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Flashback Renato Sanches Team of the Season SBC Player Review and Rating

The Flashback Renato Sanches Team of the Season (TOTS) SBC card in FC 24 Ultimate Team is a remarkable addition that has generated considerable excitement among gamers. This card commemorates the exceptional performances of Renato Sanches and offers a well-rounded, high-stat card that enhances any squad. With standout stats such as 93 shooting, 95 physicality, and 94 dribbling, Sanches is poised to dominate the midfield and make significant contributions in defense and attack.\

Renato Sanches -


Renato Sanches' TOTS card boasts an impressive 95 Physicality, making him a powerhouse on the pitch. His Strength of 96 ensures he can hold off defenders and win physical battles, crucial for maintaining possession and driving forward. Combined with his High-High work rate, Sanches is relentless in attack and defense, covering the ground with stamina and vigor. This physical presence allows him to outmuscle opponents, making him an invaluable asset in midfield skirmishes.

Sanches Playstyle+

Shooting Prowess

With a Shooting rating of 93, Renato Sanches is not just a midfield enforcer but also a significant threat in front of goal. His Positioning stat of 95 ensures he is always in the right place to capitalize on scoring opportunities. Whether it’s a long-range shot or a close-range finish, Sanches’ shooting abilities make him a versatile offensive weapon. His 4-star weak foot rating means he can confidently strike the ball with both feet, adding unpredictability to his shooting prowess.

Sanches Key Stats

Playmaking Abilities

Sanches' Passing stat of 90 highlights his capability as a playmaker. His vision and accuracy enable him to deliver precise through balls and crosses, facilitating smooth transitions from defense to attack, and having the long ball playstyle+ makes him much better at delivering difficult passes. His ability to orchestrate plays makes him a pivotal figure in midfield, ensuring his team maintains fluid and effective ball movement. His high passing accuracy, combined with his physicality and dribbling, allows him to control the tempo of the game effortlessly. He cost about 420k coins worth of fodders to complete

Sanches SBC Price

Dribbling Attribute

The Dribbling attribute is another area where Sanches excels, with an impressive rating of 94. His Agility of 96 and perfect Balance of 99 allow for nimble movements and quick changes of direction, making it difficult for defenders to dispossess him. This high level of dribbling proficiency and his technical playstyle+ allow him to navigate tight spaces and maintain control of the ball under pressure. Additionally, his 4-star skill moves add an extra layer of flair to his dribbling, enabling him to execute advanced moves effectively.

Defensive Ability

Despite his offensive talents, Sanches does not shirk defensive responsibilities. His Defending rating of 88 ensures he is adept at intercepting passes, making crucial tackles, and breaking up opposition plays. This defensive acumen and his physical strength make him a formidable barrier in midfield. He has the jockey playstyle+ so his jockey speed is faster and His high work rate ensures he is always contributing to both ends of the pitch, embodying the role of a true box-to-box midfielder.


While Renato Sanches’ TOTS card is overwhelmingly positive, it has minor drawbacks. While solid, the 4-star skill moves and weak foot may fall short for players seeking the absolute elite in these areas. Additionally, with a Pace rating of 90, Sanches is fast but not the quickest midfielder available, which might be a consideration for those prioritizing blistering speed.


The Flashback Renato Sanches Team of the Season SBC is a well-rounded powerhouse, bringing physicality, shooting prowess, playmaking abilities, dribbling excellence, and solid defensive skills to the table. While it has minor limitations, its overall impact on the game makes it a highly desirable card for any Ultimate Team player looking to dominate the midfield.

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