unmanageable amount of websites for FIFA 23 Coins, whether for PS4 FUT Coins, Xbox Coins or PC Coins. Ultimately, you can quickly lose track of this. Where and how do you find the best FIFA Coins website?

WhatsGaming FUT 20 Coins Whatsapp Support


1. Customer service

Is there a reliable, accessible customer service who knows about FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA Coins? If customer service can't be reached or have no idea how it’s possible to guarantee a safe coin transfer, then keep your hands off that website. At, we employ passionate FIFA players in customer service as well, who can answer any question you may have about FIFA Ultimate Team and FUT Coins. Just get in touch with us on WhatsApp with your concerns at:
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2. Legit FIFA Coin-seller

Since we are enthusiastic FIFA players ourselves, we know exactly how annoying it is when you lose your FUT Coins through a coin reset or your own account gets banned. In this regard, we offer you a unique transfer system for FIFA Coins PS4 and FIFA Coins XBOX One, with which you can transfer FUT coins quickly and safely. And should something go wrong, we are one of the only FUT coin providers who will not leave you alone but will work with you through a satisfactory solution.



3. Safe FIFA Coin transfer

If you want to buy cheap FIFA Coins that are transferred in a safe way, then you've come to the right place. As already mentioned, we have many years of experience in this area and are enthusiastic FIFA Ultimate Team players. We offer you Comfort Trade for PS4 FIFA 23 Coins, FUT Coins for XBOX and now also FIFA Coins for PC. On the other hand, you can use the WhatsGaming Player Auction™, the most innovative transfer system, to transfer FIFA Coins safely. Transferring XBOX FIFA Coins to your own FIFA Ultimate Team account has never been so easy, secure and fast.


4. Cheap FIFA Coins

The price should also play a role in your purchase decision. Of course, you can also buy cheap FIFA Coins from us. But enough self-promotion! Always compare the offers, but never leave the price of FIFA 23 Coins decide alone. If the price for XBOX FUT Coins or FUT Coins PS4 is too cheap and the above criteria do not apply, then avoid buying there.

What is a FIFA Mule Account
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What is FIFA Mule Account?

In FIFA Ultimate Team it is extremely difficult to get a lot of FIFA coins. Only with a lot of luck, intensive trading and many games is it possible to get to a very good squad without having to buy FIFA coins. Therefore, many players are now taking the opportunity to buy a FIFA Mule account directly instead of FUT coins. This account is nothing more than an account where the owner has mostly earned a lot of FIFA Coins, including through Squad Building Challenges or FUT Trading. You can buy this FIFA Mule Account, use it yourself or transfer the existing FIFA Coins to your account on your own.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a FIFA Mule account?

There are many different advantages and disadvantages to buying a FIFA Mule account. The possibility of having full access to the account and being able to transfer FIFA coins independently is an advantage for some, but not for others. There is a risk of being banned if you have no experience of safely transferring FIFA Coins. For this group, it is recommended to buy FIFA Coins directly from reputable providers such as

However, if you have experience, you can benefit from a FIFA Mule Account in two ways. On the one hand, the FIFA Coins on the account are usually cheaper. On the other hand, there are often players that you can sell for FUT Coins. However, all this has the disadvantage that you have to transfer the FIFA coins yourself and that is a correspondingly large amount of time. You also have to switch back and forth between your account and the mule account.

How do you transfer FIFA coins without being banned?

Since the transfer of FIFA Coins violates EA's terms and conditions, we recommend that you be particularly careful and exercise your patience. The safest way to transfer FIFA coins is to place the players on the transfer market for a maximum of twice the average price. You can look up the average prices of each player at futbin. In addition, you should allow 8 hours to pass each transfer until you want to transfer the next FUT coins. Of course, this method is time consuming. However, if you want to transfer FIFA coins safely, there is no way around it.


FIFA Mule Account cheaper than FIFA Points

However, if you decide against a mule account and do not want to buy FIFA Coins, you only have the FIFA Points. However, FIFA Points can only be used for packs and fut drafts. So you invest your money and you must be very lucky to draw a good player or to be somewhat successful in the draft. Here is a small overview of the current FIFA Points prices.

FIFA Points Real Money


0,99 Euro


2,49 Euro


4,99 Euro


7,49 Euro


9,99 Euro


14,99 Euro


19,99 Euro


39,99 Euro


99,99 Euro



What is TOTS in FIFA
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TOTS stands for the Team of the Season. Similar to TOTY, TOTS is a virtual team, formed by EA each year, based on the players' performance in the past season. Usually, the season ends in May, around 10th. Last year, the TOTS of FIFA 20 was called TOTSSF (Team of the Season So Far) due to the unplanned closure of the leagues because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This year, luckily, we'll have the regular TOTS for FIFA 21.


Differences of TOTY and TOTS

If you've noticed, there are many similarities between TOTY and TOTS. But there are a couple of differences that makes each of these FUT Events unique. First of all, the TOTS is chosen after the season's end (UK calendar), not at each year's end. Also, unlike TOTY, a couple of squads are chosen for TOTS for Premier League, Bundes Liga, Serie A, La Liga, League 1, etc.

The users can vote for bronze, silver and gold squads for TOTS. And as the result, each player who were chosen for TOTS will get an IF blue card. These blue TOTS cards are high ranked and great for your team. But if you want to compare, TOTY cards are a bit better. You can buy TOTS cards, but it requires more FUT Coins to buy the blue ones. But those players are always great and worth the coins to spend on.

You can actually play against TOTS. But not many people like to that! Because the stars in TOTS squad are hard to beat. They always find a way to get through and score! You may need to spend some FUT Coins and buy some great players to be able to beat them.


FIFA 21 TOTS Date & Predictions

Each year, some players will be nominated to be chosen in the Team of the Season. Based on the number of goals scored, goals assisted, saves, in general, great performance, a list of players will be available here to vote.

The date to choose the TOTS this year is May 1st to May 7th, 2021 for Premier League. Other leagues like La Liga, Bundes Liga, Serie A, will have their TOTS next weeks (May 7, 14, 21, 2021). When all major leagues have their own TOTS, then in early June 2021 there will be the ultimate TOTS, which is a team made from players of all leagues.

Here are our predictions for the ultimate TOTS of this season:

  • Manuel Neuer
  • Alphonso Davies
  • Virgil van Dijk
  • Sergio Ramos
  • Trent Alexander Arnold
  • Joshua Kimmich
  • Kevin De Bruyne
  • Bruno Fernandes
  • Christiano Ronaldo
  • Robert Lewandowski
  • Kylian Mbappe
  • Lionel Messi
FIFA 21 FUTTIES - Explanation & Predictions
Fifa Coins

What are FUTTIES?

Introduced in FIFA 15, FUTTIES are pink colored IF cards that are voted by FUT communities on PlayStation, Xbox and PC and will be available on transfer market to be sold at a higher price in FUT Coins than the non-IF cards of the same players. So, you could actually play a role in choosing FUTTIES and it usually takes place in July each year.


(Image designed by LifestyleBrot)

What is the date of FIFA 21 FUTTIES?

The FUTTIES voting usually starts in the second half of July each year. Last year, the event was cancelled due to the global pandemic and instead the Summer Heat was up because the European leagues were resumed after a pause because of the Covid-19 virus.

So, this year, we're going back to normal with voting and picking the top players to win FUTTIES upgrades. At the time of writing this article, there's still no word from EA about the exact date of FUTTIES, but you could expect July 21st, 2021 to be the start of the event. The voting usually takes around 5 weeks and then the winners will receive their FUTTIES cards some time late in August.


How to Vote for FUTTIES?

When the campaign begins, you'll be able to vote for each category of FUTTIES. Each category contains 3-4 nominees. When you log in to your account, during the event, you'll be given options to choose between 3-4 players in their base form. The nominees are among the best real-life performers in the past season, just like TOTS or TOTY.

When the voting days are over, the winners will be available as reward items in some SBC, called FUTTIES SBCs.


FUTTIES Categories

The voting takes place for the following categories, with nominees who performed great in each of these categories in real-life football:

  • Safe Hands
  • Tackles
  • Skills
  • Longshots
  • Headers
  • Leadership
  • Weak Foot
  • Position
  • Perfect Link
  • Pace


What to expect during FUTTIES?

During the voting period of FUTTIES, EA gives special rewards, like FUT Packs, Second Chance SBCs, Objectives, etc. You could also choose to buy the FUTTIES cards on transfer market if you think it's too much work to complete the SBCs. WhatsGaming as always celebrates the event with you by providing a special discount code for FUTTIES so the eager gamers can buy their required FUT Coins at a cheaper price than ever with us.

Happy voting and happy winnings!

FIFA 22 - What if: leaks and upgrades
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At this point, we've been blessed with so many great cards through FIFA 22 Future Stars in Ultimate Team, SBCs, and Objectives. But we're here to announce the return of one other fan-favorite promo from FIFA 21, What If. The promo basically generates dynamic FIFA Ultimate Team player cards based on real-life performances. The previous promo players will be replaced by the new What If cards which are basically can be found in SBCs and Objectives as well. Stay with us to find out how the upgrades work and when can you enjoy this promo.

How Do "What If" Cards Work?

We hope that the return of the "What If" promo would be pretty much the same as it was in FIFA 21. In FUT 21, Attackers and Midfielders, also Goalkeepers and Defenders received the What If upgrade differently. What If cards will be upgraded based on team results. This is far different from how Headliners or OTW cards work! These cards are only qualified for a one-time +2 OVR upgrade, depending on if their team fulfills What If scenarios based on real-life football standards.

So when the promo gets released in FUT, hopefully on March 4th, 2022, the tracking starts, and cards are divided into two categories: Offensive & Defensive players. The What If upgrade attitude is not the same for all positions; meaning that the players' positions matter in order to receive an upgrade. Therefore, as we witnessed in FIFA 21, the upgrades are only going to happen if the teams do exactly as follow:

  • Attackers & Midfielders position cards: Player’s club must score a minimum of 6 total goals in their next 5 domestic league matches
  • Defenders & Goalkeepers: Player’s club should be keeping at least 1 clean sheet over their next 5 domestic league matches

Note that only under the above circumstances a player should receive upgrades. So, don't count on Player of the Month (POTM), Team of the Year (TOTY), etc. for boosting your chance. These promos won't affect the What If cards!

The promo gives the upgrades to selected random players and grants them the opportunity of getting an additional boost since the upgrades are live! This is a great chance for players to use the boosted What If cards and break records and have ultimate fun with their teams. Earning a potential rating upgraded card is a joyful moment for every FIFA player so dig in and remember that the system upgrades are going to be released for individual players but only reward you if you're Club performance is based on the "What If" scenario.

FIFA Ultimate Team "What If" predicts

Anyone can be included in this promo but we picked 5 players who haven't been receiving any of the FIFA 22 upgrades, including TOTW, POTM, TOTY, etc. So they have a pretty good chance to be considered as a possible candidate in FIFA Ultimate Team What If upgrades.

  • Dani Carvajal: One of the best right-backs in FIFA, he has a rating card of 85 and is one of the greatest candidates who hasn't received a special card yet.
  • Wilfried Ndidi: 85 Rating, 67 Pace, and 87 Defence. With a little boost in Pacing, he is one of the best meta midfielders in FIFA 22.
  • Edinson Cavani: He is an extremely talented and powerful Striker; based on his performance in Manchester United this season, it's a bit difficult to consider him as a candidate but he still has a pretty good chance.
  • Sergio Busquets: He hasn't been included in any of the recent promos in FIFA 22; so we hope he'd be one of the candidates in the mentioned promo.
  • Presnel Kimpembe: We haven't seen any upgraded version of Kimpembe yet, therefore, it could be his chance to rise and shine in FIFA Ultimate Team this year!

So there you have it. All we know about FUT 22 What If promo. Keep in mind that signing a single great player in a bad team is pointless. After all, the team performance is what matters for completing the scenarios in this promo. If you need new players and don't know how to afford them, WhatsGaming has a good solution for all FIFA players here. Buy discounted FUT Coins from us and use the opportunity for improving your gameplay. The procedure is simple and fun. Between the two given choices for transferring cheap FIFA coins, Comfort Trade & Players Auction, choose one that suits your needs best and order as many coins as you need. WhatsGaming is here to support and help you through the whole thing. Happy gaming!