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Top 5 SBC to Complete on FC 24 in May

FC 24 has always been synonymous with virtual football excellence, and the club's roster of Special Squad Building Challenge (SBC) players reflects this tradition impeccably. These rare gems not only enhance the squad's capabilities but also add a touch of allure to the team. Here, we delve into the top five SBC players who have left an indelible mark on FC 24's illustrious history.

5. Leroy Sané:

Leroy Sané -

Leroy Sané, a dynamic winger with blistering pace and exceptional dribbling skills, occupies the fifth spot on our list. He can glide past defenders with his staggering 96-pace and rapid playstyle+. He can also deliver inch-perfect crosses, which makes him a nightmare for opposition defenses. Sané's versatility allows him to operate on either flank, providing valuable width and creativity to FC 24's attacking play. He has 92 shooting and the power shot playstyle+ so he can let it fly anywhere around the box. His inclusion in the squad injects a potent dose of unpredictability, making him an invaluable asset in crucial match situations. This SBC cost about 400k coins to complete

4. Palacios:

Palacios -

In fourth place, we have Palacios. The midfield maestro is is known for his astute vision and pinpoint passing, aided by his pinged and long ball pass playstyle+ in-game. Palacios orchestrates the rhythm of FC 24's gameplay with his impeccable control and intelligent distribution. His ability to dictate the tempo of the match and unlock stubborn defenses with incisive through balls sets him apart as one of the finest midfielders in the game. Palacios' presence in the heart of the team provides stability and creativity, essential for sustaining attacking momentum and controlling the flow of the game. This SBC is quite cheap, costing just about 250k coins to complete.

3. Lothar Matthäus:

Lothar Matthäus -

Lothar Matthäus, the German football titan, claims the third position on our list. Renowned for his commanding presence in midfield and unparalleled leadership qualities, Matthäus embodies the epitome of a complete footballer. His tenacity in defense and his ability to drive forward and contribute to the attack make him a formidable force on the pitch. He has the power shot playstyle+ and 90 shooting, so he offers a lot while attacking, taking dangerous shots from inside and outside the box. He also has the dead-ball playstyle+ so he is exceptional in set pieces. Matthäus' vast experience and tactical acumen bring a sense of assurance to FC 24's lineup, inspiring confidence in his teammates and instilling fear in opponents. This SBC is quite expensive, as it costs about 1.5M coins to complete

2. Lúcio:

Lúcio -

Taking the runner-up spot is Lúcio, the defensive stalwart renowned for his towering presence and impeccable timing. Lúcio's commanding aerial prowess and fearless tackles make him an indispensable asset in FC 24's backline. He has the anticipate and block playstyle, which makes him very solid defensively. His ability to read the game and intercept opposition attacks with precision epitomizes the art of defending at its finest. Lúcio has 94 defending and 92 physicality, which makes him a proper defensive wall. This card is a very good addition to any team. This SBC cost about 980k coins worth of fodders to complete

1. Ronaldo (R9):

Ronaldo -

At the zenith of our list reigns none other than Ronaldo, fondly known as R9, the epitome of football greatness. Ronaldo's mesmerizing blend of power, pace, and clinical finishing make him a menace in-game. He has the quick-step playstyle+, and his sheer dominance on the pitch strikes fear into the hearts of defenders. He can effortlessly glide past challenges with his 94 dribbling and bury the ball into the back of the net with ruthless precision, aided by his 94 shooting stat. Ronaldo's unparalleled goal-scoring exploits and insatiable hunger for success make him the crown jewel of FC 24's SBC roster. This SBC cost about 2.7M coins to complete, so that's a truckload of fodder.

In conclusion, FC 24 boasts a formidable lineup of SBC players, each contributing their unique skills and talents to the team's success. From the electrifying runs of Leroy Sané to the defensive resilience of Lúcio, and the sheer brilliance of Ronaldo (R9), these players embody the essence of football excellence. As FC 24 continues to strive for glory on the grandest stages of the beautiful game, these SBC luminaries will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the club's destiny for months to come.

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