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Luiz Díaz Copa America Path to Glory SBC Card Review and Rating in FC 24

Luiz Díaz has sensibly impacted FC 24 with his Copa America Path to Glory SBC card. As one of the most dynamic and versatile players in the game, Díaz brings a range of attributes that make him a standout choice for any Ultimate Team. Let's delve into the specifics of this card, examining its strengths and weaknesses across several key attributes.

Luiz Díaz -

Blistering Pace

One of the most striking features of Luiz Díaz's Copa America Path to Glory card is his blistering pace. With a perfect 99 Pace, Díaz is among the fastest players in FC 24. This attribute, paired with the Rapid Playstyle+, allows him to outrun almost any defender, making him a constant threat on the break. His incredible speed means he can exploit high defensive lines with ease, giving players an invaluable tool in counter-attacking situations. Whether sprinting down the wing or cutting inside, Díaz’s pace ensures that he remains a step ahead of his opponents.

Luiz Díaz Info

Clinical Finishing

In addition to his remarkable speed, Díaz is also a clinical finisher. With a Shooting stat of 93, he can convert a variety of scoring opportunities. His 5-star weak foot is particularly beneficial, allowing him to shoot effectively with both feet, making him unpredictable and versatile in front of goal. The 95 Curve rating, combined with the Finesse Shot Playstyle+, means he can bend shots around keepers with precision, adding an extra dimension to his goal-scoring capabilities. These attributes make Díaz a reliable finisher, capable of scoring from a range of positions and situations.

Luiz Díaz - Key Stats

Physical Dominance

Díaz's physical stats are equally impressive, featuring a 90 Physical rating. This includes standout attributes such as 99 Stamina, and 85 Strength. His 99 Stamina ensures he remains energetic and effective throughout the entire match, making him a constant threat. The 99 Agility allows him to change direction swiftly and evade tackles, enhancing his dribbling and overall mobility. Additionally, his 85 strength, coupled with his 5’11” height, allows him to ward off defenders and win physical duels on the flanks while driving. He can outjump taller defenders, making him a valuable asset during set-pieces and crosses.

Heading Traits

Standing at 5'11" and equipped with the Power Header Playstyle, Díaz’s aerial ability is exceptional. His 99 jumping stat allows him to rise above defenders, while his power and accuracy in heading make him a consistent threat during aerial duels. This attribute is particularly useful during corners and crosses, where his ability to win headers can lead to crucial goals. It also gives you another scoring option from him because, when you see him making runs into the box you can just put it in the air for him and he will get that. His heading prowess adds another weapon to his arsenal, making him a complete forward who can score in multiple ways. We scored some good headers with this card.

Dribbling Attributes

Dribbling is where Luiz Díaz truly excels. With a perfect 99 Dribbling stat, he can maneuver through defenses with ease. His 99 Agility and 4-star skill moves allow him to execute complex dribbles and feints, making him difficult to dispossess. The Press Proven Playstyle+ enhances his ability to retain the ball under pressure, ensuring he remains in control even in tight situations. Díaz’s dribbling skills make him a creative force, capable of breaking down defenses and creating opportunities for himself and his teammates.

Luiz Díaz PlayStyle+

Playmaking Abilities

While primarily known for his finishing, Díaz also possesses excellent playmaking abilities. His high agility and dribbling allow him to navigate tight spaces and create chances for others. His ability to draw defenders and exploit spaces makes him an effective playmaker, capable of setting up goals as well as scoring them. This dual threat makes him an invaluable asset, as he can contribute to the team’s success in multiple ways. His playmaking skills add another layer to his game, making him a versatile and complete forward.


Despite his numerous strengths, there are a few drawbacks to consider with Luiz Díaz's Copa America Path to Glory card. One notable con is the lack of 5-star skill moves. While he does have 4-star skill moves, the absence of that extra star limits his ability to perform the most advanced and effective dribbling techniques. For players who enjoy using skill moves to outmaneuver opponents, this can be a significant limitation. Additionally, the SBC is quite pricey, costing around 800k coins. At this stage of the game, such an investment may be steep for many players, potentially making it less accessible. The high cost may deter some players, especially those who are cautious about spending large amounts of coins on a single player.


Luiz Díaz’s Copa America Path to Glory SBC card in FC 24 is a remarkable addition, offering a blend of blistering pace, clinical finishing, physical dominance, and exceptional dribbling. While the card is slightly better than his previous FUT Fantasy version, the lack of 5-star skill moves and the high SBC cost are notable drawbacks. Nevertheless, his ability to retain the ball, win headers, and consistently threaten defenses makes him a valuable asset for any Ultimate Team. For those willing to invest, Díaz offers an unparalleled blend of speed, skill, and versatility, making him a standout choice for any squad.


We will share more updates on FC 24 in separate articles. If you found this information helpful or would like to learn more, please explore the other articles on our site.

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