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How It Works


How It Works

How It Works


Along with PS4, the XBOX One is the most popular gaming console in the world. Just over 30% of the total number of FIFA players play the latest edition of football simulation on the XBOX every year. The most popular mode is always the same, no matter which console, it's FIFA Ultimate Team.

But without FIFA Coins, there will be close to no success at FIFA Ultimate Team. So, where to take coins from if not stealing? It is certainly possible to earn FIFA coins with Squad Building Challenges and the Weekend League, but your usually wouldn't be able to get enough FUT Coins for a Ronaldo, Messi or a strong icon like Pele or Maradonna. So you'll have to buy XBOX FIFA Coins from somewhere, but how and where from are the crucial questions that need to be answered.

For example, FIFA coins for XBOX One are available on WhatsGaming.Net at any time, 365 days a year. If you want to buy FUT Coins XBOX from us, you can choose between two transfer methods: Comfort Trade and Player Auction. With Comfort Trade, you can easily and conveniently share your account details with us and our suppliers will transfer your purchased XBOX FIFA coins quickly and securely to your account. If you have chosen player auction transfer method from us, after purchasing your X1 FIFA Coins, you can have the FIFA Coins paid out at any time using our system in a fully automated manner. While you have to log out of your FIFA Ultimate Team account with Comfort Trade method, you can simply continue playing with player auction FIFA Coin transfer method while our system transfers the ordered FUT coins.

Tips for buying XBOX One FIFA Coins

There are many ways on the World Wide Web to buy FIFA Coins XBOX. With so many providers, you quickly lose track. Where can I find the cheapest XBOX FIFA Coins? Whom can I trust when buying FIFA coins for the X1, that they will handle my FIFA account data properly and that the XBOX One FIFA Coins will be transferred securely.

At WhatsGaming.net, you are at the right place when it comes to buying XBOX One FIFA Coins safely, without having to worry about whether your account getting banned. We are characterized by years of experience, and are enthusiastic FIFA players even to this day and therefore we claim to offer you the best and, above all, the safest service that you can ask for when buying XBOX Fifa Coins. But what distinguishes us and how can you distinguish a reputable FIFA Coins provider from, is a dubious one. Let's start with some basic things that you should consider not only at FIFA Coin-seller, but generally at websites:

  1. Is the legal notice complete?
  2. Is there a telephone contact option?
  3. Are there general terms and conditions and a right of withdrawal?
  4. Are the texts on the website correct and in fluent English?
  5. Is there a valid SSL protocol?

If you can answer YES to these questions, check out the FIFA Ultimate Team website:

  1. Is there any content worth reading about FIFA Ultimate Team in the blog?
  2. Are the transfer methods, comfort trade and player auction, sufficiently explained?
  3. Are there any tutorials that will make coin transfer easier for you?
  4. Is there a customer service who knows how to transfer FIFA Coins securely?
  5. Are the FIFA Coins cheap?
  6. Are there well-run social media channels around the FIFA Ultimate Team?

If you can answer these questions with YES, then you can buy XBOX One FUT Coins with a clear conscience on this website.

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