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Christen Press Flashback SBC Player Review and Ratings

In FC 24 Ultimate Team, the release of special Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) offers players unique opportunities to enhance their squads with standout cards. One such card is the Christen Press Flashback SBC card, which celebrates Press’s illustrious career with impressive stats and playstyle attributes. This card is particularly enticing due to its affordability, but does it live up to the hype on the pitch? Let's delve into the different aspects of this card and see how it measures up.
Christen Press -


Christen Press's Flashback card boasts a physicality rating of 90, which might suggest she can hold her own in physical confrontations. However, in practice, her physical presence on the field is underwhelming. Despite the high rating, her small and lean body type, coupled with her 5'6" height, means she often gets bullied off the ball by stronger defenders. This limitation significantly impacts her effectiveness in hold-up play and during physical duels. When up against taller and more robust defenders, Press struggles to maintain possession, making her less reliable in build-up play and transitions. This is a significant drawback.

While her physicality might be sufficient against lower-tier teams, it leaves much to be desired in high-stakes matches. Her strength rating doesn't translate effectively in-game, which requires players to avoid physical confrontations by utilizing her other attributes, such as dribbling and pace. This reliance on finesse over physicality can limit her versatility in various match scenarios, particularly in games where physical battles are inevitable.


Pace is one of the more reliable aspects of the Christen Press Flashback card. With an acceleration rating of 94 and the Quick Step playstyle+, she can burst past defenders with ease. This makes her a considerable threat on counter-attacks and in situations where quick transitions are necessary. Her ability to accelerate rapidly helps in creating separation from defenders, allowing her to exploit spaces and generate scoring opportunities. Her speed enables her to get behind the defensive lines, making her a constant threat in one-on-one situations and breakaways.

However, her pace alone cannot always compensate for her lack of physical strength, as she may still struggle to retain possession after outpacing her marker. While she can effectively beat defenders with her speed, sustaining that advantage requires quick decision-making and precise execution. Players need to maximize her pace by pairing her with teammates who can quickly support and capitalize on the spaces she creates. Despite this, her pace remains a valuable asset, especially for players who favor a fast-paced and counter-attacking style of play.
Christen Press Basic Info

Shooting Prowess

Christen Press's shooting prowess is another highlight of her Flashback card, with a shooting rating of 94. She excels in finishing, particularly with her Power Shot playstyle+, which enables her to strike the ball with great force and accuracy. Her finesse shot is equally deadly, allowing her to curve the ball into the net from various angles. However, her shooting is somewhat inconsistent from long range, where shots that should be goals often fall short or miss the target. Her 4-star weak foot ensures she can finish with both feet, adding versatility to her game, but players might find her finishing to be unreliable in critical moments. 

While she can be deadly in the box, relying on her for long-range strikes can be a gamble. Her shooting is best utilized in closer proximity to the goal where her accuracy is more reliable. This inconsistency from distance can be frustrating, especially in tight matches where long-range goals are necessary. Players might find themselves needing to adjust their playstyle to create more close-range opportunities for Press to maximize her shooting potential. Her finishing inside the box is reliable, but for those who prefer taking long shots, this card might not meet their expectations.

Christen Press Playstyle+

Playmaking Abilities

With a passing rating of 93, Christen Press can serve as an effective playmaker. Her ability to deliver precise passes and create opportunities for teammates makes her a valuable asset in the attacking third. The First Touch playstyle+ enhances her control and distribution, allowing her to set up plays with ease. Her high attacking positioning of 96 ensures she is always in the right place to receive the ball and orchestrate attacks. Her vision and passing accuracy enable her to execute intricate passing plays, breaking down even the most organized defenses.

While she might not be the primary playmaker in your squad, her passing abilities are a strong complement to her offensive skill set. She can effectively link up play and provide key assists, adding a layer of depth to her attacking contributions. Her ability to combine quick passes with intelligent movement makes her a dual threat, capable of both scoring and setting up goals. This versatility allows her to adapt to various tactical setups, whether playing as a central forward or a supporting attacker. However, players should be mindful of her tendency to get outmuscled, which can disrupt her playmaking rhythm.

Dribbling Attribute

Dribbling is one of the areas where Christen Press shines, with a dribbling rating of 93, agility at 91, and balance at 90. These stats, along with her 5-star skill moves, should make her an excellent dribbler. Her close control and ability to change direction quickly allow her to maneuver through tight spaces and evade defenders. However, in practice, her dribbling can feel sluggish at times, which is disappointing given her high ratings. This inconsistency might be due to her body type and overall physicality, which impact how she maneuvers on the field.

While she can perform skill moves effectively, there are moments where her dribbling doesn't feel as fluid as expected, making it challenging to navigate through tight defenses. This can be frustrating for players who rely on quick dribbling and sharp turns to break down opponents. Her agility and balance are beneficial in maintaining control, but the occasional sluggish response can hinder her effectiveness. Despite these occasional issues, her dribbling remains a strong point, allowing for creative play and effective ball control in most situations.

Christen Press Market Price


Despite her strengths, the Christen Press Flashback SBC card has several notable cons. Her physicality, as mentioned, is a significant issue, making her easy to dispossess. This drawback limits her ability to hold up play and compete in physical duels, reducing her overall effectiveness. Additionally, her shooting, while strong, can be inconsistent from long range, limiting her effectiveness in scoring from outside the box. This inconsistency can be problematic in matches where long-range goals are necessary to break down stubborn defenses.

The dribbling, although rated highly, sometimes feels sluggish and unresponsive, detracting from her overall performance. This can be particularly frustrating when trying to navigate through tight spaces or execute quick dribbling moves. Furthermore, there are many better alternatives for the striker position at this point in the game, such as Didier Drogba and Darwin Núñez, who offer more well-rounded attributes and consistent performances. Press might be a viable option as a substitute, bringing fresh legs and pace into the game, but as a starter, she falls short of expectations.


The Christen Press Flashback SBC card is a mixed bag. While she has impressive stats on paper, her in-game performance doesn't always align with these numbers. Her physicality is a major drawback, and her shooting, although good, is inconsistent from long range. The dribbling can be unreliable, and there are many better options available for the striker position. However, the card is relatively cheap, costing about 60k coins, which makes it a low-risk investment. For this reason, completing the SBC might be worthwhile for players looking for an affordable addition to their squad or a versatile substitute.

Overall, the Christen Press Flashback SBC card receives a rating of 4 out of 10. While it has potential, the cons outweigh the pros, making it a less desirable choice for most players. For those looking to add depth to their squad, she could be a useful addition, but for a starting role, there are far better alternatives available. Her strengths in pace, shooting, and playmaking are offset by her physical limitations and dribbling inconsistencies, making her a suboptimal choice for most squads.

We will share more updates on FC 24 in separate articles. If you found this information helpful or would like to learn more, please explore the other articles on our site.

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