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The Top 4 Most Overpowered Strikers in FC 24 Ultimate Team

In the exhilarating world of FC 24 Ultimate Team, the importance of having a top-tier striker cannot be overstated. Strikers are the cornerstone of any successful team, converting opportunities into goals and turning the tide of matches with their skill and prowess. The following article takes a deep dive into the top four overpowered strikers in FC 24 Ultimate Team, examining their stats, playstyles, and in-game performances to uncover what makes them stand out.

As we delve into each player, we'll look at what sets them apart, how their attributes impact their in-game performance, and why they are considered overpowered in FC 24 Ultimate Team. We'll provide detailed insights into their strengths, from Richarlison’s bruising physical presence to Haaland’s unstoppable scoring power, and offer tips on how to make the most of their abilities in your squad.

4. Richarlison Evolution

Richarlison -

Richarlison has established himself as a formidable striker in FC 24 Ultimate Team. His physicality, rated at an impressive 92, makes him a daunting presence for any defender. The Bruiser+ playstyle accentuates this strength, allowing him to dominate physical duels and retain possession under pressure. This makes him incredibly difficult to dispossess, providing a significant advantage in crucial moments.

Richarlison's pace, clocked at 93, feels even more explosive in-game, enabling him to outpace defenders with ease. His Acrobatic+ playstyle adds a touch of flair to his game, allowing him to execute stunning maneuvers and finish with style. Coupled with a dribbling stat of 97, Richarlison can effortlessly navigate through tight defenses, making him a constant threat in the attacking third.

One often overlooked aspect of Richarlison's game is his passing ability. Despite being a striker, his passing is remarkably accurate and visionary, allowing him to set up teammates and maintain fluid attacking plays. This, combined with his Intercept+ playstyle, enhances his ability to win the ball back high up the pitch and quickly transition into attack, making him a versatile and valuable player.

3. Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba -

Didier Drogba is a legend in the football world, and his presence in FC 24 Ultimate Team is no different. With a physicality rating of 95, Drogba can overpower almost any defender, holding up play and creating opportunities for his team. His Technical+ playstyle enhances his control and precision, making him a formidable force in the box.

Drogba's shooting prowess is nearly unparalleled, with a rating of 96 and a 5-star weak foot. This makes him a lethal finisher from any angle and with either foot. The Power Shot+ playstyle further augments his shooting ability, ensuring that his strikes are both powerful and accurate, making it extremely difficult for goalkeepers to make saves.

In the air, Drogba is unmatched. His Aerial+ playstyle ensures that he wins the majority of headers, whether during open play or from set pieces. This aerial dominance makes him a constant threat and a valuable asset in critical situations. Pros often exploit this card due to its comprehensive capabilities and the game-changing impact Drogba can have, making him a staple in many top-tier teams.

2. Darwin Núñez 

Darwin Núñez -

Darwin Núñez Copa America Make Your Mark Plus has quickly risen to prominence in FC 24 Ultimate Team. His shooting, rated at 92, combined with both Finesse Shot+ and Power Shot+ playstyles, makes him a versatile and deadly finisher. Whether it's a precise placed shot or a powerful strike, Núñez is highly effective in front of goal.

Núñez's four Playstyle+ attributes, coupled with a 5-star weak foot, significantly enhance his overall gameplay. His Rapid+ playstyle ensures he can outpace defenders effortlessly, creating numerous scoring opportunities. Additionally, his Press Proven+ playstyle highlights his relentless work ethic and ability to pressure opponents, often winning the ball back in dangerous areas.

Núñez Playstyle+

In aerial duels, Núñez is formidable, frequently scoring headers and providing a constant threat from crosses. His physicality, rated at 93, combined with his leaping ability, makes him an ideal target for aerial balls, adding another dimension to his offensive capabilities. Given his potential for future upgrades, Núñez could become even more dominant, potentially rising higher on this list. He costs about 550k coins worth of fodder to complete

1. Erling Haaland TOTS

Erling Haaland -

Erling Haaland stands at the apex of FC 24 Ultimate Team strikers. His shooting is unrivaled, with an astounding rating of 99, making him one of the most lethal finishers in the game. Haaland's ability to consistently score from any position or angle is a testament to his exceptional shooting prowess.

Haaland's pace, rated at 97, ensures he can outrun most defenders, providing a constant threat on the counter-attack. His Rapid+ playstyle further enhances his breakaway speed, making him nearly impossible to catch once he gets going. His physicality, also rated at 97, means he can hold his own in physical duels, often brushing aside challenges with ease.

In the air, Haaland is a force to be reckoned with. His Aerial+ playstyle allows him to dominate aerial battles, making him a prime target for crosses and set pieces. Whether scoring with his head or his feet, Haaland's offensive capabilities are comprehensive and devastating, making him the ultimate striker in FC 24 Ultimate Team. His influence on the game is profound, consistently delivering match-winning performances and showcasing why he is considered one of the best in the world. He costs about 2.4M coins on the market, but he is totally worth it. 


In conclusion, these top four strikers each bring unique strengths to FC 24 Ultimate Team. From Richarlison's physical dominance and versatile playstyles to Haaland's unparalleled shooting and aerial prowess, each player offers something special that can elevate your team to new heights. Whether you prioritize pace, physicality, or technical skills, these strikers are sure to enhance your gameplay and lead you to victory.

We will share more updates on FC 24 in separate articles. If you found this information helpful or would like to learn more, please explore the other articles on our site.

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