Watch FIFA 23 Official Trailer- What to expect

Watch FIFA 23 Official Trailer- What to expect © WhatsGaming

You might play other video games besides FIFA and whether it's released by EA Sports or not, many of them are delayed or slow when it comes to releasing an update even if they have announced it officially. That is the difference between those games and FIFA. Each new season brings a new FIFA and that's what we've been witnessing for several years now. No delays and no excuses. A new FIFA is right around the corner and we want to cover everything we know about it. FIFA players are always eager to find more about the game so they can start building strategies for earning more FIFA coins! As we're FIFA players ourselves, we know the feeling is mutual.
You may question when is the new FIFA coming out and what's different than the previous version? To answer your questions, let's take a look at the official trailer that premiered on July 20th.

FIFA 23 Official Trailer and Details

EA Sports uncovered the official FIFA 23 cover starring Kylian Mbappé and Sam Kerr on the Ultimate Edition. On the Standard Edition, Mbappé is the international face of FIFA 23 – with the exception of New Zealand and Australia. As for Australia, Sam Kerr is featured as the cover image here. This makes her the first woman ever on a FIFA cover!

FIFA 23 Official Trailer

This incredible shared trailer for FIFA 23 whilst was so simple, it did clarify some questions for fans including the official FIFA 23 release date which is on September 30, 2022, and/or how the gameplay is! FIFA 23 gameplay while looking similar, in terms of graphic and gameplay changes, is one of the most realistic football simulations using Hypermotion2 technology for creating more realistic and life-like moments for players. On the other hand, Women's club football with dedicated Hypermotion2 captures, World Cup tournaments, and a Cross-play mode where you can play against your friends on various consoles of the same generation, have also been announced as new features of the game. Naturally, more info about the new features will be released on our blog.

FIFA feels different to control every single year without fail for better or worse. It takes a week or so just to take control of the new changes and tweaks. Not to mention a ton of content drops throughout the year (mostly Ultimate Team) where you don't have to spend money at all since the focus on Objectives and SBCs getting stronger each year.

What Consoles Are Supported for FIFA 23?

EA will certainly permit all consoles to run FIFA 23 as before and it is now dropping Hypermotion2 Technology after what we had on the last version. The list of valid consoles is as followed:

  • PlayStation 5

  • PlayStation 4

  • Xbox One

  • Xbox Series X/S

  • PC

  • Stadia

  • Nintendo Switch

FUT Web App Release for FIFA 23

The Companion App or the FUT Web App will release a few weeks before the FIFA 23 launch date. For instance, the Web App for FIFA 21 was released on September 22 while the game was released on October 6, 2020.

What FIFA 23 Editions are Available?

There are mainly two different editions of the game which have various bonuses specific to their platforms.

  • Standard Edition
    • Bonuses: FUT Special Cards and Career Mode homegrown talent
  • Ultimate Edition
    • Bonuses: Early Access, FUT Special Cards, and 4600 FIFA Points

How can you earn FIFA coins in FIFA 23?

The "earning coin" system has always been the same in FIFA. Since WhatsGaming has been offering cheap FIFA coins since FIFA 16, it's important to know that you have other options such as purchasing safe coins from reliable sources like us. You are free to earn coins by playing matches, trading player cards at the Transfer Market, and the same old ways you tried a hundred times before. So if you're up to testing a new way, you can start by buying FIFA 23 coins at our store.

FIFA players are expected to wrap things up in the current version and get ready to transfer to the new version. The new version most probably won't allow gamers to transfer their points and coins from the old version (FIFA 22 to FIFA 23). We saw this happened over and over so we doubt EA would change the situation now, or at least we haven't heard anything new regarding the allowance of carriable items. If anything, WhatsGaming will inform you first! Stay tuned for more info about FIFA 23.

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