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There have been a handful of great players released in the SCB (Squad Building Challenges) so far in FC 24, some are out of this world and noticeably special in-game. While others are not just worth the coins and effort, because they do not meet up to the price tag. So after reviewing all the available SBC players, and comparing their performance with their price. We have come up with a list of the Top 5 SBC players to own in FC 24.

 POTM Salah

Seating at a price tag of about 800k coins this is arguably one of the best wingers in the game. He is an explosive player with a staggering 91 pace, that makes him a handful for any defender. With his top-notch dribbling skills and ball control, he is everything you could ask for in a winger. Pairing his Playstyle+ finesse shot with his 90 Shooting makes him a threat in the box and from long ranges as well

Thunderstruck De Jong

For just 300k coins this variation of De Jong is one of the best Central Midfielders in FC 24. Possessing Seven PlayStyles and a Trivela shot PlayStyle+, he is an Overpowered player who can dictate the flow of the Game. With his great Composure, Incisive passes, and ability to retain possession of the ball even when pressed. He gives all other cards in his position a run for their money. Coupled with the fact that he can get upgraded if Barcelona wins their Preceding matches. We highly recommend having this SBC Player.

POTM Mbappe

This SBC Player should have the number 1 spot, but he is quite pricey at 3.5m. So since this is a performance-to-price comparison he had to take this position. It is a juiced-up Kylian Mbappe so the card needs no introductions. He is an absolute menace in-game. His Shooting, Positioning, Speed, Composure, and Dribbling are all of elite class and performed seamlessly. He has a Rapid PlaySytle+ that allow him to burst into max pace easily. Any gamer who can afford him should complete him. He is worth his price.

Thunderstruck Memphis Depay

He is an excellent Striker with 5-star Skill moves. With High Attacking and Defensive Work rate, great Dribbling and Shooting Stats. At 280K, this is one of the best strikers you can get at that price Tag. He is is also upgradable, his 85 Physical makes him a very solid striker who causes problems for defenders. And having a Power Shot Playstyle+ makes him a threat from Short and Long-range.

Radioactive Aubameyang

This SBC Player is a gift from EA. Because for just 80k you get a Fast Prolific Striker, with a 4-star weak foot and a Rapid PlayStyle+. As well as other PlayStyle Important for a Striker. His build helps him ward off defenders, and his pace makes him difficult to mark when he gets going. Overall this player is worth more than his price tag.

In conclusion, If you are looking to boost your squad in FC 24. And do not know which SBC Player to complete. Make sure you look into getting one of these players because they stand out in-game, and you get value for your coins.

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