Icon Swap players in FIFA icons
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The principle of icon swaps is that every FIFA Ultimate Team player can get icons or icon packs. You don't have to put any money into many FIFA Points or the like to play with good Icon players. And also there will be no need to buy FIFA Coins to have icon players in your team.

By completing various tasks, you can earn icon swap players in the seasonal tasks. You collect these until you have the required number for your desired icon.

Since April 24, 2020, the second tasks for the current icon swap selection have been available. The tasks to be completed are very varied. Usually you also meet opponents at Division Rivals who also want to complete these tasks.

There are two different areas in which these tasks can be completed.


Which icon swap task is the best?

Online tasks

  • Fut Champions: Win 12 games in Fut Champions
  • Club loyal players: Win 5 rivals with 11 first-time players in the starting XI
  • World stars: Win 5 rivals games with at least 2 players from Premier League, Ligue 1, Seria A, Bundesliga and LaLiga in your starting XI
  • Top 5 Leagues: Win 4 rival games with 9 first-time players in your starting XI


Offline tasks

  • The Stars and Stripes: Win 5 Squad Battles games (at least difficulty: world class) with 11 US players in the starting XI
  • Conmebol: Win 5 Squad Battles games (at least difficulty: world class) with 11 Conmebol players in the starting XI
  • EFL Championship: Win 5 Squad Battles games (minimum difficulty: world class) with 11 EFL Championship players in the starting XI
  • The team: Win 6 Squad Battles games (minimum difficulty: legend) with 11 Germans in the starting XI

If you have enough icon swap players, you can trade in the squad building challenges on the "Icon Swap" grid for your desired icon or the Prime Icon Pack.

You can get these icons!


  • 6 players = Jari Litmanen PIM *
  • 7 players = David Trezeguet PIM
  • 7 players = Gennaro Gattuso PIM
  • 9 players = Michael Laudrup PIM
  • 9 players = Carles Puyol PIM
  • 9 players = Prime Icon Pack
  • 10 players = Marc Overmar's PIM
  • 10 players = Ruud Gullit baby icon
  • 10 players = Frank Lampard PIM
  • 13 players = Paolo Maldini mid-icon
  • 15 players = Kaka Prime icon
  • 16 players = Kenny Dalglish Mid-Icon
  • 16 players = Ian Rush PIM
  • 16 players = Dennis Bergkamp PIM
  • 18 players = Juan Runan Riquelme PIM
  • 19 players = Diego Maradona Mid-Icon
  • 19 players = Emmanuel Petit PIM
  • 20 players = Fabio Cannavaro PIM
  • 21 players = Carlos Alberto PIM
  • 21 players = Garrincha Prime Icon
  • 23 players = Zinedine Zidane baby icon


These icons are the best!

If you need a defender icon, Paolo Maldini Mid-Icon is the most interesting, with 13 required icon swap players. This card has very strong ingame values. Compared to Fabio Cannavaro, it is the best alternative to this icon swap set.
Paolo Maldini FUT 20 Card 92 CB Icon Swap

However, if you are looking for a midfield icon, Emmanuel Petit is the best choice. You can earn it for 19 icon swap players. Petit is an extremely strong all-rounder. It is an enrichment for every club.

Emmanuel Petit Garrincha FIFA 20 Cards 94 92 Icon Swap

However, if you are looking for an offensive icon card, there are only two options that you should draw. The first is Kenny Dalglish Mid-Icon, for which you have to swap 16 icon swap players. The second option is Garrincha for 21 swap players. Kenny Dalglish is a central offensive icon player and is known for his dribbling and final strength. Garrincha, on the other hand, is more of a winger who can convince with his dribbling and speed.

FIFA 21 Official Trailer, Pre-Order & Release Date
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Yesterday, EA Sports posted the first official video of the long-anticipated FIFA video game, FIFA 21.

The trailer goes on describing the new features that FIFA 21 is bringing for the gamers as well as lots of recorded videos of players scoring in FIFA 21. In this article, we will share details about FIFA 21, how to get the most out of it, how it boost your FUT 21 Coin earnings and so on.


The Most Social FIFA Game Ever!

The first thing you will notice about FIFA 21 is how social interactivity comes into play in the new series of FIFA. The new feature called FUT Co-Op is how EA engages gamers to cooperate in winning games in FUT and receive boosted shared coins as their reward. You can play alone in FUT or you can invite a friend and win together in Division Rivals and the result will be somewhat boosted Fut 21 coins for both of you.

In Co-Op mode in FIFA21, you will have three options: to play Co-op, to assist in Co-op and to play Co-op Rivals. After winning in any of these three modes, you will receive a group rewards which is much better than playing solo.

Another social aspect of FIFA 21 is FUT Events. It's meant to take cooperation into global level. The first thing you need to do is to use Social Media hashtags to promote your team, something like #TeamRashford. And then play in FUT with global gamers joined with you. As a result, club items, FUT 21 packs and coins will be unlocked in FUT Events mode. The community events will bring much bigger shared rewards for each of the globally joined gamers.



When great things happen in real-life Football leagues, such as, great scores, extraordinary free kicks on goal, great saves by the defenders or the goalies, these happenings will be reflected in FIFA 21 as Meaningful Moments and as a result, the FUT 21 cards will receive a skill boost based on that real-life event.

So, for example a great tackle the blows everyone's mind will have an increased tackling skill for that player in FIFA 21.



If you open the Division Rivals and play the Squad Battles, you will be able to find out your skill level through AI. instead of waiting for rank qualifiers who do it manually. So, if your rank is III, IV, V, etc., it will be known in with improvements of Core FUT Mode enabled which makes your game even more rewarding that before.

And if you're up to try something new in FIFA 21, you can choose Live FUT friendly matches, where house rules & squad rules will join to enable diverse matches for you through the whole season.



This section makes really big changes and customization to your stadium possible. With the new FIFA 21 FUT Stadium you will be able to choose the team's cheering style, trophies, welcome music and so on. Change everything you like to make it feel right at home! And the good thing is that your options get better and more advanced in customizing stadiums once your team improves and wins more in FUT.



EA has outdone itself in the 100 FUT icons in FIFA 21! With the upgraded look of football history's superstars such as Pele, Maldini, Cruyff, Eto-o, Ronaldo and many more, you can now work hard to earn the FUT 21 Coins required to buy those great players in your team. With the new technology advancement in PS5 and Xbox Series X, you'll sure have much more fun playing with those icons in your squad, as the movements the graphics & visual effects are much more realistic in FIFA 21. But as we explained in an earlier blog, Nintendo Switch will still use the old technology for playing FIFA 21 and the new generation of consoles is limited to PS and Xbox for now. Luckily we at WhatsGaming offer PS5 FIFA 21 Coins and of course Xbox FIFA 21 Coins for Series X fans.


FIFA 21 Coins Cheap

Now that all the excitement is here to build the squads through hard work, you can have a glance at the other ways around. Since we are gamers ourselves, we care about your experience with FIFA 21. Coins are offered at a really cheap price and fully affordable here, using WhatsGaming's innovative and automated platform. It's really important to make use of an automated system, because the more coins you will need, the more security your account will demand, and WG will make available just that for you. In the past few years we have done our best so our clients accounts never get banned and we have been successful.


In addition to security of the accounts, occasional coupon codes are given away for those who can't buy FIFA 21 coins at the given price. We offer the cheapest possible prices.

Boost Earning FIFA 21 Coins with Co-Ops
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The new release of FIFA, i.e. FIFA 21 comes with a lot of hot new features that makes playing FIFA a fun and adventurous experience. One of the features that requires more than one player is called Co-Op mode. Without having teammates, FIFA may look a bit boring, because you'd have to play lots of games alone.


What is Co-Op in FIFA 21?

Co-Op is EA's new way of getting gamers together by choosing a teammate and playing online or even offline games together. Basically, you will be the captain and you can visit the Co-Op mode. To get to the Co-Op lobby, you will have to pick a partner to play with. All you have to do is to add a username and they will be added as your assistant. Then, you as the captain will choose what to do. You can play Squad Battles, Division Rivals, or Friendly matches. Either one you choose, you will be playing the game and when it's done, the amount of FIFA 21 Coins you will receive will be boosted. This way you can earn FUT 21 coins faster than playing alone.

FIFA 21 Coop Mode

Here are a few questions and answers about Co-Op:

  • Q: How many teammates can I add?
    A: You can add up to three team mates. It means you can play the games as four teammates including you.
  • Q: How to add new friends in Co-op?
    A: Press R2 / RT, after that you should choose your assistant and then you'll see the Co-Op lobby where you can choose the type of game you want to play together.
  • Q: Can the teammate choose what type of game to play?
  • A: No. Only the captain can pick the game mode and once the teammates are ready, the game than begin.


How to make FIFA 21 Coins Faster

Now that we know how playing FIFA 21 together will boost earnings, you may wonder what other ways are there to boost the coins you make in FIFA.

In general, FIFA Coin boost happens when you earn more XP throughout your online battles, with higher levels you achieve the coins you make will be boosted. This is a rewards of improving your team and unlocking higher levels in FIFA 21. Boosted FIFA 21 Coins will be one of the rewards you'd expect in higher levels.

Other than that, there are some objectives in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, that when you complete, you will get a FUT coin boost which is really great. Namely, Division Rivals and Squad Battles are great modes to win more FIFA Coins if you want to increase your balance to buy greater players for your squad.

Of course, you can buy cheap FIFA Coins from WhatsGaming as well. It's an easy way to achieve higher amount of FUT Coins when you don't want to spend a lot of time playing difficult online matches.

Either method you choose, we wish you have a great time playing FIFA 21 just like we are!