Improve Skills in FIFA 21 to Make More FUT Coins!

13.01.2021 © WhatsGaming
Improve Skills in FIFA 21 to Make More FUT Coins! © WhatsGaming

Ever since FIFA 21 was released, it gained popularity and the number of gamers rose day by day. By the end of November 2020, there was around 12 million PS4 players playing FIFA 21, as gamstat.com states.

Now, having played the game, you'd want to get the most out of it just to save up some time making progress with the game. You may want to choose the best formation for your team, or just find the top 5 star teams to choose from. You may not be very successful at it whether you're new to FIFA or you're just trying FIFA 21 from previous versions. In this article, we'll share some techniques that will improve your playing and will allow you win more and earn FUT 21 Coins more than before.


Improvements of FIFA 21 compared to FIFA 20

To have a quick comparison between FIFA 20 and 21, it's good to note that FIFA 21 is improved in many ways, from gameplay, to visual effects, more realistic behavior of players, etc. With the recent release of FIFA 21 for Next Gen consoles, it takes the joy of playing football to another level. Some reviews of course claim that the new features aren't much in FIFA 21, compared to FIFA 20 and they say the new game is very similar to the previous version.

But players sure love it and the new features in FIFA 21 like in Career Mode, you can now simulate the game before it takes place and if the results don't go as you expected, you can play the game manually. Also the new story named Debut in Volta mode and Squad Battles are something new in FIFA 21, as well as new skill moves and the improvements in AI to make it more realistic.


How to improve your skills in FIFA 21?

Practicing the following will improve your skills in FIFA 21:

Try different formations

You may be comfortable with one formation from FIFA 20 and always choose that for your team against all opponents, but that's not helpful. Trying new formations will help you improve your skills in defence, midfield and attack.

Some formations are working better in FIFA 21 because of the new features. The complete guide on formations is explained in this blog post and we recommend you to read it so you can have a good comparison between different formations to pick the right one. You may want to try 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 3-1-4-2 and 4-2-3-1 for instance. It's recommended that you try a bunch of them and experiment until you feel comfortable with one or two that you may pick as your main formation against opponents.

Master FIFA 21 mechanics

In FIFA 21's new gameplay, if you want to get to the top of divisions, you must learn Agile Dribbling and Creative Runs. For Agile Dribbling, you should hold R1 when you approach an opponent. This will keep the ball close to the player and he will move slower and wait for the defender to take action and get past him with a dribble. The players that have higher dribbling skills are better at this.

For Creative Runs, Press L1 or RB in Xbox. It will simply give you control over the runs of your player and other players in your team. While holding L1, press the right stick on your controller when you see a space and the player will move in that given direction to use the space for an attack.

Work on skill moves

It's recommended that you add new skill moves to your team. With more skill moves, you'd have more advantages against your opponents in FIFA 21. For example, the drag-back fake is a skill move that almost nobody uses and if you learn how to use it, it will be very effective. Some of the moves are similar to FIFA 20, so if you're coming from previous versions, you may be familiar with them. When you master these moves, winning more games and earning more FIFA Coins becomes easier.

How to shoot properly

Newcomers may think of shooting as simply pressing the Circle Button and see what happens. But really it makes a difference to combine the buttons in different situations for shooting.

The classic way of shooting is pressing the Circle Button and the length of holding the button determines the power to shoot the ball towards the goal. If the player is facing the goal and you want to shoot it on goal, that's the only thing you should do.

Holding R1 + Circle (Or RB + B for Xbox) will make a finesse shot. It's a shot that throws the ball at the farthest corner of the goal, out of the reach of the goalkeeper, usually with a curve. These shots are great for scoring. And if the keeper does push them back, there's a high chance of using a rebound ball and score with one of the wingers.

For making a Cheap Shot, just hold L1 + Circle (Or LB + B). You make a cheap shot usually when it's one-on-one and the goalie leaves the goal to catch the ball. Just shoot the ball above the keeper and the ball bounces back to the goal slowly. It requires lots of practice of course.

And if you press L1 + R1 + Circle, the player will make a drilled shot. The ball will be kept low, but with lots of power towards the goal.

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