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The Top 5 SBCs to Complete in FC 24 Ultimate Team

As every avid FC 24 player knows, completing Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) is a fundamental aspect of Ultimate Team. Whether you're looking to bolster your squad's strength, inject some fresh talent, or simply enjoy the thrill of completing challenges, the world of SBCs offers an array of opportunities. Among the multitude of SBCs available, some stand out as particularly rewarding investments. In this article, we'll explore the top five SBCs to complete in FC 24, ranked in descending order of value and impact.

5. Werner

Coming in at number five on our list is the dynamic forward, Werner. This SBC offers an excellent opportunity to add pace and goal-scoring prowess to your team. Werner's lightning speed and clinical finishing make him a nightmare for opposing defenders. With more upgrades coming in you won’t want to miss out on this card. Whether you're looking to dominate in weekend league matches or secure victory in Division Rivals, Werner's ability to find the back of the net consistently makes him a valuable addition to any squad.

4. Sawa

Next, we have Sawa, a versatile midfielder known for his exceptional passing and vision. Completing this SBC provides a significant boost to your team's creativity and ball distribution. Sawa's ability to dictate the tempo of the game and unlock stubborn defenses with incisive passes makes her an invaluable asset in the midfield. Whether you prefer a possession-based approach or quick, counter-attacking play, Sawa's skill set ensures that your team operates with precision and efficiency.

3. Udogie (Future Star)

Moving up the ranks, we encounter Udogie, a rising star destined for greatness. As a Future Star, Udogie possesses immense defensive ability, and has high/high work rate paired with his ridiculously cheap price tag. Completing this SBC grants you immediate access to a talented player without having to spend too much coin on a great fullback. With his blend of athleticism and skill Udogie has the potential to become the key player for your team at little or no cost.

2. Cannavaro (Future Star)

In the runner-up position, we have Cannavaro, another Future Star whose defensive prowess is unmatched. Cannavaro's ability to make crucial interceptions, and lead the backline with authority makes him a defensive stalwart. Completing this SBC not only shores up your defense but also provides a leader on the field whose influence extends beyond his individual performances. And a solid backline to build your attack from. With Cannavaro marshaling your defense, your team is well-equipped to withstand even the most potent attacking threats.

1. ROLFö

Topping our list of the best SBCs to complete in FC 24 is none other than ROLFö. This electrifying defender possesses a combination of speed, skill, and flair that few can match. Completing this SBC grants you access to a player capable of single-handedly turning the tide of a match with his breathtaking dribbling and clinical defending. Her versatility is what makes her stand out being able to play several positions from defense to attack. ROLFö's ability to create chances out of nothing and unlock stubborn defenses is impressive. And with a lot of forth coming upgrades lined up makes her the crown jewel of any Ultimate Team squad. With ROLFö in the backline, your team is primed for success in any competition.

In conclusion, completing SBCs is an essential strategy for building a formidable squad in FC 24 Ultimate Team. By prioritizing the SBCs mentioned above, you can ensure that your team boasts the talent, depth, and versatility needed to compete at the highest level. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to Ultimate Team, investing in these SBCs is a surefire way to unlock success on the virtual pitch.

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