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Wayne Rooney Greats of Game Icon SBC Player Review and Ratings

The Wayne Rooney Greats of Game Icon SBC card is a monumental addition to FC 24 Ultimate Team, celebrating the illustrious career of one of football's most iconic players. With a rich history of achievements and a reputation as a relentless forward, Rooney's card boasts impressive stats and playstyle attributes designed to dominate the pitch. However, with an eye-watering price tag, does this card justify the investment? Let's break down its various attributes to determine its true value.

Wayne Rooney -


Wayne Rooney's physicality is one of the standout features of this card. With a physicality rating of 94 and strength also at 94, Rooney can hold his ground against the toughest defenders. His stocky build further enhances his ability to shield the ball and win physical duels. This makes him a formidable presence on the field, capable of maintaining possession under pressure and outmuscling opponents. His high physicality ensures he can compete in aerial duels, fend off challenges, and provide a strong hold-up play, making him a versatile forward who can adapt to various play styles.

In addition to his strength, Rooney's aggression and stamina (not explicitly rated but implied by his high work rate) allow him to sustain his physical performance throughout the match. His High-High work rate means he's constantly involved in both attacking and defensive plays, using his physicality to impact the game all over the pitch. This relentless energy makes him a valuable asset in pressing situations, where his physical attributes can force errors from the opposition. Overall, Rooney's physical presence is a significant advantage, providing a robust foundation for his all-around game.

Wayne Rooney's Basic Info


Rooney's pace is another critical attribute that sets this card apart. With an acceleration rating of 98, he can quickly burst past defenders, creating numerous scoring opportunities. His pace, combined with his physicality, makes him a dual threat, capable of both overpowering and outpacing his markers. This attribute is particularly useful in counter-attacking scenarios where quick transitions can catch the opposition off guard. Rooney's ability to accelerate rapidly and maintain high speed over short distances makes him a constant threat in behind-the-line runs and breakaways.

Despite not being the fastest player over long distances, his initial burst of speed is sufficient to create separation from defenders in crucial moments. His pace allows him to exploit spaces, stretch defenses, and generate goal-scoring opportunities from various positions on the pitch. This combination of pace and physicality makes Rooney a versatile forward who can adapt to different tactical setups, whether leading the line as a lone striker or playing alongside a partner in a two-forward system. His quickness complements his other attributes, enhancing his overall effectiveness in attack.

Shooting Prowess

Rooney's shooting prowess is exceptional, with a shooting rating of 96. This card is designed to be lethal in front of goal, featuring both the Power Shot and Finesse Shot playstyle+, which are among the most impressive shooting traits in the game. These playstyles allow Rooney to strike the ball with incredible power and precision, making him a constant threat from various angles and distances. His ability to execute powerful shots with accuracy ensures he can capitalize on scoring opportunities, whether from inside or outside the box.

Rooney's finishing is particularly effective due to his high attacking positioning of 96, which ensures he is always in the right place at the right time to convert chances. His 5-star weak foot adds another layer of versatility, allowing him to shoot effectively with both feet, reducing predictability for defenders. This ambidexterity is crucial in tight situations where quick decision-making is necessary. Overall, Rooney's shooting attributes make him one of the most reliable finishers in the game, capable of scoring in various scenarios and under different conditions.

Rooney's Playstyle+

Playmaking Abilities

While primarily known for his goal-scoring prowess, Rooney's playmaking abilities are equally impressive. With a passing rating of 91 and the Long Pass playstyle+, he can deliver precise passes that create scoring opportunities for his teammates. His vision and accuracy in distributing the ball make him a valuable asset in the build-up play, capable of orchestrating attacks from deeper positions. His ability to execute long passes and through balls effectively allows him to break down defenses and set up goal-scoring opportunities.

Rooney's high attacking positioning also enhances his playmaking capabilities, as he can find and exploit spaces in the opposition's defense, creating passing lanes and opportunities for quick combinations. His ability to link up play and provide key passes makes him a dual threat, capable of both scoring and assisting. This versatility adds depth to his game, allowing players to utilize him in various tactical roles, whether as a primary goal scorer or a supporting playmaker. Rooney's playmaking abilities complement his other attributes, making him a well-rounded forward who can contribute in multiple ways.

Dribbling Attribute

Rooney's dribbling attributes are decent but not spectacular in-game, with a dribbling rating of 94, agility at 90, and balance at 90. These stats ensure that he can maneuver effectively on the pitch, maintaining close control of the ball even under pressure. His ability to dribble past defenders and create space for himself is improved by his 4-star skill moves, allowing him to execute good turns. This versatility in dribbling makes him a dynamic forward who can adapt to different defensive setups and exploit weaknesses in the opposition's defense.

Rooney's high balance and agility ensure that he can maintain control even in tight spaces, allowing him to navigate through crowded areas and create scoring opportunities. His quick reactions (rated at 97) further enhance his dribbling, enabling him to respond swiftly to changes in the game and maintain possession under pressure. This combination of dribbling attributes makes Rooney a formidable presence in the attacking third, capable of creating and finishing chances with ease. His ability to retain control and execute precise dribbles adds another layer of threat to his game, making him a versatile and unpredictable forward.

Rooney's Market Price

Aerial Threat

Rooney's aerial threat is another significant advantage of this card. With a jumping rating of 92 and heading accuracy at 99, he is a formidable presence in the air. Despite not having the Aerial playstyle+, Rooney can still win headers effectively due to his impressive jumping and heading stats. His physicality and aggression further enhance his aerial abilities, allowing him to compete with taller defenders and win crucial aerial duels. This makes him a valuable asset in set-piece situations and crosses, where his heading accuracy ensures he can convert chances with precision.

Rooney's ability to score headers adds another dimension to his game, making him a well-rounded forward capable of scoring in various ways. His aerial prowess ensures that he can be a constant threat in the box, both in open play and during set-piece situations. This versatility in scoring, combined with his other attributes, makes Rooney a complete forward who can adapt to different scenarios and exploit various scoring opportunities. His aerial abilities complement his ground-based skills, providing a comprehensive attacking threat that can challenge any defense.


Despite its numerous strengths, the Wayne Rooney Greats of Game Icon SBC card does have some notable cons. The most significant drawback is its cost, priced at approximately 1.8 million coins. At this point in the game, this price tag is exceedingly high, especially considering the availability of other high-quality strikers. For instance, the 98-rated Ferenc Puskás card is available for free, and the recently upgraded Darwin Núñez card, which costs around 500k coins, offers comparable performance. This high cost makes the Rooney card a questionable investment for many players.

While Rooney's card is undoubtedly impressive, the substantial cost limits its accessibility and value. Players might find it challenging to justify spending such a large amount on a single card when there are equally effective and more affordable alternatives available. Additionally, the high price tag means that only a select few players can afford to complete the SBC, further reducing its appeal. This cost-benefit imbalance is a significant drawback, detracting from the overall value of the card and limiting its practicality for many players.


The Wayne Rooney Greats of Game Icon SBC card is a powerhouse in FC 24 Ultimate Team, offering exceptional attributes in physicality, pace, shooting, playmaking, dribbling, and aerial threat. However, its exorbitant price of 1.8 million coins makes it a challenging investment, especially considering the availability of other high-quality and more affordable strikers. While the card is undoubtedly impressive and offers a well-rounded attacking threat, the high cost significantly reduces its value and accessibility. 

Overall, the Rooney SBC card receives a rating of 6 out of 10. This rating is not a reflection of the card's quality but rather its cost-effectiveness. While Rooney is a versatile and dominant forward, the high price tag makes it difficult to justify the investment, especially when there are equally effective alternatives available at a fraction of the cost. For players looking to add a high-caliber forward to their squad, there are more affordable and equally potent options to consider.

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