FIFA 21 FUTTIES - Explanation & Predictions

04.07.2021 © WhatsGaming
FIFA 21 FUTTIES - Explanation & Predictions © WhatsGaming

What are FUTTIES?

Introduced in FIFA 15, FUTTIES are pink colored IF cards that are voted by FUT communities on PlayStation, Xbox and PC and will be available on transfer market to be sold at a higher price in FUT Coins than the non-IF cards of the same players. So, you could actually play a role in choosing FUTTIES and it usually takes place in July each year.


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What is the date of FIFA 21 FUTTIES?

The FUTTIES voting usually starts in the second half of July each year. Last year, the event was cancelled due to the global pandemic and instead the Summer Heat was up because the European leagues were resumed after a pause because of the Covid-19 virus.

So, this year, we're going back to normal with voting and picking the top players to win FUTTIES upgrades. At the time of writing this article, there's still no word from EA about the exact date of FUTTIES, but you could expect July 21st, 2021 to be the start of the event. The voting usually takes around 5 weeks and then the winners will receive their FUTTIES cards some time late in August.


How to Vote for FUTTIES?

When the campaign begins, you'll be able to vote for each category of FUTTIES. Each category contains 3-4 nominees. When you log in to your account, during the event, you'll be given options to choose between 3-4 players in their base form. The nominees are among the best real-life performers in the past season, just like TOTS or TOTY.

When the voting days are over, the winners will be available as reward items in some SBC, called FUTTIES SBCs.


FUTTIES Categories

The voting takes place for the following categories, with nominees who performed great in each of these categories in real-life football:

  • Safe Hands
  • Tackles
  • Skills
  • Longshots
  • Headers
  • Leadership
  • Weak Foot
  • Position
  • Perfect Link
  • Pace


What to expect during FUTTIES?

During the voting period of FUTTIES, EA gives special rewards, like FUT Packs, Second Chance SBCs, Objectives, etc. You could also choose to buy the FUTTIES cards on transfer market if you think it's too much work to complete the SBCs. WhatsGaming as always celebrates the event with you by providing a special discount code for FUTTIES so the eager gamers can buy their required FUT Coins at a cheaper price than ever with us.

Happy voting and happy winnings!

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