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Darwin Núñez Copa America Make Your Mark SBC Player Review and Ratings

In FC 24 Ultimate Team, the release of special Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) brings a new level of excitement and strategy to the game. These challenges provide players with the opportunity to enhance their squads with unique cards that celebrate standout footballers and their potential impacts in real-world tournaments. One such card is the Darwin Núñez Copa America Make Your Mark SBC card. This card not only celebrates Núñez’s promising role in the Copa America but also features a range of impressive stats and playstyle attributes that make him a formidable presence on the pitch. Let’s explore the different facets of this card and how it can significantly influence your Ultimate Team experience.

Darwin Núñez -


Darwin Núñez's physicality is one of the most remarkable aspects of his Make Your Mark card. With a physicality rating of 93 and strength of 93, complemented by his 6'2" frame, Núñez is an absolute powerhouse on the field. His physical dominance is further enhanced by the Press Proven playstyle+, making him exceptionally effective in pressing high up the pitch and winning physical duels. This makes Núñez particularly effective in disrupting opponents' build-up play and regaining possession. Whether holding off defenders, engaging in shoulder-to-shoulder battles, or shielding the ball, Núñez’s physical attributes ensure he can maintain possession under pressure and dominate in physical confrontations. His ability to use his body effectively not only aids in ball retention but also in creating space for himself and his teammates.


Núñez’s pace is another standout feature, with an acceleration rating of 93. Coupled with the Rapid playstyle+, this allows him to burst past defenders effortlessly and exploit spaces behind the defensive line. His combination of physical strength and blistering speed makes him a dual threat, capable of both outmuscling and outrunning opponents. This makes Núñez particularly effective in counter-attacking situations, where his speed can turn defensive transitions into scoring opportunities almost instantly. His rapid pace also means that defenders need to be constantly alert, as any lapse in concentration can result in Núñez sprinting past them towards goal. This attribute makes him a nightmare for opposing defenses, as his pace can stretch the play and create more space for his teammates.

Darwin Núñez's Basic Info

Shooting Prowess

Darwin Núñez's shooting prowess is exceptional, boasting a shooting rating of 92. What truly sets his shooting apart are the Power Shot and Finesse Shot playstyle+ attributes. These playstyles enhance his ability to strike the ball with both power and precision, making him a versatile and reliable finisher in front of goal. Whether it's a thunderous shot from outside the box or a curving finesse shot into the top corner, Núñez performs these shots with remarkable efficiency. His high attacking positioning of 97 ensures he is always in the right place to capitalize on scoring opportunities, making him a constant goal threat. His finishing ability is complemented by his weak foot rating of 5-stars, meaning he can shoot with both feet effectively, adding an extra layer of unpredictability to his game. Núñez's shooting capability ensures that he can be relied upon to convert chances, whether they are clear-cut opportunities or half-chances that require a bit of brilliance.

Playmaking Abilities

While Núñez excels in many areas, his passing is relatively average with a rating of 89. While this is respectable, it doesn't match the elite levels of his other attributes. Nevertheless, his passing ability is sufficient for link-up play and creating opportunities for his teammates. His high work rate (High-High) ensures that he is involved in both attacking and defensive phases, contributing to the team's overall play. Although not a primary playmaker, Núñez's passing can still facilitate effective ball distribution in the final third. His ability to drop deep and link up play adds another dimension to his game, allowing him to be more than just a traditional striker. By involving himself in the build-up, Núñez can help his team maintain possession and create more structured attacking moves.

Darwin Núñez Key Stats

Dribbling Attribute

Núñez's dribbling attributes are also impressive, with a dribbling rating of 93, agility at 95, and balance at 91. These stats, along with his 4-star skill moves, make him highly effective in one-on-one situations and allow for quick, agile movements to bypass defenders. His dribbling is further complemented by his physical strength, enabling him to maintain control of the ball even when challenged. This combination of agility and strength makes Núñez a versatile attacker who can navigate through tight spaces and create scoring opportunities. His dribbling skills make him unpredictable and difficult to defend against, as he can change direction quickly and maneuver through packed defenses. This ability to take on defenders and create something out of nothing adds a significant threat to his overall play.

Aerial Threat

One of the most formidable aspects of Núñez’s game is his aerial ability. With a jumping rating of 99 and heading accuracy of 98, he is an absolute beast in the air. Despite not having Aerial Playstyle+, his in-game heading abilities are outstanding, allowing him to score countless headers. The Power Header playstyle further enhances his threat from set-pieces and crosses, making him a reliable target for aerial duels. Núñez’s ability to win headers and convert them into goals adds a crucial dimension to his attacking prowess. His height, combined with his jumping and heading accuracy, makes him a constant threat in the opposition's penalty area, especially during set-pieces. This aerial ability means that even in tightly contested matches where chances are at a premium, Núñez can provide a decisive edge with his heading skills.

Darwin Núñez Playstyle+

Upcoming Upgrades

The Darwin Núñez Make Your Mark player item is eligible for potential upgrades based on his performance in the Copa America starting from June 14. The upgrade conditions are as follows:

~Makes Tournament debut in the Copa America (+Chemistry)

~For Attackers and Midfielders, Player achieves 2 Goals/Assists in the Copa America (+1 OVR Upgrade)

~Makes 5 appearances in the Copa America (+1 OVR Upgrade)

Given Núñez’s current form and Uruguay’s competitive edge, it is likely that he will secure at least one upgrade, which would further enhance his already impressive attributes. This potential for real-time upgrades based on tournament performance adds an exciting layer of anticipation and value to the card. If Núñez performs well, these upgrades could make an already powerful card even more formidable, providing additional motivation for players to complete the SBC and include him in their squads.


Despite its many strengths, the Darwin Núñez Make Your Mark SBC card does have some drawbacks. The card is quite expensive, currently costing around 530k coins. This is a significant investment, especially considering the current stage of the game, where many players are looking for value in their squad improvements. Additionally, while his passing is decent, it might not meet the expectations of players looking for a more complete playmaker. However, these cons are outweighed by his overall impact and versatility on the pitch. The cost can be justified by the card's potential upgrades and the unique attributes that Núñez brings to the team, but it does require a substantial commitment of resources.


The Darwin Núñez Copa America Make Your Mark SBC card is a dynamic and powerful addition to FC 24 Ultimate Team. With exceptional physicality, pace, and shooting prowess, Núñez is a game-changer who can lead the line with authority. His dribbling and aerial threat further enhance his value, making him a well-rounded finisher who can excel in various attacking roles. While the card is expensive, the potential for upgrades based on his Copa America performance adds an element of excitement and long-term value.

Overall, the Darwin Núñez SBC card is a top-tier option for players looking to bolster their attack with a versatile and dominant forward. Given his impressive stats and playstyle attributes, this card is rated an 8 out of 10, making it a highly recommended addition for any Ultimate Team squad. His ability to influence the game in multiple ways, whether through his physicality, pace, or finishing, makes him a valuable asset that can turn the tide of matches. Despite the high cost, the unique combination of attributes and the potential for upgrades make Darwin Núñez a player worth considering for any serious Ultimate Team player.

We will share more updates on FC 24 in separate articles. If you found this information helpful or would like to learn more, please explore the other articles on our site.

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