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If anything is unclear to you, just click on our detailed tutorial videos explaining each step and the benefits of our transfer system.

  • How do I buy FIFA coins from WhatsGaming?

    In principle, just as if you were placing an order on Amazon. If you are unsure, just watch this video. Here we explain briefly and concisely how you can buy FIFA Coins quickly and easily at WhatsGaming. In this regard, we offer several options for how you can buy FUT Coins on our website. First, our slider on the home page. In addition, we have set up another subpage, where you can buy FIFA Coins with a 3-Step-menu as easy as possible. And last but not least, we also offer the classic product pages.

  • How do I navigate on your website?

    If you are wondering how our website is structured in detail, then this video is helpful. Here we explain how you can navigate on our site. You will also find out how you can use your account area and where you can check your already completed orders. You will also learn about our discount program, where you can benefit from attractive discounts every season and how you can effortlessly switch between Comfort Trade and Player Auction if necessary.

  • How does Player Auction with Goldplayers work?

    In this video you will learn what Player Auction is about and how it works with gold on our website. With our system you can transfer your FIFA Coins yourself automatically 24/7 with only 500 FIFA Coins on your account. And after you have transferred the first 50,000 FIFA Coins with gold players, you can quickly and easily switch to the special cards. Here, the transfer of FUT Coins is even more convenient and faster. And, of course, we guarantee your account security with this method as well!

  • What is Player Auction with Special Cards?

    In this video you will find out why our Player Auction system is currently the best on the market. Our system is not only 100% secure, we also cover the player purchase costs and the 5% EA Tax. Yes, you heard that right. With us you do NOT have to pay the purchase costs of the players that are required for the FUT Coin Transfer. In addition, our system also calculates the 5% EA Tax so that we can cover the EA Tax as well. You get exactly the amount of FIFA Coins that you paid for.

  • What is Comfort Trade?

    In this video you will learn what Comfort Trade actually means and how this transfer method works for us. You store your FIFA account data at Comfort Trade and our suppliers will transfer the FIFA coins securely while you are sitting on the couch and watching Netflix. Our Comfort Trade Panel is very easy to use. You only have to enter your FIFA Origin account data and your backup codes in our mask and start the coin transfer with a click on "Start". Then we will inform you live about the progress of your order. You will be informed when your order is finished.

Player Auction

Buy FIFA 21 Coins

FIFA 21 coins are the most important ingame currency in FIFA 21, because you can use them on the transfer market, unlike FIFA Points.  Because you are here, you must be a FIFA Player. If you are looking for some reliable channel way to safely buy FIFA 21 Coins, then look no further. You have come to the best place. WhatGaming has been a professional and reliable FIFA Coinseller for years, specializing exclusively in FIFA Ultimate Team. We therefore concentrate exclusively on optimizing our transfer methods for the most popular sports video game called FIFA. Ever since we came into the game back in 2016, we have grown to earn a huge customer base and trust from our customers. They now have their own site for FIFA 21. Once you buy FIFA Coins from us, you will usually become a regular customer. On the one hand this is due to our innovative website, where you can buy 24/7 cheap FIFA 21 Coins. On the other hand we have a customer service that plays FIFA itself and therefore knows the game and its specifics in every way.

As a professional, experienced FIFA Coins store, WhatsGaming has offered coin services to thousands of FIFA Players for about 4 years now. We never run out of stock, and we have sufficient for all consoles, such as PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and PC.

Player Auction

Safe FIFA Coin Transfer

There are so many things that make us the best FIFA 21 Coins website to many FIFA fans.  Our greatest advantage is probably the guaranteed security when transferring FIFA Coins. We offer you a 48-hour guarantee after each FIFA coin transfer. For example, this is one reason why you should buy FIFA Coins at WhatsGaming. If you do so, you are always on the safe side. We are second to none when it comes to secure and safe FIFA Coin transfer because our fully automated transfer systems, whether for Comfort Trade or a player auction, are currently the best on the entire market. We not only offer you a secure transfer of FIFA 21 Coins, but also an overview of the status of your order. Our innovative and fully automated transfer methods are reliable, 100% safe and easy to use. And we have already proved season by season since FIFA 16.

There are many other reasons you should choose to buy FUT 21 Coins from us:

  • Cheapest FIFA Coin price

We are in this industry to make FIFA gaming better not to exploit anyone. For this reason, we try to provide all our clients with the best price in the market. The bigger we get, the better conditions we can get from our suppliers. And we are currently multiplying our customer base season by season. So you can be sure that we can decrease our FIFA Coin prices season by season. At WhatsGaming, we are dedicated to providing only the most reasonable and extremely comforting pricing. We also provide instant payment to ensure that there are no inconveniences.

  • Fastest FUT Coin delivery

At WhatsGaming, we provide topnotch services to our clients. We are known for our fastest delivery once the payment is done.

  • Payment options

We offer you a variety of payment options. With us, no matter which country you come from, you will always find the most convenient payment method for you. We also offer different currencies, GBP, USD, EUR. Our system automatically recognizes which country you come from and assigns you the right currency.

  • WhatsApp Service

If you have any questions regarding buying FIFA 21 Coins and, or about FIFA Coin transfer safety, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our customer service providers are fluent in English and German languages. You can contact our customer service via WhatsApp or E-Mail for instant help. We are available on WhatsApp every day from to Our online customer representatives will support you with whatever issue you are having concerning buying FIFA Coins.


We offer you two fully automated transfer panels for Comfort Trade as well as for Player Auction, with which you can transfer your FIFA coins 24/7 fully automated and secure to your FIFA account. If you want to buy FIFA 21 Coins for the Playstation, choose the menu item PS4 or PS5, if you want to buy FIFA 21 Coins for the XBOX One, click on XBOX One and for PC FIFA 21 Coins, of course, click on PC.

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