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Buy PS5 FIFA 21 Coins with Comfort Trade

With the technological advances that the new Play Station generation (aka. PS5) utilizes, games could present better graphics and more realistic moves and gameplay, and so does FIFA 21. Coins are still the main exchange currency in FUT 21. They make any transaction in Transfer Market possible. Therefore, just like the previous versions of FIFA, coins are the most wanted goodies among gamers.

You're ought to play enough games online and win so you'd earn enough PS5 FIFA 21 coins so you'd be able to buy a new star player for your squad. As an alternative, you'd play the boresome SBCs and as a final solution to avoid the pain, you could choose to buy PS5 FUT Coins.

Now, for buying coins you have options. Here we will present the most popular method to transfer coins to your account: Comfort Trade

Comfort Trade is the most convenient way to buy FIFA 21 FUT Coins. Here's how it works:

First, you will go to WhatsGaming's home page and choose the amount of PS5 FIFA 21 Coins you need and then choose Comfort Trade for your transfer method. You'll then pick the console (PS5 or Play Station in this case) and then make the payment. Once the payment has been made successfully, you'd be asked to share your account's login information as well as the answer to security question and your 6 backup codes. If you don't have your backup codes, don't worry, with the tutorial presented here, you'd be able to find your backup codes and share them with WhatsGaming. Once you register your information, a progressbar will pop up and you'll be monitoring the steps until it reaches the last step and shows the transaction has been completed. That's all! So, you won't have to lift a finger to transfer the FUT 21 Coins, unlike the other methods used in coins transferring.

Advantages of Buying FIFA 21 Coins with Comfort Trade

One of the key advantages of comfort trade is that it doesn't require any help or action from your side. You'd just share the credentials with a trusted PS5 FIFA 21 Coin seller website like WhatsGaming and then lay back and drink your coffee while the experts take care of the job.

It's prohibited that you log in to your account while the transaction is being made as it causes security issues and could result in your account getting banned.

Another good thing about comfort trade in buying PS5 FUT 21 Coins is that you won't have to deal with EA's 5% tax. As you know, if you sell a card, EA gets 5% of your income, but since in comfort trade, you don't sell any card and the coin seller site simply does the whole job for you, the amount of coins you'll receive will be exactly the same amount as you paid for, and that's an advantage compared to the time you make coins with selling cards.

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