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How do i sign up for WhatsGaming?

You can register at checkout or at the top right, using the my account symbol. When registering, you just need to enter your email address and a password. You can also use the well-known social login.

Do I have to sign up for WhatsGaming to buy FIFA Coins?

No, we offer you a one-time guest login to get in touch with our system. You receive a randomly generated user data (username, password) with which you can log in. However, the guest login is only for one single order. If you like our system and want to order more coins, all you have to do is register a regular account.


What payment methods does WhatsGaming offer?

We currently offer PayPal, Paysafecard, Sofortüberweisung (Klarna), credit card and bank transfer.

Is WhatsGaming secure?

Yes, we attach great importance to a safe transfer of your ordered FIFA Coins. We can proudly say that we have one of the safest transfer systems on the market, probably the safest. That is why we also offer you a 48-hour guarantee after each of our FUT Coin deliveries. If you ever get an account warning or a ban within this time, we will refund the money immediately.

Is WhatsGaming able to deliver 24/7?

Of course. Regardless of whether you choosed Player Auction or Comfort Trade, we deliver the ordered FIFA Coins at any time and 365 days a year.

Does WhatsGaming offer refunds?

Of course. If we are unable to deliver the FIFA Coins, or if you have changed your mind, we will refund the money immediately. The same also applies to our 48-hour guarantee after each delivery.

What is the best way to reach WhatsGaming?

We offer you an english WhatsApp customer service under the number +49 157 35989020. You can contact us daily at any time between 08:00 and 20:00 (CET) if you have any questions about our website, the processing of your order or our FUT Coin transfer systems.

Does WhatsGaming have discounts for regular customers?

Of course. From an order quantity of 1,000,000 FIFA Coins, you will receive a 2% discount on every further order. And the discount applies to the rest of the season. With our loyalty program you even have the opportunity to get up to 10% discount. If you need further information, click here

Why is WhatsGaming safe?

Player Auction


(1) We know exactly at which prices which players are suitable for the transfer of FIFA Coins. Therefore, we specify the players, the starting price and the BIN that the transfer of Coins always remains safe.

(2) Our system works with a timer that buys the players for safety reasons with a time delay.

(3) We have already transferred over 100,000 players in FIFA 21 through our Player Auction System, without a single ban!


Comfort Trade


(1) Our system also specifies the players and the prices to the suppliers of ordered FIFA Coins so that each supplier always offers the same delivery quality.

(2) We only work with very experienced suppliers who have many years of experience.

(3) We have already had over 7,000 orders placed via Comfort Trade in FIFA 21, without a single ban!

What transaction methods does WhatsGaming offer?

(1) Player Auction


We offer you the most secure variant of Player Auction on the entire FIFA market. You have never received your FIFA Coins easier, faster and safer. In this regard, you put players specified by us on the transfer market at a specific Start-Price and BIN price, which our system will buy fully automatically 24/7.

This is not only significantly safer than that system of our competitors, but also fairer. Because WhatsGaming calculates the prices of the players exactly. You pay no player costs and no EA TAX. You will receive exactly 100,000 FIFA Coins if you have ordered this amount.


(2) Comfort Trade


We have a unique system for Comfort Trade as well. You will be informed directly by our suppliers about the progress of your order and you will also be given a time frame in which the supplier is expected to deliver the ordered FIFA Coins.

Does WhatsGaming cover the 5% EA Tax?

Of course, and not only with Comfort Trade, with Player Auction as well. Unlike our competitors, you also get exactly the amount of FIFA Coins that you ordered.

Does WhatsGaming cover the costs of each player when using Player Auction?

Of course, everything else would be unfair and would mean a much higher risk. We select the players and calculate the prices. And the prices already include the purchase costs of the players and the EA Tax. So you get exactly the amount of FIFA Coins that you ordered.

What are special cards?

FIFA Ultimate Team initially offers three different types of cards. The bronze cards with a maximum rating of -64- and the silver cards with a maximum rating of -74- and the gold cards with a maximum rating of -94-.

The special cards are usually awarded for particularly good performances of the respective player and have correspondingly better values than the original card of the player. They are also colored differently and differ visually from the original card. The cards of the Team of the Week (TOTW), Team of the Years (TOTY) or the Team of the Season (TOTS) cards are all very classic special cards that EA publishes every season.

How long does WhatsGaming need to transfer the FIFA Coins?

On average, we need between 60-90 minutes for 1,000,000 FIFA Coins once the transfer of the FIFA Coins has started. Smaller amounts like 100,000 - 200,000 FUT coins last a maximum of 15-20 minutes. At Comfort Trade you usually have to wait additionally 10-15 minutes until your order has been accepted by one of our suppliers. With Player Auction you put the players for the Coin Transfer on the market.

What is the maximum number of FIFA Coins I can order on WhatsGaming per day?

With Player Auction, you can transfer a maximum of 2,000,000 FIFA Coins per customer per day. Afterwards, the purchase for this customer account is blocked by our system for a period of 6-12h for security reasons.


With Comfort Trade, up to 5,000,000 FIFA Coins per customer can be transferred per day. Afterwards, the purchase for this customer account is blocked by our system for a period of 6-12h for security reasons.

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