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Alexander Sørloth Team of the Season SBC Player Review and Rating

The Team of the Season (TOTS) promotion in FC 24 Ultimate Team is always an exciting time for players, bringing some of the most formidable and well-rounded cards into the game. Alexander Sørloth’s TOTS card stands out with an impressive array of stats and playstyles that make him a top choice for many FUT managers. This review will explore his various attributes, strengths, and potential weaknesses to help you decide if he should be the next addition to your squad. If you use his FUT Birthdays card, you’d know he is an absolute beast in-game, and this SBC is quite inexpensive, which we found fascinating. He cost about 70k coins to complete.

Alexander Sørloth -

Clinical Finishing

Sørloth’s TOTS card shines with a 92 shooting rating, making him a clinical finisher in front of goal. His 99 composure ensures that he remains calm under pressure, converting crucial chances with ease. The 5-star weak foot is particularly valuable, allowing him to score consistently with both feet, making him unpredictable and versatile in the box. The Relentless Playstyle+ further boosts his scoring abilities by ensuring he maintains top performance throughout the match. Whether it’s a powerful strike from distance or a delicate finish close to the keeper, Sørloth can do it all.

Sørloth Playstyle+

Aerial Dominance

One of Sørloth’s standout features is his aerial dominance, enhanced by his Aerial Playstyle+. Standing tall at 6'4", he is a formidable presence in the air, capable of winning headers both defensively and offensively. This makes him an excellent target for crosses and set-pieces, often turning aerial duels into goal-scoring opportunities. His physical attributes, combined with exceptional heading accuracy, make him a constant threat in the opponent’s penalty area.

Sørloth’s Key Stats


Sørloth’s physicality is another key attribute that sets him apart. His strength and stamina ensure he can hold off defenders and maintain high energy levels throughout the game. The Relentless Playstyle+ complements his physical traits, allowing him to press effectively and win back possession high up the pitch while retaining stamina. His physical presence not only aids in shielding the ball but also makes him a formidable opponent in one-on-one situations, using his body to maintain control and create space.

Playmaking Abilities

With an 87 passing rating, Sørloth brings more to the table than just goal-scoring. His ability to deliver good passes makes him a valuable playmaker, capable of setting up his teammates in scoring positions. His vision and accuracy in through balls and crosses can break down even the most stubborn defenses, but they are not as consistent as one would hope. The Trivela Playstyle+ enhances his ability to perform outside-the-foot passes and shots, adding another layer of creativity to his game. This playmaking capability makes him a well-rounded forward who can drop deep and contribute to the buildup play.

Dribbling Attribute

Despite his large frame, Sørloth’s dribbling ability is exceptional, with a 92 dribbling rating. This is complemented by his 4-star skill moves, allowing him to maneuver through tight spaces and past defenders with relative ease. His high dribbling stats ensures close control at high speeds, making him a dynamic and unpredictable attacker. This combination of physicality and technical skill makes Sørloth a unique threat, capable of both bulldozing through defenses and outsmarting them with finesse.


While Sørloth’s TOTS card has many strengths, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider. His height and build, while advantageous for physical and aerial play, can sometimes make him feel slightly less agile compared to smaller, more nimble attackers. This might be a concern in fast-paced, high-tempo matches where quick directional changes are essential. Additionally, while his passing is solid, it may not reach the level of elite playmakers, which could limit his effectiveness in deeper playmaking roles.


Alexander Sørloth’s TOTS card in FC 24 Ultimate Team is a powerhouse, offering a blend of clinical finishing, aerial dominance, physical strength, and playmaking abilities. His impressive dribbling and versatility make him a valuable asset in various attacking scenarios. Despite minor drawbacks related to his agility and the potential cost of his SBC, the overall package he provides is exceptional. If you’re looking for a forward who can score from anywhere, dominate in the air, and contribute to playmaking, Sørloth is a fantastic choice. Adding him to your squad could be the key to unlocking new levels of performance in your FUT journey.

We will share more updates on FC 24 in separate articles. If you found this information helpful or want to learn more, be sure to explore the other articles on our site.

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