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Gabriel Martinelli"s Premier League TOTS Evolution - Review/Stats/Requirements

Premier League Team of the Season is here! With it comes a fun new twist for the TOTS Evolutions because we have also got the WSL and Mixed League TOTS in packs alongside the premier league player. So many of these cards look really good and are already very cheap on the market. Some with amazing stats are quite expensive, and the chances of packing them are slim. But with the Gabriel Martinelli Evolution, you have a chance to get a really special card for absolutely free.

Martinelli Evolution -


To acquire this Evolution card, you need to own a Martinelli gold card, which is extremely difficult to buy on the market due to the high demand. The only viable way to get his gold card is by packing him; you might just luckily have him in your club. Then, just by putting in some game time, you can complete this evolution easily. I remember this guy’s winter wildcard version being excellent when it was released; this evolution surpasses that card greatly.

Key Feature

This card comes with 3 Playstyle+: the power shot, which is a great arsenal for any player; the first touch; and the rapid playstyle plus, which together is a great combination for an attacker. The only downside to this card is that he now has a 4-star skill move, which is surprising because his winter wildcard version has 5-star skill moves. What stands out about this card is how explosive he is, He has 97 pace and 94 dribbling; pair that with his rapid playstyle+, and we basically have a ghost.

Here are the following: Levels of upgrades to the card when we put gold Martinelli into the Premier League TOTS  evolution,


Pace +4 / Shooting +5 / Dribbling +8

Playstyle: Finesse shot

Playstyle+: Power Shot


Pace +4 / Passing +4 / Physical +8

Playstyle: Tiki Taka

Playstyle+: First Touch


Shooting +5/ Passing +4/Defending +6

Weak Foot: +1

Playstyle: Relentless

Playstyle+: Rapid

In-game Review

With just about an hour plus of Ultimate Team grinding, you should be able to complete this evolution with ease. Among the stats, pace stood out as a personal favorite, closely trailing dribbling. His ability to navigate through the defense felt remarkable, especially when combined with his adept first-touch playstyle. It was truly a spectacle to witness his skillful footwork. Shooting proficiency across the board was nearly flawless with this card. Whether executing finesse shots, trivelas, or powerful strikes from outside the box, he regularly found the target with precision. His positioning on the field was precisely what one desires in a winger. He exhibited a knack for finding pockets of space to receive low passes, often putting himself in prime scoring positions with a clear path to the goal. Assessing his physical attributes presents a bit of a challenge. While he holds his ground admirably, his body type may pose difficulties when matched up against elite defenders like Van Dijk.


The arrival of the Premier League Team of the Season brings a new power curve to FC 24. While many of these cards boast impressive stats and are available at reasonable prices on the market, some remain elusive due to their rarity and high demand. However, the Gabriel Martinelli Evolution offers a unique opportunity to obtain a truly special card for free. By owning Martinelli's gold card and investing some game time, players can easily complete this evolution and unlock its remarkable potential. Despite the minor drawback of a reduced skill move rating compared to his previous version, Martinelli's explosive pace and skillful dribbling make him a standout performer on the pitch. With upgrades across various attributes and versatile playstyles, this evolution promises to elevate any squad to new heights. Whether he's weaving through defenses or unleashing powerful shots on goal, Martinelli's evolution is a testament to his prowess as a dynamic winger.

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