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The Top 5 SBC Cards in FC 24 Ultimate Team( TOTS)

In the ever-evolving landscape of FC 24 Ultimate Team, securing top-tier Squad Building Challenge (SBC) cards can be the difference between a good team and an unstoppable force. As enthusiasts chase after the best players to bolster their squads, certain SBC cards stand out as game-changers. Here, we delve into the top 5 SBC cards in FC 24 Ultimate Team, that are not too expensive to acquire, each offering unique advantages and elevating your gameplay to new heights.

5. Alessandro Florenzi:

Florenzi -

Kicking off our list is Alessandro Florenzi, whose versatile playstyle makes him a valuable asset in any position across the pitch. Whether deployed as a full-back, or even a midfielder, Florenzi's well-rounded attributes ensure consistent performance. He has a high-high work rate with notable strengths in pace, passing, and defensive prowess, he seamlessly transitions between offensive and defensive duties, providing crucial support in both phases of play. He also has 90 shooting and 90 dribbling, which makes him solid up-front. Florenzi's adaptability and reliability make him a popular choice among FC 24 enthusiasts seeking stability and flexibility in their lineups. It costs about 80k to complete this SBC.

4. Gheorghe Hagi:

Hagi -

Gheorghe Hagi, claims the fourth spot on our list, captivating fans with his exceptional skill set and playmaking abilities. As an attacking midfielder, Hagi excels in orchestrating the flow of the game, dictating play with his precise passing and dribbling. He has 5-star skill moves and 5-star shooting. His flair for the dramatic is matched only by his clinical finishing, as he consistently delivers crucial goals from midfield with his finesse shot playstyle+. Hagi's presence on the field injects creativity and flair into any team, making him a prized possession for FC 24 managers who prioritize fluid attacking football. It costs about 330k to complete this SBC.

3. Gianluca Zambrotta:

Zambrotta - Futbin

In the third position, we have Gianluca Zambrotta, a defensive stalwart renowned for his impeccable positioning and defensive awareness. As a full-back, Zambrotta provides a solid foundation at the back, effectively nullifying opposition attacks with his timely interceptions and bone-crunching tackles. Beyond his defensive contributions, Zambrotta offers an added dimension to the team's build-up play, with his ability to surge forward and deliver pinpoint crosses into the box. He has 89 defending, 92 pace and the anticipate playstyle+ making him a solid fullback. With Zambrotta anchoring the defense, FC 24 managers can rest assured of resilience and stability in their backline. It costs about 650k to complete this SBC.

2. Claude Makélélé:

Makelele -

Securing the second spot is none other than Claude Makélélé, a midfield enforcer revered for his unparalleled ability to break up opposition attacks and shield the defense. Makélélé's defensive mastery is unrivaled, as he anticipates danger, intercepts passes, and disrupts opposing midfielders with surgical precision. He has a staggering 91 physicality and 90 defending. His presence not only shores up the defensive line but also facilitates smooth transitions from defense to attack, thanks to his astute distribution and composure under pressure. Makélélé's impact on the pitch is undeniable, making him an indispensable asset for FC 24 managers aiming to dominate the midfield battleground. It costs about 580k to complete this SBC.

1. Lucas Vázquez:

Lucas Vazquez -

Claiming the coveted top spot is Lucas Vázquez, whose electrifying pace and clinical finishing make him a nightmare for opposition defenders. This card is ridiculously cheap. Operating primarily as a fullback, Vázquez terrorizes opponents with his blistering speed and dribbling skills, often leaving them trailing in his wake. However, it's not just his offensive prowess that sets him apart; Vázquez's work rate and defensive contributions make him a valuable asset in all phases of the game. He has 93 pace, 92 dribbling, and 91 passing, which is amazing in Ultimate Team. He also possesses the jockey and whipped pace playstyle+, making him a defensive force to be reckoned with. Whether delivering inch-perfect crosses or cutting inside to unleash thunderous strikes, Vázquez consistently delivers match-winning performances for FC 24 managers, cementing his status as the crown jewel of SBC cards in Ultimate Team.  It costs about 110k to complete this SBC.

In conclusion, the top 5 SBC cards in FC 24 Ultimate Team offer a blend of versatility, skill, and tactical nous, each contributing uniquely to their respective teams' success. Whether it's providing defensive solidity, orchestrating attacking moves, or wreaking havoc on the wings, these players elevate gameplay to new heights and hold the key to unlocking victory on FC 24 Ultimate team.

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