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Top 5 Most Toxic Players in FC 24 Ultimate Team

If you've dabbled in FC 24 Ultimate Team or played more consistently, you know certain players can drive you bonkers. These aren’t just players; they're game-changers who can turn a match on its head and leave you questioning your life choices. Let's dive into the top 5 most toxic players in FC 24 Ultimate Team who will make you rage quit.

5. Johan Cruyff

Cruyff -

Kicking off our list is the legendary Johan Cruyff. Facing Cruyff is like playing against a magician who never loses his wand. With an unbelievable 97 dribbling, Cruyff retains the ball like it's glued to his feet. His ball control is so precise that trying to dispossess him feels futile. Add his 95 shooting and 95 finishing to the mix, and you've got a player who can score from virtually anywhere.

Cruyff Market Price

Cruyff's ability to weave through defenders and his knack for maintaining possession make him one of the most annoying players to go up against. Against any over-average player, just when you think you've got him, he pulls off a jaw-dropping move and buries the ball in the back of the net. It makes you want to throw your controller across the room.

4. Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho -

Next up is the samba king, Ronaldinho. This guy is a nightmare for defenders, and for good reason. With a staggering 95 dribbling stat, Ronaldinho's control over the ball is otherworldly. His skill moves are lightning-fast, and his trickster playstyle+ is overpowered, allowing him to perform dazzling tricks that leave defenders in the dust.

What makes Ronaldinho truly toxic is his physicality. He’s incredibly strong on the ball, effortlessly bodying defenders out of the way. His consistent finishing means he can easily convert chances into goals. And thanks to his Squad Building Challenge (SBC) being available, you’ll encounter him repeatedly. Each encounter is a fresh dose of frustration, as he dances around your defense and slots the ball home.

3. Ronaldo (R9)

Ronaldo -

In third place, we have the phenomenon himself, Ronaldo (R9). If there's one player who epitomizes the term "goal threat," it's him. With a lethal 94 shooting stat, Ronaldo is an absolute finisher. His step-over boost, courtesy of his quick step playstyle+, makes him unstoppable, especially with his blistering 94 pace and 94 dribbling.

Ronaldo's 5-star weak foot and 5-star skill moves make him a terror in the box. He can pull off a quick elastico or reverse elastico and get his shot away from insane angles, and still score. His versatility and unpredictability in front of goal make him a constant source of anguish for defenders and goalkeepers alike.

2. Olivier Giroud (TOTS)

Olivier Giroud -

Taking the runner-up spot is Team of the Season, Olivier Giroud. Yes, you read that right. Giroud is a beast in FC 24. Standing at 6'4" with an aerial playstyle+ and acrobatic playstyle+, Giroud is the king of headers. He scores from almost every corner kick, making him a nightmare to defend against.

Giroud Market Price

Giroud isn't just a threat in the air; his 97 shooting, 95 pace, and 97 physicality make him an overpowering striker. He gets on the end of every cross and finishes with ruthless efficiency. His ability to outmuscle defenders and find the back of the net consistently makes him one of the most toxic players you'll face.

1. Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba

And the crown for the most toxic player in FC 24 Ultimate Team goes to Didier Drogba, popularly known in the community as “DDA Drogba”. Pros love him, and for good reason. Drogba is glitched in the best (or worst) possible way. His aerial dominance is unmatched with his aerial playstyle+ and 96 jumping, making him a force to be reckoned with in the air.

Drogba Market Price

Drogba's 94 physicality means he can outmuscle anyone on the pitch, and his 95 shooting and 98 finishing ensure that he capitalizes on every chance he gets. He's the player who, when given a sniff at goal, will undoubtedly score. His overwhelming presence and goal-scoring prowess make him the most toxic and broken player in FC 24. His similarities with Team of the Season Giroud only add to the frustration of facing him, but Drogba’s glitchy nature sets him apart as the ultimate nightmare.


In the high-stakes world of FC 24 Ultimate Team, these players aren't just stars; they're the epitome of toxicity. Whether it's Cruyff's ball retention, Ronaldinho's trickery, or Drogba's sheer dominance, each player brings a unique brand of frustration to the pitch. So, the next time you find yourself up against one of these legends, remember: you're not alone in your suffering. Good luck, and may your sanity survive the encounter!

We will share more updates on FC 24 in separate articles. If you found this information helpful or would like to learn more, please explore the other articles on our site.

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