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Top Top 4 Overpowered Defenders in FC 24 Ultimate Team

In the highly competitive realm of FC 24 Ultimate Team, building a solid defense is essential for achieving success. Among the numerous defenders available, a select few stand out due to their exceptional stats and unique abilities, making them the most overpowered (OP) choices in the game. These defenders possess a combination of pace, physicality, and defensive prowess that can transform any squad into an impenetrable fortress. In this article, we will explore the top four OP defenders in FC 24 Ultimate Team who can elevate your team's performance and secure victory.

4. Rio Ferdinand (TOTY Icon)

Rio Ferdinand’s TOTY Icon card is a tribute to his legendary career and reflects his dominance on the pitch. Ferdinand's defending is extraordinary, allowing him to make crucial interceptions and tackles that can turn the tide of any match. His physicality ensures that he can outmuscle most attackers, providing a strong presence at the back. Moreover, his pace allows him to keep up with even the fastest forwards, ensuring they don't get away easily.

Rio Ferdinand -

Ferdinand’s ability to anticipate the play is enhanced by his Anticipate Playstyle+, making him exceptionally good at reading the game and positioning himself to intercept passes and block shots. Additionally, his Slide Tackle Playstyle+ means he rarely misses a tackle, with a particularly impressive 94 slide tackle rating. These attributes combine to make Ferdinand a defensive powerhouse who can anchor any backline with authority.

Ferdinand Market Price

3. Ronald Araujo (Copa America Path to Glory)

Ronald Araujo's Copa America Path to Glory card has made waves in FC 24 Ultimate Team. Araujo is a defensive giant, capable of shutting down the best attackers with ease. His pace allows him to keep up with quick strikers, while his exceptional defending and physicality ensure that he wins most duels. His Block Playstyle+ makes him particularly effective at intercepting shots and passes, providing a reliable last line of defense.

Ronald Araujo -

Araujo also excels in distributing the ball, thanks to his Long Ball Playstyle+, which allows him to start counterattacks effectively. The Slide Tackle Playstyle+ further enhances his defensive capabilities, making him a formidable presence in one-on-one situations. An exciting aspect of Araujo's card is the potential for upgrades. With just one more win, he is poised to reach a 96 overall rating, which would make him one of the top defenders in the game, adding even more value to his already impressive stats.

Araujo's Market Price

2. William Saliba (UEFA Euro Path to Glory)

William Saliba’s UEFA Euro Path to Glory card is one of the most sought-after in FC 24. Saliba combines exceptional defensive skills with the physical attributes needed to dominate in the backline. His pace is a crucial factor, allowing him to keep up with the fastest attackers, while his dribbling ability enables him to carry the ball out of defense confidently.

William Saliba -

Saliba’s defending is top-notch, with a standout 98 stand tackle, ensuring he wins the ball cleanly and effectively. His Slide Tackle Playstyle+ and Anticipate Playstyle+ make him adept at both stopping attacks and predicting opponents' movements. Additionally, his Aerial Playstyle+ means he is a threat in the air, both defensively and offensively during set pieces.

Saliba’s Market Price

Given France’s strong prospects in the Euros, Saliba is likely to receive further upgrades. If France reaches the finals and wins, we could see a 99-rated card with four playstyle plus attributes, making Saliba an endgame card that every player would desire. His combination of speed, strength, and tactical awareness makes him a complete defender who can significantly enhance any team.

1. Virgil van Dijk (UEFA Euro Make Your Mark)

At the pinnacle of defensive excellence in FC 24 is Virgil van Dijk's UEFA Euro Make Your Mark card. Van Dijk’s stats are nothing short of phenomenal, making him the ultimate defender in the game. His pace allows him to keep up with the fastest attackers, while his defending is impeccable, ensuring he wins most tackles and interceptions.

Van Dijk -

Van Dijk’s physical presence is unmatched, with extraordinary jumping and strength making him dominant in aerial duels. His Block Playstyle+ and Anticipate Playstyle+ make him highly effective at reading the game and stopping attacks before they become dangerous. Additionally, his Long Ball Playstyle+ enhances his ability to launch counterattacks with precise long passes, and his Slide Tackle Playstyle+ ensures he wins the ball back cleanly and efficiently.

Van Dijk’s Market Price

Having four playstyle plus attributes is a game-changer, making van Dijk a proper beast on the field. The Netherlands' strong defensive record in the Euros means van Dijk is likely to receive a plus one upgrade if they secure two clean sheets, potentially reaching a 98+ rating. Such a high-rated van Dijk would be insane, solidifying his status as the most OP defender in FC 24 Ultimate Team.


In the competitive landscape of FC 24 Ultimate Team, the importance of a formidable defense cannot be overstated. Rio Ferdinand, Ronald Araujo, William Saliba, and Virgil van Dijk each bring their own unique set of skills and attributes, making them the top overpowered defenders in the game. Their exceptional stats, combined with the potential for further upgrades, ensure that they can elevate any squad to new heights.

By incorporating these defenders into your team, you not only strengthen your backline but also enhance your overall gameplay. Whether it's Ferdinand's legendary interceptions, Araujo's commanding presence, Saliba's tactical prowess, or van Dijk's all-around excellence, these players provide the reliability and dominance needed to secure victories. Embrace the defensive power of these top-tier defenders and watch as your Ultimate Team reaches its full potential.

We will share more updates on FC 24 in separate articles. If you found this information helpful or would like to learn more, please explore the other articles on our site.

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