Hacking the FIFA 20 servers!

17.04.2020 © WhatsGaming
Hacking the FIFA 20 servers! © WhatsGaming

Shock for FIFA 20 players. EA servers have been struggling for more than 24 hours. Now publisher EA is talking about a large-scale hacker attack.

Server down for 24 hours

The login problems started on Tuesday morning (April 14, 2020) and are still not completely resolved on the following Wednesday (April 15, 2020). And that, although EA was already speaking and announcing via Twitter late in the evening, the servers of FIFA 20 were running flawlessly again. It is now clear that the login problems are due to a large-scale hacker attack on Ultimate Team mode. Even though the number of players with login problems continues to decline, there are still numerous FIFA fans who are currently unable to access the football simulation servers. An absolute disaster in times of quarantine and coronavirus. According to current reports, the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team mode is particularly affected. If players want to access the online functions of FIFA 20, they frequently encounter the following error message: "Your connection to the EA servers has been interrupted. Please log in again to access the online features."

What is the hacker's attack on FIFA 20?

FIFA Hacker
Streamer: Kurt0411

Behind this could be an action for the Twitch streamer kurt0411, since it was banned by EA. Twitch streamer Kurt0411 was banned for all tournaments in FIFA 20 last weekend. The reason for this was that he had spit on the EA logo and repeatedly appeared derogatory against EA and other players.
Kurt himself could not understand the ban and said that he would only tell the truth: FIFA 20 is bad and has many mistakes.
It was also striking that some official FIFA accounts suddenly started posting through Kurt. Among other things, it was said that Kurt would be released and that FIFA's eSports would be worth nothing without Kurt.
The streamer says this himself: In a video on YouTube on the subject, Kurt only said: “One thing is certain: a revolution is imminent. You have to choose a side. And choose your side wisely. You can't be after me and don't do anything for your game. Enough is enough. ”The Twitch streamer did not confirm that he or his community was behind the attacks, but his call for a“ revolution ”at least does not seem to reassure his followers, on the contrary.

 FIFA Hacker
Streamer: Kurt0411

Especially in the time of numerous FIFA 20 events, this process is a disaster for EA and for the many players of FIFA 20.

Now what do you suspect, does it have something to do with the Twitch streamer Kurt0411 or was the DDOS attack on the EA servers unrelated to the streamer?
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