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FC 24 WebApp and Companion Guide

If you’re a FUT enthusiast, a seasoned Ultimate Team player, or someone contemplating starting a club, you'll be pleased to know that you can manage your team without constantly running your console or PC. FC 24 continues this tradition, providing every dedicated UT player access to the WebApp and Companion.

What are the FIFA WebApp and CompanionApp?

These tools are essential for managing your Ultimate Team club on the go. But what exactly are they, and how can you best use them? Let's explore.

The FIFA WebApp

This is essentially the Ultimate Team mode without the actual gameplay. It’s a browser-based application that replicates many key Ultimate Team features found in the game. Although you won’t be playing matches, you can build squads, open packs, complete Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), and trade cards all through a simplified and user-friendly interface. Accessible from any web browser on your PC or phone, the WebApp can be found here

The WebApp

Each new FC 24 iteration updates the WebApp, so you won’t be stuck using an old version when a new game is released. Previous versions of Ultimate Team remain accessible via the in-game menu but not through the WebApp.

The FIFA Companion App

This is essentially the WebApp tailored for mobile devices, available on iOS and Android. It mirrors the WebApp’s functionality, allowing you to manage your FUT club from anywhere. You can download it for [iOS here] and [Android here]

The Companion App

With the Companion App, you can make squad adjustments, trade on the transfer market, purchase packs, check leaderboards, and customize your stadium all while on the move. This constant access is crucial since the Ultimate Team mode is frequently updated with new content throughout the year.

Maximize the Potential of both Apps!

For those transitioning from FUT 23 to UT 24, loyalty rewards await, including packs, player picks, coins, and Ultimate Team Draft tokens. These can be collected through the WebApp or Companion, allowing you to manage your team, trade, and complete SBCs efficiently. Early in Ultimate Team, accumulating FC 24 Coins quickly is vital for building a strong team, and these apps enable you to monitor the transfer market closely and trade players easily. Alternatively, you can purchase FC 24 Coins from our store for a quick boost.

Key Features of the FUT Web App

Squad Management

One of the core functionalities of the FUT Web App is squad management. Players can organize their teams, tweak formations, and change player positions to optimize team chemistry and performance. The app allows users to view player stats, apply consumables like contracts and fitness items, and even design custom tactics. This feature is particularly useful for players who wish to make strategic adjustments on the go.

Transfer Market

The FUT Web App provides access to the FUT Transfer Market, a bustling virtual marketplace where players can buy and sell player cards and other items. Users can bid on players, list their own items for sale, and track market trends to make informed decisions. The convenience of the web app means that savvy traders can take advantage of market fluctuations at any time, which can be crucial for building a competitive team without spending real money on FIFA Points.

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)

SBCs are a popular feature within FUT, offering players the chance to complete specific team-building tasks in exchange for rewards. The web app makes it easy to participate in these challenges, allowing players to use their club’s inventory to meet the requirements of various SBCs. This feature not only adds a layer of strategy but also provides an additional avenue for obtaining rare and valuable cards.

Objectives and Rewards

The web app keeps players updated with the latest objectives and seasonal milestones. Completing these objectives can earn players packs, coins, and special cards, contributing to the progression of their Ultimate Team. The ability to track and complete these objectives via the web app ensures that players can maximize their rewards even when away from their console.

Community and Updates

Staying connected with the FUT community is another benefit of the web app. Players can keep up with the latest news, updates, and promotional events directly through the platform. This connectivity helps players stay informed about new releases, special packs, and limited-time events, ensuring they never miss an opportunity to enhance their squad like the free TOTY Messi and TOTS Mbappe pack glitch from EA in FC 24 Ultimate Team.

Unlocking the Transfer Market in the Web App

Access to the transfer market in the WebApp is a privilege for returning players. If you’re new to Ultimate Team or have had a penalized account, you’ll need to earn this access. According to EA:

1. If your FUT account is in good standing and is the only account logged into from a device, playing for two to three active days usually grants access.

2. If multiple FUT accounts have been used on a device, it may take at least four active days to gain access.

3. Previously banned accounts will need to re-earn access, even if the ban doesn’t carry over to FC 24.

An active day requires three full matches in Ultimate Team and logging into the Web or Companion App. Players with a positive Ultimate Team account history will have immediate access to the transfer market.

Benefits of the FUT Web App


The primary advantage of the FUT Web App is its accessibility. Whether on a lunch break, commuting, or simply away from home, players can manage their Ultimate Team from any device with internet access. This level of accessibility ensures that players remain engaged and can continuously improve their squads.

Time Efficiency

For busy players, the web app offers a way to manage their FUT activities efficiently. Instead of spending hours in front of the console, players can quickly make strategic decisions, complete transactions, and participate in SBCs within minutes.

Strategic Advantage

The ability to monitor the Transfer Market and complete SBCs on the go provides a strategic advantage. Players can capitalize on market trends, complete time-sensitive challenges, and stay ahead of the competition by being active participants in the FUT economy at all times.

When do we get access to the WebApp for FC 25?

Last year, the WebApp launched before the game's full release on Wednesday, September 20, followed by the Companion App, and they both went online on September 21, 2023. For FC 25, leaks suggest the WebApp will launch on Wednesday, September 25, coinciding with the EA Play Trial.

You can use these apps without purchasing the game, after which owning the full game will be necessary for continued access.

Early access to the FC 25 WebApp and Companion App is available to FC 24 players who meet the following criteria:

  1. The Ultimate Team club in FC 24 was created before August 1, 2024, and accessed via the WebApp/Companion.
  2. The UT 24 account must still exist.
  3. The Ultimate Team account must be in good standing, with no penalties or warnings from EA.

By leveraging the WebApp and Companion, you can efficiently manage your Ultimate Team club and stay ahead of the competition.


The FUT Web App is a powerful tool that enhances the overall FC 24 Ultimate Team experience. By providing players with the ability to manage their squads, engage in the transfer market, complete SBCs, and stay connected with the community, the web app ensures that the world of FC 24 is always at their fingertips. Whether you are a casual player or a dedicated Ultimate Team enthusiast, the web app is an essential companion that brings convenience, efficiency, and strategic depth to your FC 24 journey

We will share more updates on FC 24 in separate articles. If you found this information helpful or want to learn more, be sure to explore the other articles on our site.

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    WebApp 4 life! Hopefully they will never take it down!
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    The CompanionApp is a big part of the game itself.
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