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Alejandro Garnacho Copa America Make Your Mark SBC Player Review and Ratings

In FC 24 Ultimate Team, the release of special Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) adds an exciting dynamic to the game, allowing players to enhance their squads with unique cards. One such card is the Alejandro Garnacho Copa America Make Your Mark SBC card. This card celebrates Garnacho’s potential impact in the Copa America, featuring impressive stats and playstyle attributes. Garnacho, a young talent making waves in international football, is poised to leave a mark, and this SBC card encapsulates his potential and skill set. Let’s explore the different facets of this card and how it can influence your team. This SBC costs about 480k coin worth of fodder to complete.

Alejandro Garnacho -

Explosive Pace

One of the standout features of the Alejandro Garnacho Make Your Mark card is his explosive pace. With an acceleration rating of 99 and the Rapid playstyle+, Garnacho can outrun most defenders with ease. This blistering speed makes him a constant threat on the wings, allowing for quick breakaways and creating numerous scoring opportunities. His ability to burst past opponents will be invaluable in counter-attacking scenarios and high-pressure matches.

Pace in FC 24 is crucial, and Garnacho's maximum acceleration allows him to quickly exploit gaps in the defense. Whether it's starting from a standing position or making a late run into the box, his speed gives him an edge that few defenders can match. His rapid pace not only helps in attacking transitions but also keeps the opposition's defense on their toes, creating space for his teammates. 

Alejandro Garnacho's Market Price 


Despite his incredible pace, Garnacho’s physicality is somewhat lacking. With an overall physicality rating of 80 and a strength rating of 70, he might struggle in physical duels against stronger defenders. This limitation means he could be easily outmuscled, reducing his effectiveness in hold-up play and aerial battles. While his agility and balance are top-notch, the lower strength rating requires players to utilize his speed and dribbling to avoid direct physical confrontations.

The physical aspect of Garnacho's game can be seen as a double-edged sword. While his agility and balance ratings of 99 allow him to maneuver through tight spaces and evade challenges, his lack of strength means that once a defender catches up, Garnacho might find it challenging to maintain possession. This necessitates a playstyle that leverages his dribbling and speed, keeping him away from physical confrontations and focusing on his ability to glide past opponents.

Shooting Prowess

Garnacho’s shooting prowess is solid but could be better considering the stage of the game. With a shooting rating of 90, he can finish chances effectively, especially with his finesse shot playstyle+ enhancing his ability to curve the ball into the net. However, as the game progresses and more cards with higher shooting stats become available, this rating might feel slightly underwhelming. Players might wish for a higher shooting stat to match his other elite attributes.

Nonetheless, his attacking positioning rating of 96 ensures that he is always in the right place at the right time to capitalize on scoring opportunities. His high-medium work rate means he stays forward, always ready to receive the ball and make an impact. While his shooting is good, the expectation for future upgrades based on his performance in the Copa America adds an exciting potential for improvement.

Garnacho’s Stats

Playmaking Abilities

Garnacho’s playmaking abilities are another strong aspect of this card. With a passing rating of 92 and the Pinged Pass playstyle+, he excels at distributing the ball accurately and efficiently. His ability to deliver pinpoint passes can unlock defenses and set up teammates for scoring opportunities. Combined with his high attacking positioning of 96, Garnacho can both create and exploit spaces, making him a dual threat in the final third.

His playmaking skills are complemented by his vision and the ability to execute a variety of passes, from short, quick exchanges to long, defense-splitting through balls. This versatility makes him not just a scorer but also a facilitator, capable of orchestrating plays and bringing teammates into the game. His passing ability ensures that even when he's not directly involved in scoring, he remains a crucial part of the offensive buildup.

Dribbling Attribute

Dribbling is where Garnacho truly shines. With a dribbling rating of 95, agility at 99, and balance at 99, he is nearly untouchable when on the ball. These attributes, paired with his 5-star skill moves and Trickster playstyle+, make him a dribbling maestro capable of weaving through defenses with ease. His close control and quick footwork allow for spectacular solo runs and creative play, making him one of the most exciting dribblers in the game.

The 5-star skill moves mean that players can execute a wide range of skill moves, adding flair and unpredictability to their attacks. This, combined with his rapid acceleration and agility, makes Garnacho an excellent choice for players who enjoy a skillful and dynamic style of play. His dribbling prowess ensures that he can maintain possession in tight spaces, drawing defenders and creating opportunities for himself and his teammates.

Garnacho's Base Info

Upcoming Upgrades

The Alejandro Garnacho Make Your Mark player item is eligible for several upgrades based on his performance in the Copa America starting from June 14. The upgrade conditions are as follows:

  1. Makes Tournament debut in the Copa America (+Chemistry)
  2. For Attackers and Midfielders, Player achieves 2 Goals/Assists in the Copa America (+1 OVR Upgrade)
  3. Makes 5 appearances in the Copa America (+1 OVR Upgrade)

If Garnacho achieves any of these upgrades prior to the release, they will already be applied to the card. These potential upgrades add an exciting layer of anticipation, as his performance in real-life tournaments can directly enhance his in-game capabilities. This feature makes the card more interactive and keeps players engaged, rooting for Garnacho’s success in the Copa America.

These upgrades not only boost his overall rating but can significantly improve specific attributes, potentially addressing some of the current shortcomings of the card, such as his shooting or physicality. The possibility of upgrades based on real-world performance adds an extra dimension of excitement and investment for players using this card.

Garnacho's Playstyle+


While the Alejandro Garnacho Make Your Mark card has numerous strengths, it does have a few drawbacks. The physicality of the card is notably poor, with a strength rating of just 70, making him vulnerable in physical duels. Additionally, while his shooting is good, a rating of 90 might feel insufficient as the game evolves and other cards boast superior shooting stats. Players might find themselves desiring a higher shooting rating to fully capitalize on his attacking positioning and finishing potential.


The Alejandro Garnacho Copa America Make Your Mark SBC card is a dynamic and exciting addition to FC 24 Ultimate Team. With explosive pace, exceptional dribbling, and strong playmaking abilities, Garnacho can be a game-changer on the pitch. However, his lower physicality and slightly underwhelming shooting rating may require players to adapt their playstyle to fully utilize his strengths. The potential for upcoming upgrades based on his Copa America performance adds a layer of excitement, making this card a worthwhile consideration for any squad. We give this SBC a 7 Rating, because the card could be an endgame card.

Incorporating Garnacho into your team brings a blend of speed, creativity, and technical skill. His presence can elevate the overall gameplay experience, providing moments of brilliance and match-winning contributions. As the Copa America unfolds, players will be eagerly watching Garnacho’s performances, hoping for the upgrades that will make this card even more formidable. Whether you’re a fan of his real-world potential or simply seeking a versatile and exciting player for your Ultimate Team, Garnacho’s Make Your Mark card offers plenty of reasons to be excited.

We will share more updates on FC 24 in separate articles. If you found this information helpful or would like to learn more, please explore the other articles on our site.

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