FIFA 22 - How to Get Loyalty Quick

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Different FIFA 22 SBCs

Squad Building Challenges are great ways to get packs of players and earn some coins. The very first FIFA 22 SBC to complete is called "Let's Get Started". The reward of completing the 3 steps of this SBC is "x1 Two Playrers Pack" (Untradeable). When you complete the whole category, you'll be rewarded 4 FUT Packs of bronze players with guarantee of 1 rare player. The OVR range is max 64 and most of the players are cheap ones that probably wouldn't be much of use for you. But they're easy to get and you can always quicksell them or just send the unwanted players to transfer list to be sold for hundreds of FIFA 23 Coins per player.


Loyalty for SBC in FIFA 22

Some of the challenges require "Loyalty". It means the player should be loyal to your team. How can you get loyalty for the player? By playing 10 games!

FIFA 21 Loyalty FUTBIN

It means you should use the players in your active squad and play 10 games so they're counted loyal to the team. When that happens, the chemistry with those players will be boosted slightly and that would help complete the challenges in those SBCs. Usually they ask for a minimum of x Chemistry. And when you build the squad with the required players, you'll see that the chemistry hasn't reached the required minimum. With loyalty, it will reach the level needed to pass the SBC.

But the problem is, you don't need these players! You just buy them for the SBC, so, it's not much fun to play with them 10 times. That's why you may be looking for a faster way to get this green badge for the players.


How to get the Loyalty quick

The problem is, getting loyalty for the sake of completing SBCs is a painful process, because you don't want to keep those players. After completing the challenge, they will be traded with a FUT Pack. So, you wonder if there's an easier way to get this done... and the answer is yes!

With FIFA 22 Loyalty Glitch, you can bypass playing 10 games and yet get the loyalty for players. It works as follows:

  • Play Squad Battles vs CPU, using the players you want to get loyalty for.
  • Pause the game right after kick-off.
  • Press home button on your controller twice.
  • Close FIFA 22 Application


When you do that 10 times, you realize that the players get loyalty and your record in Squad Battles will not be harmed either.

 But since this method is alerting to EA's algorithms, it could cause troubles. To avoid that, you could forfeit the game instead of closing it. But it would harm your rankings in the Squad Battles leaderboards. So, it's up to you to pick which method.

But either way, the players get loyalty without having to play 4 hours for the players you don't want to keep.

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