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Diogo Jota UEFA Euro Path to Glory SBC Player Review and Ratings

Diogo Jota has firmly established himself as a versatile and dynamic forward, making waves in both real-life football and the virtual pitches of FC 24 Ultimate Team. The UEFA Euro Path to Glory SBC card for Jota celebrates his potential impact in the European Championship, reflecting his robust skill set and impressive attributes. As part of the Path to Glory series, this card promises to enhance any squad with its well-rounded stats. However, does it live up to the hype and justify its hefty price tag? Let's delve into the specifics of this card to determine its true value.

Diogo Jota -


While Jota's physicality rating of 89 suggests a strong presence, his actual in-game performance can be underwhelming in this department. His strength rating of 82, combined with a 5'10" build, means that he can be easily outmuscled by more robust defenders. This is a significant drawback, especially in high-stakes matches where physical duels are frequent. His stamina, rated at 91, allows him to maintain a high level of performance throughout the match, but his ability to shield the ball and win physical contests is limited.

The Relentless playstyle+ does help somewhat in maintaining his energy levels and ensuring he can press effectively, but it doesn’t completely mitigate his physical shortcomings. Players will find that Jota can be easily bodied off the ball, making it crucial to use his other attributes to avoid direct physical confrontations. His agility and balance are vital in this regard, helping him to maneuver away from pressure and maintain possession through skill rather than strength.


Pace is a critical attribute in modern football, especially in FC 24 Ultimate Team, where speed can often be the difference between victory and defeat. Jota's acceleration rating of 97 is impressive, allowing him to burst past defenders initially. However, his overall pace is not as exceptional as some of the other top-tier strikers in the game. With numerous center-backs boasting 90+ pace, Jota can struggle to maintain his advantage over longer distances, limiting his effectiveness in breakaway situations.

Compared to faster alternatives like Darwin Nunez or Rasmus Hojlund, Jota falls short in this aspect. His initial burst of speed is valuable, but once defenders catch up, he doesn't possess the elite pace to consistently outrun them. This makes him less effective in a purely counter-attacking role and requires a more nuanced approach to utilizing his other strengths to create and exploit spaces.

Diogo Jota - Basic Info

Shooting Prowess

Jota's shooting is arguably the standout feature of this card. With a shooting rating of 96, he consistently finds the back of the net, making him a lethal finisher. His attacking positioning of 99 ensures that he is always in the right place to capitalize on scoring opportunities. The Finesse Shot playstyle+ makes his long-range efforts particularly dangerous, allowing him to bend shots around defenders and into the top corners with precision. His shot power of 99 means that even from distance, his strikes are powerful and difficult for goalkeepers to handle.

Jota’s ability to score consistently, both from close range and long distances, makes him a constant threat in the final third. His high reaction rating ensures he can quickly adjust to loose balls and convert them into goals. This shooting prowess makes him an excellent choice for players who prioritize clinical finishing and the ability to score from various positions on the pitch.

Playmaking Abilities

For a striker, Jota boasts impressive passing attributes. His passing rating of 90 and the Tiki Taka playstyle+ enable him to link up effectively with teammates, creating scoring opportunities and maintaining possession. His vision and accuracy in short and long passes make him a valuable playmaker, capable of orchestrating attacks and setting up his fellow forwards. This playmaking ability adds a layer of versatility to his game, allowing him to drop deep and contribute to the build-up play.

Jota's crossing is also noteworthy, rated at 88, allowing him to deliver precise balls into the box. This makes him a dual threat, capable of scoring and assisting in equal measure. His passing skills are particularly useful in tight matches where breaking down stubborn defenses requires creativity and precise distribution. This ability to contribute as both a scorer and a creator enhances his overall value, making him more than just a traditional striker.

Diogo Jota Playstyle+

Dribbling Attribute

Dribbling is another area where Jota excels. His dribbling rating of 93, combined with 94 agility and 93 balance, makes him a nimble and elusive player. The Technical playstyle+ further enhances his ability to maneuver past defenders with ease. His ball control and quick reactions allow him to navigate through tight spaces and retain possession under pressure. This dribbling ability makes him a dynamic presence on the field, capable of creating and exploiting spaces with his close control and skill moves.

Jota's 4-star skill moves rating allows him to perform a variety of dribbling techniques, making him unpredictable and difficult to defend against. His high agility ensures that he can change direction quickly, while his balance helps him stay on his feet even when challenged. This makes him effective in one-on-one situations, where his dribbling can create opportunities out of nothing. His ability to retain possession and create chances through his dribbling is a significant asset to any team.

Aerial Attributes

Jota’s aerial ability is surprisingly strong for a player of his build. With a jumping rating of 99 and heading accuracy of 99, he can contest and win headers against taller defenders. The Aerial playstyle+ further enhances his prowess in the air, making him a threat in set-pieces. His ability to score headers adds another dimension to his game, making him a well-rounded forward who can contribute in various ways.

Despite his 5'10" height, Jota's excellent timing and technique make him effective in aerial duels. His heading accuracy ensures that when he does get on the end of crosses, he can direct the ball accurately towards goal. This makes him a valuable asset during set-pieces and crosses, adding another layer to his goal-scoring arsenal. His aerial ability complements his other strengths, making him a versatile and complete forward.

Diogo Jota Market Price 


Despite the many strengths of Jota’s card, there are some notable drawbacks. Firstly, his physicality is a significant concern. Despite a physicality rating of 89, his actual performance in physical duels is underwhelming due to his 5'10" build and 82 strength rating. He can be easily outmuscled by stronger defenders, limiting his effectiveness in hold-up play and physical confrontations. This makes it crucial to utilize his other attributes to avoid direct physical battles.

Another major downside is the cost of the SBC, which is priced at around 770k coins. This is a substantial investment, especially considering there are other cheaper alternatives that offer similar or even better performance. Players like Rasmus Hojlund, who are available at a lower cost, provide better value for money. The high price of Jota’s SBC makes it a risky investment, particularly for players who are mindful of their budget.

Diogo Jota Key Stats


In conclusion, the Diogo Jota UEFA Euro Path to Glory SBC card in FC 24 Ultimate Team is a mixed bag. While it boasts exceptional shooting, dribbling, and aerial attributes, it is let down by its physicality and relatively high cost. The card’s price of 770k coins makes it a significant investment, and given the availability of cheaper alternatives like Rasmus Hojlund, it is difficult to justify completing the SBC. Jota’s card offers excellent performance in certain areas, but its shortcomings make it less appealing compared to other options.

Therefore, this SBC receives a rating of 5 out of 10. It’s a decent card with some standout features, but the high cost and physical limitations make it less attractive. For those who do not already have a strong striker, Jota could be a valuable addition. However, for players with limited resources or better options available, it is advisable to look elsewhere.

We will share more updates on FC 24 in separate articles. If you found this information helpful or would like to learn more, please explore the other articles on our site.

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