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How to Use Coin Boosts in FIFA 21

What is a FIFA Coin Boost?

FIFA Coin Boosts are great ways to get extra FIFA Coins quickly. When you play Division Rivals or Squad Battles, with coin boost enabled, the coin you get rewarded for those games will be significantly boosted and will help you earn FUT Coins faster than usual.

How much will be added to the coins? Well, it depends on your XP level. The minimum boost is 200 coins. And if you're in advanced levels, the boost can be up to 1000 FIFA Coins. Now imagine if you play 40 games per week, it could bring for you 40K FUT Coins / week very easy.

Pay attention that coin boosts are bought with FCC (EA Sports Football Club Credits), not FIFA Ultimate Team Coins. As you know, when you progress with FIFA, just like FUT Coins, you receive Football Club Credits which can be used to buy unlockable items for better experience with FIFA.


How to apply coin boosts in FUT?

It's important to note that the coin boosts apply automatically. So, if your level allows you to buy 1K coin boost, if you buy 200 and 1K coin boosts together, you might get surprised because the 1K coin boosts will not apply first and will wait until you run out of 200 coin boosts. And that's a bummer if you wanted to use the 1000 FUT Coin Boosts first.

If you want to check if the coin boosts are applied correctly, just finish one game (in Division Rivals for example) and wait until it shows the winning FIFA 23 Coins. There should be EAFC Catalogue Coin Boost in the bottom right corner that indicates the coin boost. If you don't see that, it means you must buy more boosts.


Is there another fast way to earn FIFA 21 Coins?

People start using their calculators to find out how many hours are needed to earn, let's say, 150K FIFA Coins. If you complete Division 1 for example, using coin boost you'll be rewarded 15K. It seems a little overwhelming. You may need over 40+ hours, considering each game takes 16-17 minutes. If you play 130 games, you may expect 150K. Many people prefer playing offline, because it's faster and they just don't feel like to play with cheap bronze players that are given initially in the game.

Therefore, you may end up playing FIFA and have no life for a while which is a bad thing. Luckily, there are other methods that you can make coins with which are good to take into consideration.

One of the greatest ways to raise your FIFA Coin level is BPM or Bronze Pack Method. In this method, you look after bronze cards that are used in SBCs and have potential to increase value. You buy them cheap before the SBC comes up and then sell them at higher price later on. We have explained the BPM method here in details, which can help you earn lots of coins without buying them or playing so many hours.

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