Where to Buy FIFA 23 Coins From

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Time has come and the new version of FIFA is around the corner. FIFA 23 as the newest in FIFA series is the gamers' new asset. FIFA as one of the most popular Football simulation games has sold 282 million copies so far (excluding 2022), and is the biggest gaming franchise among sport video games.

FIFA 23 is incomparable with its predecessors as it utilizes the next generation gaming consoles, such as XBOX Series X and PlayStation®5 (PS5). Their new level of rendering capacities has enabled FIFA 23 show off with the most authentic and realistic details, player movements and the feel of really playing Football. Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch users can't enjoy the new graphics because their console hasn't upgraded and they'll see something like FIFA 20 which is not bad. It is still fun and promising with updated players, stadiums, coaches and so on. Lots of bugs have been fixed and the gameplay is definitely better in FIFA 23.


Why FIFA 23 Coins?

Now that FIFA 23 is our new game, building a new squad is the challenge. You can play SBCs, win matches in FUT or even buy FIFA 23 Coins to save up some time in the process of squad building. With purchased FUT 23 Coins, you'd be able to add great stars to your team, such as De Bruyne, Neymar or Messi as well as consumables, arenas, and other items offered in FIFA 23 Transfer Market.

So, buying the coins in FUT 23 is one of your options. It costs a bit, let's say, 10 € per 100K FIFA 23 Coins. So, let's say you already have some coins in your account, but you are 100K down to buy a superstar for your team. Buying those coins will allow you quickly achieve your goal which is an amazing player in this example.

All you have to do is to find a reliable, secure website who knows what they're doing. Because many websites claim to sell secure or safe coins to your FIFA 23 account, but at the end of the day, many users lose their account because of EA spotting the transaction as unnatural would result in the account getting banned, which is disastrous. Next, you will read how to find a trustworthy FIFA Coin website to avoid future problems with your account. Please read carefully.


Where to Buy FIFA 23 Coins From?

As you know, there are tons of websites out there who claim to be the best FIFA Coin website, with different ages and backgrounds. If you're an old fan of FIFA, you may already know the best ones. It's really recommended to work with the known popular websites to buy FIFA Coins instead of pushing your luck with the unknown sites who appear overnight and may disappear in 2 weeks.

That being said, trusting websites is a big deal because in Comfort Trade transfer method for example, you will be giving your account login information and backup codes to the 3rd party company to transfer coins for you. If they are not a well reputed coin selling company, your new experience may not be as satisfactory as you expect.

Here are some qualifications that a coin selling company or website must have:

  • Safety tips should be provided by the seller, such as the number of FIFA 23 Coins that your account should have before buying more. These safety instructions will prevent your account to get banned by EA.
  • FIFA Coin selling website should have a fast, secure (SSL certified) website with an online support to resolve possible issues in transferring coins.
  • The reviews must be checked. Make sure the coin seller company have really positive reviews on famous review collecting websites, such as Trustpilot.
  • There should be a refunding or cash-back system

With these qualities available, you can trust the FIFA23-Coin seller website. WhatsGaming not only provides all of those features, but also utilizes an innovative and fully automated platform that makes it incomparable with other FIFA Coin websites. WhatsGaming's secure and automated Player Auction system is designed for your facility and ease of use. You will be able to login as guest (no need to input your email address or provide a password or your real name), and then after payment you will be instructed automatically step by step about how to place players on Transfer Market and then the system will buy those players at a higher price than usually are sold in FIFA 23. And that way, you will receive extra FIFA 23 Coins and by repeating the process several times, the amount of additional FUT 23 Coins you receive will be as much as the coins you paid for in the first step.


How to Avoid Getting Scammed in FIFA 23

Since FIFA 23 is new and there's a huge deal of competition out there, there are people who try to find shortcuts by stealing from other gamers. We have explained in details in this article about scammers in FIFA 23 and how to avoid being scammed while buying FIFA 23 Coins.

Basically, Twitter and Facebook coin sellers are of higher chance of being scammers as they don't have a website or a trustable base where you can track your transaction and report or ask for support in case something goes wrong. So, social media coin sellers should be the last entities to trust for buying FUT coins. The websites however can also be scams. Earlier in this article, we covered what qualities are necessary to be assessed before making any financial transactions with any website. So, make sure the website complies with all those standards and also perform a background check in addition to the review systems, for example sharing your intention to buy FIFA 23 Coins from the given site in forums, to see what experiences other users have had with that site and if they are satisfied of the results.

When you find a website like WhatsGaming who always keeps the customers satisfied and has a purely positive profile in selling FIFA Coins, you will be able to buy more coins in future without going on the bothersome background checking procedure on and on. Stay safe with WhatsGaming. We hope to see you on the field, enjoying your new star players in your squad. Stay with us with more informative blogs about FIFA 23. Cheers.

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