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Best teams in FIFA 22 © WhatsGaming

We all play FIFA 22 for fun but to be real, the time and energy we put into matches are irreversible and frankly, we want to get the best out of the game in the little time we have. So, playing with the right team and getting cheap FUT 22 cards can really affect our Ultimate Team experience. It's still really early in FIFA 22; so we all are working hard to build our first and great FUT squad to record as many wins as possible in Squad Battles and Division Rivals.

Although you can shape a starter team cheaply, still, you may need to do a bit of trading or buy some FIFA 22 coins to afford the players. Here we gathered some great teams that you can start with, yet you may need to set some of the as your long-term goal. Note that the FUT market is always changing so the prices may change in the next weeks.

FUT Starter Team #1 La Liga

Although losing starts like Ronaldo and Messi has made the the Spain's La Liga less famous, still, plenty of star players are included in team to make if one of the great options for a starter team. The likes of Eden Hazard, Gareth Bale, and Antoine Griezmann will make the decision much easier for you.

You got Hazard, Depay, and Bale as your frontier attack which makes your rival's job really hard; and not to mention the young Real Madrid star Camavinga in the midfield that seals the deal. You will have a great starter team here, which according to FUTBIN, can cost around 50K coins depending on your platform.

FUT Starter Team #2 Bayern Munich

I'm sure we all are familiar with Bayern Munich and especially heard about Robert Lewandowski. Whether you've ever had the chance to have him on your team or not, you should definitely set him as a goal in FUT 22. 

The team is going to cost you more than usual for sure, but with Lewandowski as your striker you wouldn't feel the need to ask for a better team.

FUT Starter Team #3 Paris Saint-Germain

You can form the most ideal formation with Messi as your RW alongside Neymar and of course, the fastest player in FIFA 22, Mbappe. The highest rated player in FIFA 22 is Messi which at the moment has a 93 OVR, Neymar and Mbappe also claim a 91 OVR rating and with the most overpowered cards in the game, you'd have the best front three in FIFA 22!

FUT Starter Team #4 Premier League

Since the English league is doing so well in-real life Football competitions, gamers are also intimidated by them and seek for them in FIFA 22 as well. Using Mason Mount, Kai Havertz, and Phil Foden as central players is enough to knock out any defence! The team comes to an even 75K but again, it depends on your platform.

FUT Starter Team #5 Manchester City

In FIFA 22, Manchester City has 5 players among the Premier League's 20 highest rated, but they're one of the best teams in Football, therefore, it gives them the edge of being one of the greatest teams in FIFA as well. Having the likes of Ruben Dias, Kevin De Bruyne and Raheem Sterling on your team, really boosts up your chance in Premier League Champions.

So now that we know which teams are great to start our journey in FUT 22, you need coins to purchase these players and use them in the best formations with the right chemistry. Purchase cheap FIFA coins from WhatsGaming and make the process easier for yourself. You can access your dream players faster and build up a great team in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Check out the website front page for discount codes and buy FIFA 22 coins now!

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