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How to Buy FUT 23 Coins Safe?

You might be wondering if buying FIFA 23 coins is safe, is it legal? Won't you get banned by EA? These are the questions that come to your mind when you decide to make a payment for a bunch of coins to add in your FIFA 23 account.

There are many websites and entities in different social media platforms that offer coins of FIFA 23. However one must be really careful and skeptic when dealing with them. Lots of scammers and bad sellers out there. Your account can easily break EA's laws and get banned, and that's the least could happen to you.

That's why we always encourage our users to check a couple of things before making any payment for the coins:

  • Make sure the site has good reviews.
  • Check if the site has a valid SSL certificate and the domain age is long enough.
  • Check if there's a daily transfer limit
  • Talk to the customer service before buying coins to make sure they're legitimate.
  • There should be more than one method in case you get some errors for transferring the credits to your FIFA account.
  • There should be a refund policy in case you couldn't use the coins after payment.

WhatsGaming luckily passes all those criteria that makes it the safest website when you buy FIFA 23 coins. Additionally, we have a 48-hour guarantee just to make sure our customers won't lose anything when they're buying coins from us. It won't be necessary, though, since we have a safe platform to buy FIFA 23 money, designed to keep your account secure and won't break any of EA's laws while transferring the FUT coins.

Buy FIFA 23 Coins Cheap

How can you buy FIFA coins really cheap? We at WhatsGaming offer the cheapest possible Fut coins to buy. We have a special method by which you can buy your coins. We cover the 5% tax of EA, therefore, the price you pay for the coins will be cheaper than other websites. We also give special discounts on occasional FUT Events. You can easily pay 10% less if you buy during a hot event in FIFA. Additionally, there will be promos, discount codes and even FIFA 23 Coin giveaways in our Instagram Channel that you can benefit from. We do everything to keep our customers satisfied of the services. We bet you can't find cheaper FIFA 23 coins anywhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions For Buying FUT Coins

How long can I keep the coins in my WhatsGaming Account?

There is no rush. You can transfer the coins any time you wish. You can keep the credits until the new version of FIFA is released. And even if you couldn't use them, you can ask for a refund or you use the coins in the new FIFA version.

Do I need transfer market access on WebApp to download the coins to my FIFA account?

There are two coin transfer methods in WhatsGaming platform. Both are automated, safe and quick. Player Auction is a method for which you don't need to have transfer market on WebApp or Companion App. However, if you want to use Comfort Trade, you will need it. You can test WebApp access yourself. Just log in to WebApp and after login, go to transfers. If you see a message in the top of the page, it means you have not gained access to transfer market for WebApp yet. Then you can play the game for a few more days to unlock web app or simply choose Player Auction (not possible for PC, only for PS and Xbox).

How long does it take to transfer the coins to my FIFA?

For 1M coins it will take like 3 hours (or less). If you buy less coins, for example 200k, well, you can be sure it will be done in less than one hour.

Can I play while coin transfer?

No, you need to stay logged out during coin transfer. If you log in, the transfer will interrupt and as a result, you will get your coins for a longer time.

Is it safe?

WhatsGaming is proven as the safest platform in the market for buying FIFA 23 coins. You can be sure that nothing will happen to your account, simply because we have devised all safety measures to keep you safe. Moreover, we have a 48h guarantee policy to compensate in case (one in a million) anything goes wrong. So, there is no need to worry.

Can I ask for a refund?

Yes, we refund the orders if the user changes his / her mind or there's some problem that our user cannot use the coins. You can contact our customer service and we will refund 100%  of the payment. Paypal refunds are instant. It means, right after we refund, you will have the money back in your account. Other payment methods will take a few days or up to 3 weeks in case of credit card payment.

Where do I start?

Here you can choose the console you're playing FIFA 23 on. You can choose Play Station, Xbox or PC by clicking on the console's icon below. Then you will have two options for transfer method. Comfort Trade is recommended because it's easier and safer. If you're playing FIFA 23 on PC, you can only choose Comfort Trade, because Player Auction is only for PS and Xbox. After you make the payment, you will be able to switch transfer method, so you don't have to worry about it at this point.

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