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Ronald Araújo Copa América Path to Glory SCB Player Review and Rating

Ronald Araújo has established himself as one of the most promising defenders in the world of football. The Uruguayan center-back, known for his imposing physical presence and remarkable defensive abilities, has been a key player for both his club and national team. In FC 24, Araújo's Path to Glory card for the Copa América event has captured the attention of gamers and football enthusiasts alike. This review will delve into the various aspects of Araújo's Path to Glory card, from his impressive pace to his defensive dominance, and explore the potential upgrades that could make this card an endgame asset.

Ronald Araújo -

Impressive Pace

One of the standout features of Ronald Araújo's Path to Glory card is his impressive pace. With a pace rating of 92, Araújo is exceptionally fast for a central defender. This speed is crucial in FC 24, where defenders are often required to chase down quick attackers and recover from high defensive lines. Araújo's pace allows him to effectively track back and neutralize fast breakaways, making him an invaluable asset in both defensive and counter-attacking scenarios.

Araújo's ability to keep up with the fastest forwards in the game is a significant advantage. His speed, combined with his physical presence, ensures that he can cover large areas of the pitch and provide support to his teammates when needed. Whether it's closing down an opponent or making a last-ditch tackle, Araújo's pace is a game-changer.

Araújo's Basic Info

Defensive Dominance

Araújo's defensive capabilities are the cornerstone of his Path to Glory card. With an overall defending rating of 95, he is a defensive powerhouse. His stand tackle and slide tackle ratings of 95 each make him one of the most reliable tacklers in the game. Araújo excels in one-on-one situations, using his tackling abilities to dispossess opponents and halt attacks.

The block playstyle+ further enhances Araújo's defensive prowess. This playstyle allows him to effectively block shots and passes, adding an extra layer of security to the defense. His reaction rating of 92 ensures that he can quickly respond to dynamic situations on the pitch, intercepting passes and winning crucial duels. Araújo's defensive intelligence and positioning make him a formidable presence in the backline.

Physical Capability

Physicality is another area where Araújo shines. With a physical rating of 95, he is a dominant force on the pitch. His strength, rated at 97, allows him to overpower even the most robust forwards. Araújo's physicality is not just about brute strength; it also encompasses his ability to maintain balance and composure under pressure.

Araújo's jumping rating of 99 is particularly noteworthy. This attribute makes him nearly unbeatable in aerial duels, both defensively and offensively. His power header playstyle ensures that he can clear balls from defensive set-pieces and pose a significant threat during attacking set-pieces. Araújo's aerial ability is a crucial asset in defending high balls and corners, making him a well-rounded defender.

Araújo's Key Stats

Aerial Prowess

Araújo’s aerial prowess is one of his defining characteristics. With a heading accuracy rating of 94 and a jumping rating of 99, he is almost unbeatable in aerial duels. This makes him a dominant force in both defensive and offensive situations. Defensively, Araújo can clear crosses and long balls with ease, providing a reliable shield against aerial threats. Offensively, his heading accuracy and power header playstyle make him a significant threat during set-pieces, capable of scoring crucial goals from corners and free-kicks.

Araújo's ability to win aerial duels consistently is a testament to his timing and athleticism. His height of 6'2" further adds to his aerial dominance, allowing him to outjump most opponents. This aerial prowess is crucial in maintaining defensive stability and posing a constant threat during attacking set-pieces.

Araújo’s Playstyle+

Playmaking Abilities

While primarily known for his defensive and physical attributes, Araújo's playmaking abilities should not be overlooked. With a short pass rating of 99 and a long pass rating of 92, Araújo is more than capable of initiating plays from the back. His passing skills allow him to distribute the ball accurately and effectively, transitioning from defense to attack seamlessly.

Araújo's vision rating of 82 ensures that he can spot and execute long balls to forwards, aiding in quick counter-attacks. His long ball playstyle+ further enhances his ability to deliver precise long passes, creating opportunities for his teammates. Araújo's playmaking abilities make him a well-rounded defender, capable of contributing to the team's overall play

Heading Traits

Araújo's heading traits complement his aerial prowess perfectly. His power header playstyle ensures that his headers are not only accurate but also powerful. This makes him a reliable target during set-pieces and an essential player in both attacking and defensive scenarios. Whether it's clearing a dangerous cross or scoring from a corner, Araújo's heading traits make him a versatile and valuable player.

His ability to win headers consistently is enhanced by his physical strength and jumping ability. Araújo's heading accuracy ensures that his headers are directed with precision, while his power header playstyle adds an extra dimension of strength and force to his aerial duels. These traits make him a crucial player in both penalty areas, contributing to his overall defensive and offensive effectiveness.

Upcoming Upgrades

One of the most exciting aspects of Araújo's Path to Glory card is its potential for upgrades. Starting from June 14, this player item is eligible for several upgrades based on Uruguay's performance in the Copa América. Here are the upgrade criteria:

~Player’s Nation Wins 1 Game in Copa América:** +1 OVR Upgrade

~Player’s Nation Wins 3 Games in Copa América:** +1 PlayStyle+

~Player’s Nation Wins the Quarter Final in Copa América:** +1 OVR Upgrade

~Player’s Nation Wins the Semi Final in Copa América:** +1 OVR Upgrade OR 5/5*

~Player’s Nation Wins the Final in Copa América:** +1 OVR Upgrade

Upcoming Upgrades

Given Uruguay's strong squad and competitive edge in the Copa América, it's highly plausible that Araújo could secure at least two upgrades. His overall rating would increase by one point with just one game won. Winning three games would not only boost his overall rating but also enhance one of his playstyles. Progressing further in the tournament, each additional victory would contribute to further upgrades, making Araújo's card even more formidable.


Despite his numerous strengths, Araújo's card does have a few minor drawbacks. His vision, while decent at 82, could be higher to complement his passing abilities better. A higher vision rating would enhance his ability to spot and execute more complex passes, adding another dimension to his playmaking skills. Additionally, his mid-high work rate might require careful management to ensure he maintains optimal positioning during high-pressure situations. Players will need to balance his defensive duties with his tendency to push forward, ensuring that he is always in the right place at the right time. And the SBC is a bit expensive, costing about 530k coins worth of fodders to complete.


Ronald Araújo's Copa América Path to Glory card in FC 24 is an exceptional addition to any squad. His combination of pace, defensive prowess, physicality, and playmaking abilities make him a versatile and formidable defender. With the potential for multiple upgrades, this card is poised to become an endgame asset. Araújo's ability to dominate in various aspects of the game, from aerial duels to precise passing, makes him a valuable player for any team.

Given his current stats and the likelihood of significant enhancements, Araújo’s SBC earns a solid rating of 9. The upgrade potential and overall impact on the field make this card a worthwhile investment. As Uruguay progresses in the Copa América, Araújo's Path to Glory card could become one of the most sought-after defensive assets in FC 24, solidifying his reputation as a top-tier defender.

We will share more updates on FC 24 in separate articles. If you found this information helpful or would like to learn more, please explore the other articles on our site.

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