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Marcos Cafú Greats of Game Icon SBC SBC Player Review and Ratings

Marcos Cafú needs no introduction in FC 24 Ultimate Team. Renowned as one of the greatest right-backs to ever play the game, his legacy is immortalized in FC 24 Ultimate Team with the Greats of Game Icon SBC card. Previous Cafú cards have always been exceptional, consistently delivering top-tier performance on the pitch. This new iteration builds on that legacy, offering unparalleled stats and playstyle attributes. With new additions like 5-star skill moves and significant improvements in aerial abilities, this card is set to dominate the pitch. Let's delve into the various aspects of this card and see what makes it arguably the best right-back in the game right now.

Marcos Cafú -


Cafú's physicality is one of the defining features of this card, thanks to a combination of his 98 stamina and 90 strength. This ensures he can hold his own against the toughest of opponents, making him a formidable barrier in one-on-one situations. Cafú’s stamina allows him to perform at peak levels throughout the entire match, tirelessly contributing to both defense and attack. His high work rate ensures that he is a constant presence on both ends of the field, maintaining the intensity of his play from the first whistle to the last.

Moreover, Cafú's strength allows him to outmuscle attackers, making it difficult for them to get past him. This physical prowess is complemented by his pace, which makes him a difficult player to dispossess. The Quick Step playstyle+ further enhances his ability to cover large distances swiftly, recovering his defensive position without missing a beat. Whether it's shielding the ball, winning duels, or maintaining possession under pressure, Cafú's physicality makes him a reliable and imposing figure on the pitch.

Defending Abilities

Cafú's defending abilities are nothing short of amazing in-game. His impeccable 96 interceptions and 96 standing tackles make him a formidable barrier for any opposition. The Block playstyle+ further enhances his defensive prowess, allowing him to make crucial interventions and stop goal-scoring opportunities. His high defensive work rate ensures that he is always in the right position, making it extremely difficult for attackers to bypass him. His ability to read the game and execute timely tackles makes him a reliable defender who can anchor the backline.

In addition to his tackling and interceptions, Cafú's defensive positioning is exemplary. He has an uncanny ability to anticipate the movements of attackers, positioning himself perfectly to cut out passes and block shots. This, combined with his strength and physicality, makes him a tough opponent for any forward. His AI positioning is great, and he can adapt to different situations on the pitch, Cafú’s defensive skills make him a cornerstone of any defensive setup, providing stability and security at the back.

Cafú's Playstyle+


Pace has always been a key attribute for Cafú, and this card does not disappoint. With blistering 97 acceleration, he can close down attackers quickly and join the offensive play with ease. The Quick Step playstyle+ makes him even more effective, allowing him to cover large distances swiftly and recover his defensive position without missing a beat. This pace makes him a constant threat on the overlap, stretching defenses and creating space for his teammates. His ability to rapidly transition between defense and attack makes him an invaluable asset in any tactical setup.

Whether sprinting back to halt a counter-attack or surging forward to support an offensive play, Cafú’s pace ensures he’s always in the thick of the action. His acceleration allows him to beat defenders to the ball, while his 96 Sprint Speed means he can maintain that advantage over longer distances. This makes him a valuable asset in both offensive and defensive situations. Cafú’s pace ensures he can keep up with the fastest attackers, nullifying their speed advantage and making it difficult for them to get past him. This attribute makes him a dynamic and versatile player who can impact the game at both ends of the pitch.

Shooting Prowess

While primarily known for his defensive capabilities, Cafú's shooting prowess is also noteworthy. With powerful 95 Long Shots and exceptional 96 Shot Power, he can score from distance, making him a surprising goal threat. This shooting ability is enhanced by his high 99 attacking positioning, ensuring that he finds himself in optimal positions to unleash powerful strikes. His shooting attributes make him a dual threat, capable of contributing to both defense and attack. This versatility adds another layer to his game, making him a well-rounded player who can influence the match in multiple ways.

Cafú’s ability to strike the ball cleanly from distance makes him a unique threat, capable of changing the course of a game with a single, powerful shot. This makes him a constant threat when he ventures forward, adding an unexpected dimension to his game. His high attacking positioning means that he can make late runs into the box, finding space to get his shots away. Cafú’s shooting ability ensures that he can contribute goals as well as defensive solidity, making him a valuable all-rounder.

Playmaking Abilities

Cafú's playmaking abilities are outstanding for a right-back. His precise passing and ability to deliver pinpoint crosses make him a key player in the build-up play. The Whipped Cross playstyle+ allows him to deliver dangerous balls into the box, creating numerous scoring opportunities for his teammates. His vision and accuracy in distributing the ball make him a valuable asset in both short and long-range passing. This playmaking ability ensures that he can orchestrate attacks from deep, linking up play and providing key passes that unlock defenses.

Cafú’s ability to maintain possession and create opportunities from the back adds a significant dimension to his game, making him much more than just a defensive stalwart. His passing range allows him to switch play effectively, finding teammates in space and stretching the opposition's defense. His 99 Crossing ability makes him a constant threat on the overlap, delivering dangerous balls into the box that are difficult to defend against. This playmaking ability makes Cafú a key player in both defensive and offensive phases of play, contributing to the overall fluidity and effectiveness of his team’s play.

Cafú’s Basic Info

Dribbling Attribute

Cafú's dribbling is another decent-looking attribute, with high 90 Agility and 91 Balance allowing him to maneuver effectively on the pitch. The addition of 5-star skill moves makes him even more dangerous when overlapping forward, enabling him to execute a variety of dribbling techniques to beat defenders. His close control and quick reactions allow him to navigate through tight spaces and retain possession under pressure. This dribbling ability makes him a dynamic presence on the right flank, capable of creating and exploiting spaces with ease.

Whether he’s evading a high press or initiating an offensive play, Cafú’s dribbling skills ensure he can maintain control and drive his team forward. His ball control and agility allow him to weave through defenders, creating space and opportunities for himself and his teammates. This makes him a valuable asset. Cafú’s dribbling ability adds another dimension to his game, making him a versatile and unpredictable player who can impact the game in multiple ways.

Aerial Attributes

A notable improvement in this card is Cafú's aerial ability. Previous versions struggled with winning aerial duels, but this card changes that narrative. With impressive 87 Jumping and 90 heading Accuracy, Cafú can now contest and win headers effectively. The Aerial playstyle+ enhances this attribute, making him a formidable presence in set-pieces. His ability to score headers adds another dimension to his game, making him a well-rounded defender who can contribute to goals as well.

Cafú’s newfound prowess in the air ensures he’s a threat in all phases of the game. This aerial ability adds another layer to his already impressive skill set, making him a complete and versatile player.

Cafú's Stats


Despite its numerous strengths, the Marcos Cafú Greats of Game Icon SBC card does have a significant downside: It cost at approximately 2 million coins worth of fodder, this SBC is one of the most expensive in the game. The high cost can be prohibitive, especially with so many high-quality SBC players being released in quick succession, stretching the resources of many Ultimate Team managers thin. This substantial investment can make it difficult to justify completing the SBC, particularly when other excellent options are available at a lower cost.

While the card offers unparalleled performance, the financial commitment required is a considerable hurdle for many players. The high cost of the SBC can be a significant deterrent, especially for those who are not sitting on a large stockpile of coins or fodder. Additionally, with the constant release of new and exciting players, it can be challenging to prioritize this SBC over others. This financial strain makes it essential for players to carefully consider their resources and long-term plans before committing to the Cafú SBC. Despite the card’s undeniable quality, the high cost remains a significant con that cannot be overlooked.


The Marcos Cafú Greats of Game Icon SBC card is an exceptional addition to FC 24 Ultimate Team, offering unparalleled attributes in physicality, defending, pace, shooting, playmaking, dribbling, and aerial ability. While the high cost of around 2 million coins is a significant downside, the card's overall quality and in-game performance arguably make it worth the investment. With his comprehensive skill set and improved attributes, Cafú is undoubtedly one of the best right-backs in the game right now.

Overall, this SBC receives a rating of 8 out of 10. This rating acknowledges the card's exceptional quality while also considering the high cost. For those who have the fodder or coins, completing this SBC is highly recommended, as it offers a player who can significantly elevate any team. However, for those constrained by resources, it might be wise to consider other options and evaluate the best use of their coins and fodder. In conclusion, while the high cost is a notable drawback, the unparalleled quality and versatility of Cafú make this SBC a worthy investment for those who can afford it.

We will share more updates on FC 24 in separate articles. If you found this information helpful or would like to learn more, please explore the other articles on our site.

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